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Seiz, Seitz or Sides Family

First Generation

Laurentius Seiz or Seitz came to Broad Bay, Maine, in 1742 from Eitesheim, Wurttemburg, with his second wife, born Anna Maria Actnuderer, and two children. He served in the French and Indian War, taking his family along to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, for three years, then returned to Broad Bay. He was ambushed and killed by Indians on his farm in 1757.

Note: the German spelling of this name is SEIZ. Early American records usually render it SEITZ. By mid-19th century it had become SIDES, the modern spelling.

Second Generation

Children of Laurentius and Anna Maria Seitz
Johann Michael Seitz (1737-1817) m. Philippina Elisabeth Rominger (1743-1820)
Anna Catharina Seitz (1732-1770) m. Philipp Christoph Vogler (1723-1790)
Elisabetha Barbara Seitz (1734-?)
Rosina Margaretha Seitz (1741-?)
Lorentz Seitz (ca. 1745-?)

Third Generation

Children of Johann Michael Seitz and Philippina Elisabeth Rominger
Maria Margaretha Seitz (1763-1845) m. Franz Jacob Mueller (1767-1831)
Johann Michael Seitz (1765-1792) m. Catharina Hauser (1763-1837); she m. 2) Christian Andreas Werner
Johann Philipp Christoph Seitz (1767-1844) m. Eva Rothrock (1774-1835)
Lorenz Seitz (1769-1824)
Johann George Seitz (1771-1838) m. Catharina Clauss (1774-1856)
Johann Ludwig Seitz (1773-1778)
Salome Seitz (1775-?) m. John Samuel Phillips (1776-?)
Anna Maria Seitz (1777-1849) m. Johann Christian Loesch (1758-1844)
Jacob Friedrich Seitz (1780-1785)
Catharina Seitz (1782-1862) m. David Phillips
Johannes Seitz (1784-1844) m. Susanna Elisabeth Hummel (1785-1847)

Fourth Generation

Children of Johan Michael Seitz and Catharina Hauser
Anna Justina Seitz (1789-1850) m. Christoph Schaub (1781-1860)
Johann Franz Seitz (1791-aft. 1870) m. Christine Kapp


Children of Johann Philipp Christoph Seitz and Eva Rothrock
Jacob Seitz (1793-1840) m. Maria Spach (1793-1868)
Elisabeth Seitz (1795-1869) m. Johann Heinrich Spach (?-1834)
Catharina Seitz (1796-1827) m. George Spach (1789-1866)
Johannes Seitz (1799-1827) m. Matilda Hitchcock
George Seitz (1800-1897) moved to Texas, m. Amelia Mary Leonard (1800-?)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1804)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1808)
Solomon Seitz (1809-1810)


Children of Johann George Seitz and Catharina Claus
Christian Jacob Seitz (b. & d. 1795)
Philipina Elisabeth Seitz (1796-1859) m. Jacob Livengood (1795-1858). Who were his parents?
Maria Salome Seitz (1798-1857) m. John Styers (1786-1856)
John Michael Seitz (1801-1816)
Anna Seitz (1803-1845) m. John Brendle (1801-1851)
Christian David Seitz (1805-1879) m. Alpha Monroe Vawter (1818-1907)
Margaretha Elisabeth Seitz (1809-1835) m. Armsworthy Bevel (1805-1835)
Rebecca Seitz (1811-1858) did not marry


Children of Johannes Seitz and Susanna Elisabeth Hummel
Justina Seitz (1806-1870) m. Samuel Stewart (1806-1867)
Anna Susanna Seitz (1810-?) m. Bennet Swaim
Philipina Elisabeth Seitz (1814-1894) m. Heinrich Herman Butner (1792-1879)
Johann Gottlieb Seitz (1818-1892) m. Florina Elizabeth Kerner (1827-1881)

Fifth Generation

Probable children of Johann Franz Seiz and Christine Kapp
Sandford Sides (ca. 1819-1865) m. Trucetta Massencup (ca. 1823-aft. 1880)
Israel T. Sides (1821-1869) m. Elizabeth Wall
Maria Juliana Sides (1823-1900) m. Emmanuel Massencup (1820-1896)
Lucinda Sides (ca. 1827-aft. 1870) m. Joel T. Stoltz (1827-1862)
Henry Winston Sides (1832/1833-1874) m. Emily Kreeger (1838-1919)

UPDATE: This family group revised November 2001, thanks to Kristina Turner.


