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Descendants of George Hauser

Fourth Generation

Children of Heinrich Hauser and Catharina Hoehns
Anna Maria Hauser (1776-1835) m. John Valentine Boeckel (1772-1828)
Christina Hauser (1777-1855) m. Philip Rothrock (1776-1858), moved to Edwards Co. IL
Catharina Hauser (1780-1786)
Anna Elizabeth Hauser (1781-1866) m. Johannes (John) Schott/Shutt (1782-1860)
Johannes Hauser (1783-1823) m. Anna Johanna Knauss

Anna Johanna is mentioned in the Records of the Moravians 8:3656 as "...the widow Anny Hauser from Friedberg, who moved into her new house in Bethabara in October, 1823, with her four children..." This entry and one on 8:3670 about her husband's death are indexed as Hauser, Anna Johanna, m.n. Kraus. We have suspected for a long time that her name was really Knauss rather than Kraus or Krause, and we now have evidence to support this:

In loose estate records for John Hauser in the NC State Archives, Ann Hollday has found a document where Anny Hauser in 1823 states that she wants her brother-in-law John Butner to administer her late husband John Hauser's estate. This would be the John Butner who married Anna Maria Knauss. Ann notes that it appears that several John Hausers' records are mixed in the loose estate records for John Hauser 1833 in Stokes County NC. updated February 7, 2016


Children of Heinrich Hauser and Anna Maria
Johann Heinrich Hauser (ca. 1790-?) m. Anna Maria Shamel (1793-?)
Gertraut Hauser (d. ca. 1821) m. Jacob Shamel (1788-1868), brother of Anna Maria
Friedrich Hauser (ca. 1794-?) m. Lucy Arney (ca. 1795-?)
George Hauser (ca. 1795-?) m. 1) Catherine Schor; 2) Elizabeth Fulk
Mary Hauser

Both Kenneth Hauser's book Alsatian-American Family Hauser and Jo White Linn's People Named Hanes identify Heinrich's second wife as Anna Maria Shemel. Linn states that they married after Catharine Hanes Hauser's death in 1818 and remarks that published accounts of the Hauser family indicate that Anna Maria had five children in three years. We believe that these statements are incorrect, and are convinced that Anna Maria Shemel or Shamel is actually the wife of Heinrich's son Johann Heinrich, born 1793 and married in 1814. Heinrich Sr.'s will, written in 1821, lists his five children by Anna Maria (or Ann Mary, as he names her in the will), and it is clear that they are already adults; Gertraut is specifically named as the wife of Jacob Shemel, and this marriage also took place in 1814. Heinrich's sons George and Henry (Heinrich) are named as his executors, so are obviously not small children. We also know that Friedrich married in 1816, and George in 1819. The will leaves most of his estate to these five children, but also leaves one dollar each, and no more, to "my four children by my first wife". The Moravian Records [7:3366] state the following: "May 10, 1818. This afternoon Br. Peter held a funeral at Rippel's church. The person who had died was named Hauser, maiden name Höhns; she had separated from her husband." We believe this must be Catharina, but note that Jo White Linn gives her death as August 30, 1818, not May. We can't explain this discrepancy, but know of no other Höhns or Hanes woman who married a Hauser in this time frame.

In an earlier version of this page we suggested that Heinrich's wife might be the Catharina Hauser who died in 1786 and is buried at Friedberg, with no birthdate listed in the cemetery records. We now know that this was a child, buried in the girls' section, not the married women's, and we believe that this is Heinrich and Catharina's daughter.

It would appear therefore that Heinrich and Catharina separated sometime in the 1780s, and he started a second family with Anna Maria. Was there a legal divorce and remarriage? We haven't found a marriage record, but that doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't one, and we haven't explored the court proceedings of this time to look for a divorce.

Finally, the question might be raised whether both father and son coincidentally married different women named Anna Maria Shamel (= Shemel or Schemel), one born in 1757 and the other in 1793. To the best of our knowledge, all the Shamels of the Forsyth County area descend from John Werner Schemel (1746-1813), son of Johannes Schemel (b. 1712) and Anna Margaretha Geiger (1722-1803), who married Peter Binkley as her second husband in 1749. John Werner Schemel married Elizabeth Holder about 1777, and they were the parents of Jacob b. 1788 who married Gertraut Hauser in 1814 and of Anna Maria b. 1793 who married Heinrich Hauser in 1814. John Werner Schemel cannot possibly be the father of Anna Maria b. 1757, nor can he be her brother since his mother was married to Peter Binkley long before her birth. The only way Anna Maria b. 1757 could be a Shamel would be if she were a cousin or entirely unrelated, and we find no evidence to support this notion. We think it is much more likely that someone in the past simply interpreted the 1814 marriage to mean the father Heinrich Hauser rather than his son, and that this error has been perpetuated.


