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Descendants of Jacob Hauser

Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Hauser and Barbara Hartman
Susanna Hauser (1791-?) m. Samuel Deaver
John Hauser (1792-?)
William Hauser (1794-?)
Rebecca Hauser (1796-?)
Jacob Hauser (1798-?) m. Susanna McDaniel (maybe 1796-1889)
stillborn child (1800)

Children of Jacob Hauser and Elisabeth Schneider
Josiah Hauser (1801-?)
Maria Magdalena Hauser (1804-1891) m. Wiley Jones (1798-1861)
Daniel Hauser (1807-?)
Alexander Hauser (1809-?)

Children of Jacob Hauser and Sarah West
Sarah Hauser (1817-?)

Children of Jacob Hauser and Mary Yarrell
Josephus Hauser (1820-?). Did he marry Isadora McKnight in 1866? and was there an earlier marriage also?
Parmenio Martin Hauser (1823-?) m. Mariah Caroline Styers (1828-?)


Children of Adam Hauser and Margaretha Binkley
*Samuel Hauser (1803-ca. 1881) m. 1) Nancy Scott (1805-1867)
[death date corrected 6/20/05], 2) Louisa Rebecca Doub (1819-1907)
Sallie Hauser (1805-ca. 1883) m. Leonard Scott (1798-1888)
John Hauser (1807-1886) m. 1) Elizabeth Carolina Poindexter (1810-1864), d/o Robert Alexander Poindexter and Miriam Flynn ; 2) Maria Susanna Kreeger (1812-1893)
Thomas Hauser (1809-1881) m. Susan Ann Hinderman in Indiana
Jacob Wesley Hauser (1812-1897) m. Nancy Miller (1811-1898), moved to Missouri
Mary Hauser (1814-?) m. Jeremiah Glen (ca. 1806-?)
Elizabeth Hauser (1817-1902) m. Henry P. Martin (1814-1896)
Adam Hauser (1819-1895) m. Catherine Scott (1820-1899)
William Hauser (1821-1822)

*Previously we listed Nancy Scott Hauser's death as 1835, from which we inferred that Samuel's children Adam and Mary Ann must have had a different mother. Thanks to Richard Poindexter for correcting this error.


Children of Joseph Hauser (1789-1850) and Susan Hauser
Wilson Hauser (1812-1887) m. 1) Susan E. Hauser (1821-1858), daughter of Moses Hauser and Nancy Randleman; 2) Virginia Caroline Cuthrell (1840-1911)
Leah Hauser (1814-?)
Jonathan Hauser (1816-?)
Rachel Hauser (1819-?)
Elizabeth Hauser (1821-?)
Samuel Hauser (1825-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Jacob Hauser Jr. and Susanna McDaniel
Nicholas Hauser (ca. 1826-?) m. Mary Hicks (ca. 1830-bef. 1860)
Lucinda Hauser (ca. 1827-?)
Wiley Hauser (ca. 1834-?), wife's name unknown. This family becomes Hoosier in later generations.

Previously we listed Lucinda (1826-1898) as the wife of Fleet Longworth. However, that couple married in 1849, and Jacob and Susanna's Lucinda is still at home in the 1850 census, age 23.


Children of Parmenio Martin Hauser and Mariah Caroline Styers
Christian E. Hauser (ca. 1848-?)
Emily B. Hauser (1850-?)


Children of Samuel Hauser and Nancy Scott
Thomas Hauser (1825-1908) m. Nancy Ann Lucinda Sprinkle (1835-1904)
Margaret Elizabeth Hauser (1827-1914) m. Richard Elwell Marion (1825-1916)
Sarah Hauser (1829-1904) m. Franklin Jones Marion (1829-?)
Caroline Hauser died young
Solomon Wiley Hauser (1833-1918) m. 1) Louisa Jane Poindexter (1841-1882), 2) Martha Scott, 3) Laura Gough (d. 1953)
Samuel Hauser (ca. 1835-1863) d. near Richmond VA
Adam Leonard Hauser (ca. 1839-1863) d. at Chancellorsville VA
Mary Anne Milner Hauser (1840-1926) m. Isaac Columbus Poindexter (1837-1916)


Children of John Hauser and Elizabeth Carolina Poindexter
Margaret Ann Miriam Hauser (1831-1860) m. William Martin (1824-1902)
Robert Alexander Hauser (1833-1901) m. 1) Julia Wolff (1839-1884), 2) Eliza A. Long (1844-1928)
Virgil William Hauser (1841-1861)
John Wright Hauser (1847-1867)
Martha Elizabeth Hauser (1851-1935) m. William Butner (1849-1911). Was he son of Edward Samuel Butner and Mary Ann Wolff?
Archibald Pledge Hauser (b. & d. 1853)
Thomas Poindexter Hauser (1854-1911) m. Charlotte Virginia Kreeger (1858-1941)


Children of Jacob Wesley Hauser and Nancy Miller
Richard A. Hauser (1834-?) m. Nancy Jane Modden
Sarah E. Hauser (1836-1883)
Jeanetta Hauser (1838-1840)
Judith Ann Hauser (1841-1920) m. Henry McClure