Children of Jacob Seitz and Maria Spach
Maria Sides (1818-1874) m. Robert Alexander Reich (1821-1890) (moved to Collin Co., TX)
Lucinda Sides (1820-1864) m. Edward Foltz (1818-1884)
Louis (Ludwig) Sides (1821-1906) m. Malissa C. Dodson (1830-1891) (married in Collin Co., TX)
Eli Sides (1823-1907) m. Jane Longworth (1832-1906), d/o George Longworth, (born ca. 1796 in VA)
Catherine Sides (1826-?) m. Alfred Kimel (1827-1870)
Philip Sides (1828-?) m. Theresa Roberts White (?) (married in Fannin Co., TX)
Salome Sides (1830-1891) m. William Coston Johnson (1823-1882)
John Sides (1832-1834)
Anna Sides (1834-1872) m. Norman Faw (1834-1874)


Children of George Sides and Amelia Mary Leonard
Richard Ellison Sides (1826-?); lived Bastrop Co. TX, died near Little Rock AR in Confederate army service;
Evy? Mary Elizabeth? Sides (1827-?) m. Stephen Smith, lived Williamson Co. TX
George Washington Sides (1831-ca. 1851)
Larkin Clark Sides (1833-?)
Philip Leonard Sides (1837-?) lived Bastrop Co. TX
John Henry Day Sides (1841-?)


Children of Christian David Seitz and Alpha Monroe Vawter
George Michael Sides (1834-?) m. Abigail Lashmit (ca. 1840-?) d/o Benjamin Lashmit and Nancy Alspach
John Philip Sides (b. & d. 1836)
James Henry Sides (1838-1878). Did he marry Susan Zimmerman in 1865?
Maria Rebecca Sides (1840-1914) m. Amos Faw (1838-1883) (a Dunkard clergyman)
Maria Catharine Sides (1843-1917) m. 1) Benjamin Franklin Reich (1833-1863), 2) Aaron George Spaugh (1843-1874), 3) Samuel Hege
William Francis Sides (1845-1884) m. Antoinette Spaugh
Christian Parmenio Sides (1848-1890) m. Nancy C. Burk (1840-1891)
Levi Herman Sides (1850-1916) m. Nancy Faw (1853-1926)
Ambrose Edwin Sides (1852-?) m. Sarah Catharina Spaugh (1857-?)
Elizabeth Jane Sides (1857-?) m. Henry W. Johnson (1856-1942)
Rosina Isabella Sides (1863-1873)

Sixth Generation

Children of Sanford Sides and Trucetta Massencup
Calvin Sides (1845-1881) m. Permely Massencup (1848-1873), his first cousin; m. 1869
Elizabeth Paulina Sides (1849-1927) m. Edwin Hillary Saylor 1850 1938)
Julia Sides (1850-1873) m. Henry Thomas Waller (1847-1905)
Amelia/Permelia E. Sides (1854-aft. 1898) m. Mark T. Choplin (1839-1917) in 1877
Dulcena Sides (1856-aft. 1927) m. 1) Wiley W. Hauser (1847-1907), 2) ? Diggs


Children of Louis Sides and Melissa Dodson
William Sides m. Mary Curtis
John Sides m. Annie Spaugh
Robert Sides
Mary Sides


Children of Eli Sides and Jane Longworth
Anna Caroline Sides (b. & d. 1854)
Jacob Sides (1855-1893) m. Sarah Williard (ca. 1871-1888), d/o Roberson Williard and Phebe Weavil
Alfred Sides (1858-1921) m. Flora Catherine Shoaf (1864-1944), d/o David Shoaf and Catherine Lucinda Nading
Samuel Sides (1860-1951) m. Gertrude Pope (1868-1943)
Edward Sides (1862-1949) m. Ida Eudora Nifong (1876-1961), d/o John Robert Nifong and Minerva Marshall
Salome Sides (1864-1949) m. Albert G. Hartman (1859-1941)
Martin A. Sides (1867-1936) m. 1) Minnie Alice Bodenhamer (1874-1903), 2) Lizzie Hand (ca. 1883-1910)
Augustus Sides (1869-1944) m. Mary Roxana Bodenhamer (1876-1915)
Lenore Sides (1872-1913) m. Noah Snyder (1868-1929)
Theodore Sides (twin of Lenore; b. & d. 1872)
Abigail Sides (1874-1875)


Children of George Michael Sides and Abigail Lashmit
James Emory Sides (1857-?)
Phebe Jane Sides (1859-?)
David Franklin Sides (1861-?)
Henry Sides (ca. 1863-?)
Malinda Sides (ca. 1866-?)
Rebecca Sides (ca. 1867-?)
John Sides (1869-?)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,

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