Children of George Hauser and Magdalena Schor
Anna Maria Hauser (1779-?) m. Thomas East in 1799
Catharina Elizabeth Hauser (1781-1852) m. Britton Clayton (ca. 1780-ca. 1840)
Johann Heinrich Hauser (1782-1821) m. 1) Nancy Clayton (1776-1805), 2) Phillipina Christina Loesch (1788-1847)
Salome Hauser (1787-1790)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1791)
Samuel Thomas Hauser (1794-1865) m. Mary Kennett in Kentucky in 1822, remained there
Maria Magdalena Salome Hauser (1796-1844) m. Sandy Flynt (1789-1867)
Susanna Rebecca Hauser (1799-1805)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1801)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1803)

(Note: Victor and Wanda Hauser Seiders have more information on the line of George Hauser and Magdalena Schor)


Children of Johannes Hauser and Magdalena Boeckel
Jacob Hauser (b. & d. 18 Oct 1794)
stillborn infant (1795)
Jonathan Hauser (1796-1797)
Thomas Hauser (1798-1858) m. 1) Polly Moreland, d/o Joseph Moreland and Sarah Thornton; 2) Martha Griffith (1814-1895)
Salome Hauser (b. & d. 1801)
William Joseph Hauser (1802-?)
Jonas Hauser (1805-?)
Maria Elisabeth Hauser (1808-?)

This list of children was amended on November 30, 2000, based on information from the Moravian Archives, kindly supplied by Wanda Petty. Anthony Hauser, previously listed as a son of Johannes and Magdalena Boeckel based on Kenneth Hauser's book, is really the son of Joseph Hauser and Anna Maria Boeckel.


Children of Simon Peter Hauser and Maria Barbara Schor
Joel Hauser (1800-1854) m. Margaretha Elizabeth Hauser (1806-1879), daughter of Benjamin Hauser and Sarah Boner
*Samuel Thomas Hauser (1803-1874) m. Anna Maria Hege (1797-?)
Demetrius Hauser (1805-?) m. Maria Gertraut Hauser (1807-?), daughter of Benjamin Hauser and Sarah Boner
Isaac Hauser (1808-1901) m. 1) Nancy Hunter (?-ca. 1830), 2) Drucilla Kerby (1808-1883)
Catherine Elizabeth Hauser (1810-?) m. Jacob Butner (1806-?)
Ezra Hauser (1813-1889) m. Mary Collins (?-1890?) and/or Mary Emily McCullen; see notes below

*Samuel Thomas Hauser married Anna Maria Hege in 1824 per Stokes Co. NC marriage bond, and Moravian baptismal records are consistent with this. However, Kenneth Hauser's book states that Samuel Thomas Hauser married Lydia Amon, and credits her with four of the same children that we list below for Samuel and Anna Maria. In 1850 Samuel Hauser and wife Mary appear with those children in the Stokes County census. We can't find a record for a marriage to Lydia. Was she a second wife?


Children of Johann Lorenz Hauser and Margaretha (Patty) Clayton
Lewis Hauser (1804-?), wife's name unknown
George Hauser (1807-?)
Elizabeth Hauser
Maria Louisa Hauser (1816-1884) m. Joshua Butner (1811-1846) error corrected April 15, 2016
Martha E. Hauser
Nancy Rebecca Hauser (1809-1829) m. Absolom Stolz

Fifth Generation

Children of Johannes Hauser and Anna Johanna Krause or Knauss
Salome Hauser (1816-?)
John Thomas Hauser (1817-?)
Anna Catharina Hauser (1820-?) m. John Henry Shore (1815-1890)
Alexander Hauser (1822-?) m. Maria Henrietta Holland (1824-1850)


Children of Johann Heinrich Hauser and Anna Maria Shamel
John Isaac Hauser (1816-1896) m. Lydia R. Ferguson
Elizabeth Hauser (1826-1863)


Children of Friedrich Hauser and Lucy Arney
Lawrence N. Hauser (1816-1888) m. 1) Rachel Hubbell (d. before 1850, Indiana); 2) Elizabeth Miller
John H. Hauser (ca. 1822-1911) m. Eliza Ann Middleton, Indiana
Jacob Hauser (1825-1904) m. Rebecca Arney in Indiana
Julia Ann Hauser (ca. 1826-1875) m. Solomon Fiscus
Catherine Hauser (1829-1917) m. Timothy Rand Weatherly, s/o James Weatherly and Charity Roark
Anna Hauser (ca. 1831-1901)
George Hauser (ca. 1834-1871) m. Martha Dawson
Mary J. Hauser


Children of George Hauser and Catherine Schor
Thomas Nathaniel Hauser (1822-1909) m. Nancy Boyles, lived Indiana
John Hauser (1825-1911) m. Mary M. Arney
Hilda Ann Hauser (1829-1921) m. John Arney
Eliza Rebecca Hauser (1831-?) m. John Q. Irvin
Mary Elizabeth Hauser (ca. 1831-?) m. John Henry Arney
David Hauser (ca. 1835-?)
Pauline Hauser (ca. 1838-?)

