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John Cooper Family

First Generation

Children of John Cooper (?-1805) and Elizabeth Padgett
Rev. Thomas D. Cooper (1780-1829) m. Martha Winston Dabney (1794-1840), d/o Cornelius Dabney and Elizabeth Winston
William Cooper (not proven) m. Elizabeth Holder, possibly d/o Henry Holder and Elizabeth Null
Mary Ann Cooper (1774-1868) m. Joseph Nelson Chitty (1770-1826)
Eleanor Cooper (1782-1840) m. Adam Elrod (1776-1916)

Census records indicate that Henry (Heinrich) Holder and Elizabeth Null had several additional children whom we have not been able to identify, but we're not sure that Elizabeth Holder Cooper is one of these. Can anyone help?

Second Generation

Children of Rev. Thomas D. Cooper and Martha (Patsy) Winston Dabney
Elizabeth C. Cooper
William W. Cooper
Alexander William Cooper (1823-1874) m. Angeline Hattie Moore (1828-1891), d/o Hugh Moore and Mary Hill
Sarah A. N. Cooper
Thomas D. Cooper (1829-1894) m. Sarah Caroline Wommack (1838-1912), d/o Wilson W. Wommack and Anna Rebecca Rominger

Will of Rev. Thomas Cooper, 1829

1: 123 Rev. Thomas Cooper 4 Sept. 1829. Prob. Nov. 1829
One Note which I hold against Cornelius Dabney for $100.00 dated 8 Sept. 1820 and also another claim for a horse saddle and bridle with 9 years and 6 months interest are to be applied to the payment of my debts together with all money due me in this part of the country - and if this is insufficient then the part of my stock and crops that can be conveniently spared by my family is to be used. If that is not sufficient then some of the Negroes that beong to Wm. & rest of the children are to be hired out. The bill of sale of property that Jacob Douthit passed to me (the property now in the hands of William Douthet) I wish to be sold and money applied to pay the debt for which I am bound to Jacob Douthet for William Douthet. If the property cannot now be obtained & if the money has to be paid out of my estate then my Negro John (the Blacksmith) must be sold for payment of that debt with his tools. Wife Martha W. Cooper 1/3 of tract of land where I now live during her natural life! . I likewise leave to my wife Martha all the Negroes coming from her fathers estate until son Alexander comes of age - and if John (the Blacksmith) is not sold, then Joh, Robert, Betsey and Susan are to remain here during her natural life or until Alexander comes of age. When Alexander come of age the named Negroes - with their increase - are to be divided among the following four children: Elizabeth C. Cooper, Alexander Cooper, Sarah A. N. Cooper and Thomas D. Cooper. All the property that may be found in the hands of my wife Martha Cooper after her death is to be divided among the above named children. I lend to my wife Martha all of my household and kitchen furniture (except that is hereafter named) to be disposed of to the children as she may deem espedient. In case of a second marriage & if the property is wasted by the said marriage then property is to be taken out of her hands and secured for the benefit of the children. To my son William W. Cooper the tract of land I now live on containing 300 acres, also to him the following Negroes: George, Lucy, Gelbert, Isaac, Kitty, and Garrett - also two beds and furniture (1 very large), 2 large trunks & a bureau. I wish my Negro boy Isaac to learn the Tanners trade until he has it perfectly. I wish my son William to be sent to school until he is qualified for ordinary business in the county & then to have him sent to some trade & I would prefer the Tanners trade - thinking that it would be best for him and Isaac to learn the same trade. Exec: Friends, N. L. Williams, Esq., H. Poindexter, Esq., both of Surry County or Michael Daub of Stokes County, NC Wit: Wm. Sturgis and Vachel Croft/Craft.


Children of William Cooper and Elizabeth Holder
John Richard Cooper (1813)

Third Generation

Children of Alexander Cooper and Angeline Hattie Moore
Thomas Hugh Cooper (1849-1925) m. Martha Eller Albea (1855-1943), d/o William Albea and Mary Hayse
Mary Frances Cooper (1852-1913)
Turner Alexander Cooper (1859-1901)
Hattie Angeline Cooper (1865-1913) m. John Preston Warren (1864-1898), s/o Alfred Warren and Mary Rash


Children of Thomas D. Cooper and Sarah Caroline Wommack
Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Cooper (1857-1929) m. Charles Edward Strupe (1849-1920)
Adelia Rebecca Cooper (1859-1921) m. Frank Cook (1856-1918)?
Charles Cooper (ca. 1862-?)
Thomas Cooper (ca. 1866-?). Did he marry Ellen Sophia Strupe (1861-1921)?
William Cooper (ca. 1868-?)
Fannie Cooper (ca. 1871-?)
George W. Cooper (ca. 1875-1943)
Lena D. Cooper (ca. 1877-1960)

Thomas and Sarah Caroline reportedly had nine children altogether. Unless there's one who was born and died between census years, the missing child was probably born after 1880. Can anyone identify him or her for us?

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Hugh Cooper and Martha Eller Hayse
Robert Edward Lee Cooper (1872-1874)
William Alexander Cooper (1874-1934) m. Julia
Martha Ann Cooper (1876) m. Clark Bush
Lamar Hugh Cooper (1878-1929) m. Emeline Isabelle Paxton (1882-1934)
Mary Ella Cooper (1881-1905) m. Couch
Bessie Rayall Cooper (1884-1944) m. Ernest Totten
Ernest Colvert Cooper (1887-1978) m. Cora Lucinda Luken
Fannie Mae Cooper (1890-1967) m. Earl Crater
Carrie Kate Cooper (1893-1957) m. Charles Jones Holland
Nellie Cooper (1895-1897)

Cooper House
Courtesy of City-County Planning Board of Winston Salem, NC

"According to local tradition, this early 19th century, two story house with a double paved-shoulder chimney was built by Rev. Thomas Cooper (1780-1829). The house is a brick-nogged, weatherboarded structure which stood 350 yards closer to the Yadkin River than it presently does. It was altered and moved in the 1960s. After Rev. Cooper, the house was owned by Wm. Hauser who died in 1865. Since Hauser, the house has changed ownership three times."

(This would be William Hauser (1812-1865), s/o Johann Lorenz Hauser and Christina Binkley.)

Stray Coopers

Can anyone identify the following?

Adeline Paulina Cooper (1812-1873) married Ephraim Transou (1811-1883)

Charles Alexander Cooper (1810-1866) married Rebecca Paulina Schultz (1811-1880)

John Cooper (1796-1856), buried Waughtown. Is he the John Cooper who married Leah Barnecastle in 1819?

Lovey Cooper married William Douthit in 1797

Margaret Cooper (1790-1832) married Philip Douthit (1783-1821)

Mary Cooper (1786-1805) married Jesse Butner (1776-1853)?

Mildred Cooper married Jacob Elrod (1788-1855), moved to Indiana. Elrod family materials state that she was born in 1793 in Baldwin Co. GA, so perhaps she isn't related to the Cooper family listed above.


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The Record Book of Shiloh Lutheran Church - Lewisville, NC, 1777-1893, by Nelson Weller, Forsyth County Genealogicl Society Journal, Volume XII, No. 3, Spring 1994

Forsyth and Davidson County cemetery, census, marriage records

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