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Chitty Family

The first Benjamin Chitty was born in England and was married to Sarah Palmer before the year 1743. One record states he was born, lived and died in England. They had only one child, Benjamin, who was born in March, 1743 and was brought to America by his mother, who was then a widow, about the year 1748. They settled in Carroll's Manor, Frederick County, MD. Sarah Palmer Chitty, the widow, remarried probably ca. 1749 to a man with the last name of Tiplet. They had one child, Mary Tippet, born 1750.

First Generation

Children of Benjamin Chitty and Sarah Palmer
Benjamin Chitty (1743-?) m. Maria/Mary Padgett (1746-1788)

This family moved to South Carolina in 1772. But when they heard that Mary's family had moved to NC, they followed them, settling in the neighborhood known as Hope. The move from SC was made in 1777. They had the following children:

Second Generation

Children of Benjamin Chitty and Mary Padgett
John Chitty (1766, MD-1825, NC) m. 1) Maria Margaretha Krause (1771-1815), 2) Mary (Taylor) Cook
Elizabeth Chitty (1768-1800) m. Rev. Nathaniel Baum (missionaries to Jamaica, West Indies)
Joseph Nelson Chitty (1770-1826, IN) m. 1) Mary Ann Cooper, d/o John Cooper and Elizabeth Padgett, 2) ? Black, 3) Rebecca Vest (?-1868, Shannon, IL)
Charles Chitty (1772-1836) m. Elizabeth Heckedorn (1775-1824), d/o John Heckedorn and Catharina Clewell of York PA
Dorcas Chitty (1775-1806) m. David Peter (moved to Ohio)
Benjamin Chitty (1776-?) m. Nancy James (a widow)
Mary Chitty (1779-1781)
Sarah Chitty (1781-1815) m. Samuel Luckenbach (1778-1846)
(Samuel Luckenbach was a blacksmith. Both are buried in the Old Moravian Cemetery in Bethlehem, PA)
Jacob Chitty (1784-?) m. Rebecca Rudy/Rude/Ruede
Mary Magdalena Chitty (1787-?)

Third Generation

Children of John Chitty and 1) Maria Margaretha Krause
Joseph Chitty (1791-1792)
Ehata Chitty (1794-?) [could this actually be Beata, an infant who died unbatized?]
Anna Maria Chitty (1794-1830) m. Henry Clayton (moved to Bartholomew Co., IN)
Hannah Elizabeth Chitty (1796-?) m. John Phillip Blum (moved to Bartholomew IN); was he the son of Johann Heinrich Blum and Catharina Clauss?
Charles Gottlieb Chitty (1798-?) died young
John Jacob Chitty (1800-1873) m. 1) Anna Dorothea Leinbach (1803-1840), 2) Salome Rothrock (1809-1901)
Susanna Chitty (1802-?) m. Rev. Martin Hauser (1799-?; buried in West Salem, IL)
William Henry Chitty (1804-1889) m. Delilah Zeigler (d/o David & Mary Zeigler) (moved to IN)
Martha Dorothea Chitty (1807-?) m. Augustine Burcham (lived in Hope, IN)
Traugott Chitty (1810-1874) m. Catherine Frederica Ruede (1816-1888)
Margaret Chitty (1811-?) m. I. Smith Boardman (moved to IN about 1830)
Matthew Chitty (1813-?) m. ? Hagar (moved to Madison Co., IN)


Children of Joseph Nelson Chitty and 1) Mary Cooper
Benjamin Chitty (1796-1875) m. Jane Baker (?-1844), 2) Eliza Knight, 3) Eliza Templeman (lived in IN)
Sarah (Sally) Chitty m. James McClain (moved to IN and later to IL)

Child of Joseph Nelson Chitty and 2) Unknown Black
Matthew Chitty, born in NC moved to MO

Children of Joseph Nelson Chitty and Rebecca Vest
Harmon Chitty (1808, KY-?) m. Rachel Moore, d/o Wilson Moore and Martha Baker (moved to IN)
Ferguson Chitty (1809/10-1890, CA) m. 1) Ann Mayden, 2) unknown Green
Mary (Polly) Chitty m. Elisha Vest
Joseph Nelson Chitty (1812-?) m. 1) Ellen Bundy, 2) Elizabeth Winters Listin, a widow
Jaley Chitty m. George Maiden
Lindsey Chitty
Sadosa (Doce) Chitty
Speed S. Chitty (?-1845) m. Mary Thompson
Charles Holiday Chitty (1822-1893) m. Rebecca Wing Lemon, d/o George C. Lemon
Robert Letcher Chitty (1824) m. 1) Mary Jane Crippen (1834-1865), 2) Susan Potter
Charles Carrollton Chitty (1826-1868) m. Martha Jane Conley (?-1914), d/o Joshua Conley and Nancy Moore