Children of George Hauser and Elizabeth Fulk
Obadiah Hauser
George Hauser
Isabelle Hauser
Marilda Hauser
Henry Hauser
Mary Hauser
George W. Hauser
Hamlin Hauser
Lydia Hauser

Tracy Tarr identified the second wife of George Hauser as Elizabeth Fulk and would like to share her information and lineage with others. Tracy's e-mail address is:


Children of Johann Heinrich Hauser and Nancy Clayton
Christina Rebecca Hauser (1805-1806)

Children of Johann Heinrich Hauser and Phillipina Christina Loesch
Christian Alexander Hauser (b. & d. 1808)
Theophilus Christian Hauser (1810-1887) m. 1) Mary Lydia Doub (1813-1856); 2) Martha Martin (1834-1906)
Sophia Henrietta Hauser (1813-1878) m. George Follett Wilson (ca. 1807-1857)
William Alexander Hauser (1817-1908) m. ?? Simmons, widow Lyons, of Louisville KY


Children of Samuel Thomas Hauser and Mary Kennett
George Hauser
Mary Hauser
Emmeline K. Hauser m. J.H. Barbour
Samuel Thomas Hauser
Mayanry Hauser
Theodosia Hauser
Henry Dixon Hauser


Children of Thomas Hauser and Polly Moreland
Mary Hauser (1826-1864) m. Lindsay Luper (1817-1896) updated Feb 7, 2016; thanks to Ann Holladay!
William H. Hauser (ca. 1832-after 1880) m. Nancy, surname unknown
Thomas W. Hauser
Ellen Jane Hauser
John H. Hauser

Children of Thomas Hauser and Martha Griffith
Joel Reid Hauser (1850-1926) m. 1) Margaret Elizabeth Hauser (1856-1902), daughter of Joshua Lawrence Hauser and Margaret Elizabeth Norman (see below); 2) Margaret Louise Faircloth (1877-1962)
George C. Hauser (1852-?) m. 1) Martha, surname unknown (1852-1896), 2) Amelia Louisa Moser (1850-1910)


Children of Joel Hauser and Margaretha Elizabeth Hauser
Joshua Lawrence Hauser (1829-1903) m. Margaret Elizabeth Norman (1832-1899)
Mary Ann Hauser (1831-1905) m. Benjamin Franklin Jones (1837-1908)
Jane P. Hauser (ca. 1832-?), married a Baity
Sarah Rebecca Hauser m. Peter A. Poindexter (1820-1891)
Almeda Elisabeth Hauser m. Abner Fields Jordan
Louisa C. Hauser (ca. 1840-?)
Nancy Lauretta Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
Emily Henrietta Hauser (1843-1920) m. George Edward Dull (1841-1921)
Benjamin Dallas Hauser (1846-1914) m. America Jane, surname unknown (1846-1934)
Henry F. Hauser (ca. 1849-?)

Data on this family revised 3/18/01. Previously we erroneously showed Emily Henrietta as dying in childhood.


Children of Samuel Thomas Hauser and Anna Maria Hege
Julia Hauser
Phianna Lisetta Hauser (1829-1836)
Francis Calvin Hauser (1833-1865)
Samuel Lawrence Hauser (1835-1894) m. Sybilla Louisa Hauser (1834-1908), daughter of Demetrius and Maria Gertraut Hauser
Levisa or Louisa Hauser (1840-1914) m. James Wall

As indicated above, Kenneth Hauser's book gives Samuel's wife as Lydia Amon rather than Anna Maria Hege, and lists four children: Julia b. 1829, Francis Calvin b. 1833, Samuel Lawrence b. 1835, and Louisa b. 1839. The boys' birthdates are given exactly, the girls' only by year and were probably estimated from census records. Phianna Lisetta is identified as the daughter of "Thomas and Maria Hauser (maiden name Hege)" in her Moravian baptismal record. Although Julia is listed as age 21 in the 1850 census, we suspect she was born a couple of years earlier than 1829, since there is nothing in the baptismal record to indicate that Phianna had a twin.