Children of Adam Hauser and Catherine Scott
Margaret Elizabeth Hauser (1843-1920) m. John Calvin Fleming (1837-1904)
Daniel H. Hauser (1844-1862)
Wiley W. Hauser (1847-1907) m. Dulcena Sides (ca. 1857-aft. 1880)
Mary C. Hauser (ca. 1848-?) m. J. Henry Jenkins
Columbus F. Hauser (ca. 1850-?) m. Elizabeth Nicholson, d/o Moses Nicholson and Mary Gamble
Calvin S. Hauser (1853-1920) m. 1) Lucy Ellen Scott (1858-1880), 2) Wilda Bowman, d/o William and Sallie Bowman
[name corrected 2/13/04]; 3) Emma Winfrey (1872-1937)
Sarah P. Hauser (ca. 1854-?) m. Jim Choplin
Laura Ann Virginia Hauser (1858-1916) m. Solomon Wiley Scott (1855-1924)
Lewis Adam Hauser (1860-?) m. Nannie Holyfield


Children of Wilson Hauser and Susan E. Hauser
Andrew J. Hauser (1839-1862)
Delilah Hauser (1841-1907) m. Benjamin Jonathan Snyder (1812-1890), s/o Philip Schneider and Catharina Hummel
Nancy S.K. Hauser (1848-1908) m. John Thomas Hauser (1855-1919)
Samuel A.W. Hauser (1851-1911) m. Cynthia L. Crews (1860-1940)
Elijah P. Hauser (1853-1899) m. Lanie E. Rheme
Mary C. Hauser (1857-1914) m. John Martin Holder (1862-1956)

Children of Wilson Hauser and Virginia Cuthrell
Lee W. Hauser (1878-1919) m. Martha Eula Doub (1879-1969)


Sixth Generation

Children of Nicholas Hauser and Mary Hicks
Susanna Hauser (ca. 1849-?)
Sarah Hauser (ca. 1854-?)
Wiley Hauser (ca. 1855-?)


Children of Thomas Hauser and Nancy Ann Lucinda Sprinkle
James Erastus Hauser (ca. 1855-?) died in childhood
Augusta Elvira Hauser (1857-1948) m. Samuel Dalton Davis (1851-1897)
Mary Frances Hauser (1859-1950) m. Wesley H. Speas (1856-1938)
July Ann Parmelia Hauser (?-1866)
Lorenga Parilee (Lollie) Hauser (1864-1955) m. John Neal Miller (1861-1946)
Cora Lavinia Hauser (1868-1959) m. Robert Alexander Mills (1857-1932), s/o George Mills and Sarah Martin
Nancy Hauser (ca. 1870-1871)
Lucy Hauser (ca. 1870-1871), twin of Nancy
Solomon Neal Hauser (1872-1938) m. Alice Miriam Allen (1877-1956), d/o Thomas Allen and Elizabeth Martin


Children of Solomon Wiley Hauser and Louisa Jane Poindexter
Theerusophe Z. Hauser (1859-1918) m. Basil E. Moser (1850-1920)
Lenora C. Hauser (1861-1932) m. Cephus A. Culler
Samuel Hauser (1863-1942) m. Mattie Phillips (1865-1943)
Roby Denson Hauser (1865-1943) m. Lethia Jane Carmichael (1875-1926)
[error corrected 5/10/01]
Nancy Ludusky Hauser (1867-1925) m. Stanley Thomas Wall (1861-1919)
Sarah Sophronia Hauser (1869-1889) m. Junius Virgil Hauser (1863-1924)
John Wiley Hauser (1870-1948) m. Nettie B. Martin (1878-1967)
Louisa Cordelia Hauser (1872-1908) m. Junius Virgil Hauser, her sister's widower
Kate Minter Hauser (1874-1896) m. Francis Moser (1868-1916), s/o Emanuel Alexander Moser and Mary Ann Kiger]
Fastina Hauser (1878-?) m. Jasper Moser, s/o Robert W. Moser and Elizabeth Boles]
Thomas Hauser m. Fannie Hazee
Florence Hauser (1880-1903) m. Francis Moser, her sister's widower
Hortensia Hauser (1882-1935) m. Robert R. Saunders (1865-1935)

Children of Solomon Wiley Hauser and Laura Gough
Early Hauser (1902-1910)
Leala Hauser m. Nathaniel Reid


Children of Robert Alexander Hauser and Julia Wolff
In the 1880 census there is a 3-year-old female living with them, listed as M.C. Young, adopted. Who is she?


Children of Thomas Poindexter Hauser and Charlotte Virginia Kreeger
William Henry Hauser m. 1) Ellen Owen, 2) Mary Slate
Luther Wright Hauser m. Carrie Butner, d/o George Nathaniel Butner and Rebecca Jane Nicholson
Oliver Franklin Hauser m. Lucy Allen
Ernest Gray Hauser (d. in infancy, 1884)
Hubert Claudius Hauser m. Ella Miller
Robert Nathaniel Hauser (1887-1962) m. Mary Murphy
Thomas Cyrus Hauser (1891-1964) m. Cora Pfaff
Ira Otis Hauser
Gideon Clay Hauser
Squire Elmer Hauser
Martha Virginia Hauser
Roy Mavin Hauser (1900-1970)


Children of Wiley W. Hauser and Della Sides
Addie Bertha Hauser m. Edwin F. Stewart
Lilly Hauser m. Luther Spainhour
Della Hauser m. ?? Knott
William Hauser m. Myrtle Kreeger, d/o Louis Wesley Kreeger and Martha Moser


Children of Columbus F. Hauser and Elizabeth Nicholson
Eugene Hauser
Arthur Hauser


Forsyth and Davie County NC census and cemetery records, and the other sources listed on the main Hauser page

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