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Padgett Family

First Generation

John Padgett was born in Charles County, Maryland in 1723, the son of Benjamin and Mary Padgett. In John Padgett's memoir, dated 1811, he states that he " was a little more than 3 years old" when his father died. Benjamin Padgett died in Charles County, MD. in 1727, leaving Wallnut Thicket to his son, William Padgett and Paggets Purches to his son Benjamin. His wife is mentioned as Mary. The Moravian "Death and Burial" records for 1811 included the name of John Padgett, along with his parents - Benjaman and Mary Padgett - also the names and birthdates of his twelve children.

In about 1743 John married Elizabeth Cawood or Canwood. Elizabeth died in Maryland between 1756 and 1759. By 1759 John married his second wife, Mary Thrasher (1734,NC - 1787,NC). John Padgett was a Private in Captain Elias Delashmutt's Company of Maryland Militia (along with Josiah, a possible brother?) and was raised in the lower Monocacy Valley of Frederick Co., MD. (This Captain Delashmutt is probably the father of Elias that married Maria/Mary Padgett, John's daughter in Surry Co, NC, 1790.) John was credited for 30 days service during the French and Indian War in August 1757.

John and his wife Mary were listed among the English members of the Moravian Church at Graceham, Frederick Co, circa 1762. Not owning land in Frederick Co, John was a tenant of Carroll's Manor, where he leased a 50 acre lot in the period 1767-1774. John and his second wife and family were among the early settlers from Frederick County MD who settled in the Hope Community near Wachovia, NC in the spring of 1775. John Padgett died in Hope, NC in 1811.

Children of Benjamin Padgett and Mary
William Padgett
Benjamin Padgett
John Padgett (1723-1811) m. 1) Elizabeth Cawood; 2) Mary Thrasher

Second Generation

Children of John Padgett and 1) Elizabeth Cawood
Mary Padgett (1746-1788) m. Benjamin Chitty (1743-1822)
Elizabeth Padgett (1749-?) m. 1) Joseph Layton/Leighton (?-1775), 2) John Cooper (?-bef. 1811)
Thomas Padgett (1752-1831) m. Sarah Anne Matthews (1755-1834)
Benjamin Padgett (1755- abt. 1794) m. ? (did he marry Mary Elrod and move to Kentucky?)
John Padgett, Jr. (abt. 1758-bef. 1811) m. Elizabeth


Children of John Padgett and 2) Mary Thrasher
Sarah Padgett (1761-1814) m. James Jarvis (1762-1847)
Eleanor (Nelly) Padgett (1763-aft. 1811) m. Jonathan Markland (married in Surry Co., NC, 1787)
Dorcas Padgett (died in infancy)
John Padgett, Jr. (1768-?) m. Nancy Ann Peddycord (moved to KY by 1811)
Maria/Mary Padgett (1771-1843) m. Elias Lashmit (?-1842)
Lydia Padgett (1773-?) m. William Wilburn (living in KY by 1811)

Third Generation

Children of Elizabeth Padgett and 1) John Layton
Rebeccca Layton (1771-?)
Mary Layton (1773-?)
Jacob Layton (1775-?)


Children of Thomas Padgett and Sarah Anne Matthews
Elizabeth Padgett (1781-?) m. 1) Christian Loback and 2) Christian/Charles Steup
Lucia B. Padgett (1784-aft. 1829) m. John Jacob Blum
Sara Ann Padgett (1787-?) m. William Fielder/Fidler (m. 1823 Stokes Co NC)
Nathan Padgett (1789-1850) m. Sarah Vest (1794-1845) (m. 1814 Stokes Co NC)
John Padgett (1791-1807)
Richard Padgett (1794-?) m. Polly Mitchell (m. 1817 Stokes Co NC)
Thomas Padgett Jr. (1797-1838) m. Phillippine Rominger (1802-1891)

January 25, 1829 - "In Hope the elderly members, Thomas and Sarah Anne Padget, celebrated their wedding jubilee with a lovefeast for the adult members of the congregation. At the close of the lovefeast Br. Denke pronounced the blessing of the Lord over the jubilee couple."