The youngest child appears in the 1850 census as "Lovica". Star in Wachovia lists Levisa Ferylla Hauser 1840-1914 as an early member of Pfafftown Christian Church, daughter of Sam Hauser and granddaughter of Silver Hauser. Louisa Wall with the identical dates is buried at Mt. Pleasant Methodist in Tobaccoville.


Children of Demetrius and Maria Gertraut Hauser
Sybilla Louisa Hauser (1834-1908) m. Samuel Lawrence Hauser (1835-1924), see above
Henry Benton Hauser (1835-1913) m. Patience Emma Malinda Kirby (1845-?)
Martha Ann Felicia Hauser (1837-1910) m. Burke Kirby (1838-1913), brother of Patience
Sarah Elizabeth Hauser (1839-?) maybe died in childhood
John William Hauser (1842-?) maybe died in childhood
Edwin Jasper Hauser (1844-?)


Children of Isaac Hauser and Nancy Hunter
Clark Hauser (1828-1892) m. Laura Speas (1838-1914)

Children of Isaac Hauser and Drucilla Kerby
Richard Hauser (ca. 1833-?)
Mary E. Hauser (1835-1906) m. Israel S. Speas (1834-1910)
Lydia Adelaide Hauser (1837-1907) m. Jonathan Edwin Speas (1840-1864)
Egbert Hauser (1840-?) m. Mary A. Melvin
Jesse Frank Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
Nancy D.M. Hauser (1844-1926) m. Reece A. Pack (1833-1918)
Milly F. Hauser (ca. 1847-?) Wiley Benton Hauser (1847-1930) m. Parmelia Moser (1847-1919)
Martha J. Hauser (ca./ 1849-?) m. Sylvanus David Hauser (1857-?), s/o Ezra Hauser and Mary (see below)


Children of Ezra Hauser and Mary
Legusta Hauser (1840-1925) m. Augustus B. Fulk (1834-1898)
Ellen Catherine Hauser (b. & d. 1846)
Ezra Adolphus Hauser (ca. 1848-?)
Sylvanus David Hauser (1857-?) m. Martha J. Hauser

Kenneth Hauser's book lists Ezra's wife as Mary Collins but doesn't give a marriage record. He names three children, Legusta, Adolphus and Samuel.

Ezra appears in the 1850 Forsyth Co. census age 37 with Mary E. 24, Legusta S. 9, and Ezra A. 1. If these ages are correct, Mary is marginally too young to be the mother of Legusta. However, in 1860, Ezra and Mary are both listed as age 45, and the only child with them is Adolphus age 12 (Legusta, who married in 1857, is not living with them). In 1870, Esra A. Hauser 57 is with Mary age 30, and there is one child, Silvanus, age 12. This would appear to correspond to the baptismal record for Sylvanus David Hauser born October 1857 to Ezra Hauser and Mary Emily, maiden name McCullen (Records of the Moravians in NC 12:6705). If this is the same Ezra, why is Sylvanus not listed in the 1860 census? Finally, in 1880, Ezra Hauser age 66 and M.E., wife, age 53, are living together with no children. Silvanus Hauser age 23 and wife Martha are not far away.

No child named Samuel ever appears in the census records, and we suspect that this is an error for Sylvanus, whom Kenneth Hauser omits.

What was Mary's true birthdate, assuming there was only one wife? And was her name Collins or McCullen?

Sixth Generation

Children of Jacob Hauser and Rebecca Arney in Indiana
Mary Ann Hauser (1846-)
Sarah Jane Hauser (1849-1945) m. George S. Nickle (1846-?)
Martha Hauser (1852)
Elmira Hauser (1854)
Eliza Hauser (1856)
William Hauser (1857)
Harriet Hauser (1859)
Nancy Hauser (1861)
Merilda Hauser (1863)
Almida Hauder (1865)
Helena Rebecca Hauser (1867)
Mathias Hauser (1869)


Children of Alexander Hauser and Maria Henrietta Holland
William Holland Hauser (1847-1852)


Children of John Isaac Hauser and Lydia Ferguson
Elizabeth Hauser (ca. 1836-?)
Amelia Hauser (ca. 1839-?)
William Henry Hauser (1840-1921) m. Minerva Davis
Lydia Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
Polly Hauser (ca. 1844-?)