Children of Charles Chitty and Elizabeth Heckadorn
Charles Chitty (1804-1871) m. Lucy Schott (1810-1889)
Catharine Chitty (ca. 1805-after 1870) m. Conrad Rominger (1800-1848); m. 2) Simon Henning (ca. 1784-? prob. died between 1860 and 1870)
Mary (Polly) Chitty (1806-1879) m. Andrew Spach (1812-1881)
Elizabeth Chitty (ca. 1809-?) m. Jacob Spach (ca. 1809-?)
Lydia Chitty (1812-1849) m. Thomas Shore (1811-1880)


Children of Jacob Chitty and Rebecca Rudy/Rude/Ruede
Ann Chitty (bef. 1815)
Henry August Chitty (1823) m. Nancy W. Talley (1827-abt. 1914) (m. 1847 in PA)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Jacob Chitty and Anna Dorothea Leinbach
Reuben Lineback Chitty (1830-1891) (living with his aunts Rejoiner {Regina; b. 1805} & Anna Leinback {1807} in 1870)
Simeon Comenius Chitty (1831-1902) did not marry
John Benjamin Chitty (1834-1863) was engaged to Emma Lehman, but died before the wedding could take place
Margaret Elizabeth Chitty (1836-1917) did not marry
Sophia Louisa Chitty (1839-1840)


Children of Traugott Chitty and Catherine Frederica Ruede
William Edward Chitty (1838-1863) m. Julia M. Eccles (moved to Bartholomew Co., Hope, IN)
Sophia Adelaide Chitty (1839-1862)
Henry Nathaniel Chitty (1841-1869) m. Laura Elizabeth Transou (ca. 1845-?)
Cornelia Rosalia Chitty (1843-1862)
Mary Elizabeth Chitty (ca. 1846-?)
Emma Louise Chitty (1848-1920)
Ellen Rebecca Chitty (1850-1921) m. Ephraim Strupe (1846-1906)
Caroline Isabella Chitty (1852-1874)


Children of Charles Chitty and Lucy Schott
Murchison Lafayette Chitty (ca. 1833-bef. 1870) m. Angeline Kimel (1828-1875)
Loretta Chitty (ca. 1834) m. John W. Wright
Harriet Augusta Chitty (ca. 1836-?) m. Amos R. Stoner
Florina Chitty (ca. 1838 [or 1832?] - bef. 1870) m. Isaiah S. McKaughan (ca. 1832-1881)
Solomon Chitty (1838-1919) m. Sarah Ann Kimel (1835-after 1870)
Mary Jane Chitty (ca. 1840?)
Henry Benjamin Chitty (1842-1895) m. 1) Sarah Wesner, 2) Mary Wesner
Henrietta Chitty (1846-1877) did not marry
John Norman Chitty (1849-1926) m. Eliza Maria Hege (1852-1924) (buried in Blue Ridge, Texas)
Charles Marion Chitty (1851-?) m. Mary J. Evans (1851-1923)
Tilda Chitty (1858-?) [doesn't appear in the 1860 census, but is age 12 in 1870]


Children of Henry August Chitty and Nancy W. Talley
Laura Jane Chitty (1848)
Mordecia Aaron Chitty (1851) m. Susan (born in Williamson, IL)

Fifth Generation

Child of Murchison Lafayette Chitty and Angeline Kimel
Ellen Laura Ann Chitty (1857-1925) m. John Henry Tesh (1852-1928), his second wife


Children of Solomon Chitty and Sarah Kimel Emma Chitty (1859-?)
Victoria Elizabeth Chitty (1861-before 1889) m. John Henry Reich in 1878, probably s/o Reuben Reich and Cornelia Shoaf
James M. Chitty (1863-?) m. Flora Myres
Amos Chitty (1866-?)
Lewis Chitty (1866-?)
Eugene Chitty (1868-?)
Maggie Chitty (ca. 1871-?) m. J.H. Reich in 1889, apparently her sister's widower
John Chitty (ca. 1873-?)
William Chitty (ca. 1874-?)
Perlina Chitty (ca. 1875-?)

Several additional children were added to this family on 4/29/01, based on the 1880 census


Children of John Norman Chitty and Eliza Hege
Flora Chitty m. Whitman Hudson
Orville Chitty m. Nannie Barnett
Mamie Chitty m. Boston George
Charles Chitty m. Effie St. Clair
Lafayette Chitty m. Josephine McDonald
Cecil Burt Chitty (1887-1951) m. Linnie Fronie Yount (both buried in Blue Ridge, Texas)
Clara Chitty m. Perry Davis

Additional children were added to this family on 4/29/01, based on the Spach book


Thanks to Jennifer Sanders for adding information for Jacob Chitty's line (1784). Jennifer's e-mail is:

The Record Book of Shiloh Lutheran Church - Lewisville, NC, 1777-1893, by Nelson Weller, Forsyth County Genealogicl Society Journal, Volume XII, No. 3, Spring 1994

John Chitty's Chitty Genealogy Homepage is a great web site for Chitty researchers!

Will of Charles Chitty, Probated 1836, Stokes Co., NC

Personal Communications from Dee Anderson. e-mail address:

1870 Forsyth Co., NC Federal Census

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

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