Children of Benjamin Padgett and unknown
William Padgett (1778-aft. 1860) m. 1) Hannah Evans (1776-bef. 1808); 2) Rachel Banks (?-bef. 1846);
3) Margaret Elliott (abt. 1805-aft. 1860)
John Padgett (1784-1810) m. Elizabeth Green
Mary Padgett (1799-?) m. Stephen Green
Elizabeth Padgett (1790/1800-bef. 1850) m. John Green (1787-?)

(Received new information from Betty Collier, Jan, 8, 1999: Elizabeth, Stephen and John Green are siblings of Martin Green. Martin Green's daughter, Rhoda Green married Levi Markland. John and Stephen Green moved to Howard County, MO at about the same time as Levi Markland (1819). Betty Collier's email address is:


Children of John Padgett, Jr. and Ann Sophia (Nancy) Peddycord
Milca Milly Padgett (1792-?) m. James Perrin (abt.1787-?)
Mary Padgett (1793-?)
Sophia Padgett (1796) (moved to Kentucky)
Greenberry Padgett (1799-?) m. Elizabeth Wilburn
Bazil Padgett (1802)

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Padgett and Philippina Rominger
Alexander Padgett (1822-1887) (lived in Davidson Co., NC)
Levi Sanford Padgett (1824-1891) m. Mary Burke (lived in South Forks, Forsyth Co) (his son, Nathan, died 1891, aged 21)
Sarah Rosina Padgett (1828-1880)
Maria Rebecca Padgett (1831-?) m. Alexander Reavis (1828)
Eliza Loretta Padgett (1833-1862)
Charles Augustus Padgett (1836-1915) m. Mary Jane (1845-1913)

Charles A. Padget resided in Forsyth County, NC and was 25 years old when he enlisted and mustered into "C" Co., NC 33rd Infantry on July 1, 1862 as a private. He was listed as deserted, returned, POW, transferred, paroled, exchanged, returned. He deserted to enemy on February 23, 1865 and confined in Washington, DC on Febrruary 27th, 1865.

Levi S. Padget resided in Forsyth County, NC and was 35 years old when he enlisted and mustered into "G" Co., NC 22rd Infantry on February 27, 1863 as a private. He was listed as deserted to the enemy on Feb., 24, 1865, confind the same month in Washington, DC and took the OOA on Feb. 27, 1865, Washington, DC.


Children of William Padgett and Rachel Banks
John Padgett (1810-?) m. Elizabeth Stephens (previously listed as a child of John Padgett, Jr.)

William H. H. Padgett (1817-aft. 1860) m. Parmelia Pringle (abt. 1818-aft. 1860)
James Padgett (abt. 1813) m. Jane (m. bef. 1836)
Meriah Padgett (abt. 1820) m. Alexander Shockley (m. 1837 Stokes Co NC)
Lucinday Padgett (abt. 1822) m. James Webb (m. 1839 Stokes Co NC)
Joseph Padgett (abt. 1832)
A. Campbell Padgett (abt. 1834) m. Elizabeth Hall (m. 1852)
Martha Padgett (abt. 1836) m. William Ally (m. 1859)

Fifth Generation

Children of William H. H. Padgett and Parmelia Pringle
Pleasant H. Padgett (1845)
William A. Padgett (1847)
John H.C. Padgett (1848)
James M. Padgett (1851)
Sarah Padgett (1853)
Rachel Padgett (1855)
Thomas Padgett (1856)
Martha Padgett (1858)
son Padgett (1860)


Children of James Padgett and Jane
John Padgett (abt. 1836)
Katherine Padgett (abt. 1839)
William Padgett abt. 1840)
Mary Padgett (abt. 1841)
Rachel Padgett (abt. 1843)
James F. Padgett (abt. 1848)

This page revised April 7, 2002. A few dates were added on April 1, 2004.


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