Children of Theophilus Christian Hauser.and Mary Lydia Doub
Eugene Alexander Hauser (1833-1835)
Martha Ann Elizabeth Hauser (1835-1923) m. Virgil Angelo Wilson (1834-?)
Julia Amelia Hauser (1838-1932) m. Henry Wilson
Edwin Theophilus Hauser (1840-1866) m. Mary S. Nicholson (1844-?)
John Henry Hauser (1847-1930) m. Flora Ann Transou (1849-1925)
Byron Augustus Hauser (b. & d. 1850)

Children of Theophilus Christian Hauser and Martha Martin
Sidney Lee Hauser (1863-1893) m. Mary Gertrude Wolff (1867-?)
Walter Calvin Hauser (1865-1937) m. 1) Bethania Wishon, 2) Della Adams
William Alexander Hauser (1866-?) m. Alice Gray Folger
Finlay Marshall Hauser (1869-1874)
[error corrected 2/7/03]
Sarah Caroline Hauser (1870-1952) m. 1) Saunders Vestal (1865-1898), 2) Robert E. Dalton
Byron Bragg Hauser (1871-?) m. Rosa Elizabeth Vestal
Charlie Merriman Hauser (1874-1932) m. Annie Tomlinson (1882-1965)


Children of William H. and Nancy Hauser
William Thomas Hauser (1872-1957) m. Flora E. Hauser (1874-1968), daughter of George Alexander Hauser and Sarah Augusta Siceloff


Children of Joel Reid Hauser and Margaret Elizabeth Hauser
Martha L. Hauser (1872-1942) m. Clay Bryant
George H. Hauser (1878-1945)
William A. Hauser (1880-1941)
Amelia Emma Hauser (1882-1884)
Pearl Gertrude Hauser (1885-1972)
Sallie Verdie Hauser (1886-1889)


Children of Joshua Lawrence Hauser and Margaret Elizabeth Norman
Margaret Elizabeth Hauser (1856-1902) m. Joel Reid Hauser (1850-1926), see above


Children of Benjamin Dallas Hauser and America Jane
Addie C. Hauser (1876-1907)
Robert O. Hauser (1888-1904)
Arthur Franklin Hauser (1875-1948) m. Bessie V. Strupe (1887-1977)


Children of Samuel Lawrence Hauser and Sybilla Louisa Hauser
Mary Louise Hauser m. James Atkins
Seaton Hauser (1866-1922) m. Fannie L. Stone (1864-1904)
Ellen Hauser (1860-1899)
John Henry Hauser (1870-1956) m. Martha Mickey (1872-1934)
Alice Hauser (1872-1956) m. John M. Mickey (1870-1950)


Children of Henry Benton Hauser and Patience Kirby
Plutina F.C. Hauser (1867-?)
Adam Luther Hauser (1869-1946) m. Verna Layne Hauser (who were her parents?)
William D. Hauser (1871-?)
Patience Emma Josephine Hauser (1874-?) m. William R. Mickey
Lilly C. (Clisty) Hauser (1878-1965) m. William Henry Holleman (1875-1963)
Arless Benton Hauser (1881-1960) m. Sarah Martha Shamel (1885-1961), d/o Wiley Nathaniel Shamel and Floyd Marilla Kreeger
Cora C. Hauser (1884-?)
James E. Hauser (1886-1963)


Children of Clark Hauser and Laura Speas
Julius W. Hauser (1854-1924) m. Paulina Elizabeth Pack (1859-1916), d/o Reason Pack and Amanda Elizabeth Butner
Israel Alexander Hauser (1860-1941) m. Sarah Mickey (1866-1907)
John R. Hauser (1864-1937) m. Lacy Ellen Wall (1866-1935)
Parmelia Hauser (1867-1938) m. Hardin Meadows (1864-1924)
Lazarus E. Hauser (1869-1949) m. Alice O. Spainhour (1871-1951)
Dora Alice Hauser (1872-1961) m. John Robert Davis (1871-1964)
Lydia J. Hauser (ca. 1876-?)
Nannie Hauser (1879-?) m. Tom Cromer
Ida Hauser m. Henry Wall

Lydia, who appears in the 1880 census, may possibly be the same child as Ida. Can anyone confirm, or give us a birthdate for Ida?

Seventh Generation

Children of John Henry Hauser and Flora Ann Transou
Mary Adelaide Hauser (1872-1962) m. Henry Allgood (?-1950)
Angelica Ellen Hauser (1875-1966) m. Julius F. Parker
Theophilus Vance Hauser (1877-1941) m. Fallie Douglas
Minnie Amelia Hauser (1879-1973) m. Daniel Lee Long (1877-1954)
Charles Ephraim Hauser (1882-1960) m. Ruby Douglas (1889-1967)
Herman Angelo Hauser (1885-1967) m. Connie Douglas
John Henry Hauser (1888-1973) m. Genet Emmeline (Nettie) Reavis (1889-1985)
Powell Lash Hauser (1893-1908)

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