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Poindexter Family

First Generation

This family traces its origins to the Isle of Jersey, in the Channel Islands, and to the immigrant George Poingdestre who came to Middle Plantation and what is now Williamsburg, Virginia in 1651. George Poindexter died in 1692 in New Kent County, VA. His home, Criss Cross, still stands today and is privately owned. There are several web sites that deal with the early family (see below for a selection). We begin here with Thomas Poindexter (1705-1765), son of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Crawford, who married Sarah Veale, daughter of Bond Veale and Elizabeth Goshling. At least three of their sons have descendants in Forsyth and neighboring counties in North Carolina.

Third Generation

Children of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Veale
David Poindexter (1725-?)
William Poindexter (1729-?) m. Elizabeth Chisholm (abt. 1731-1807)
Frances Poindexter (1731-1807) m. 1) Vincent Tullock (no issue); Peter Apperson (1718-?)
Capt. Thomas Poindexter (1733-1807) m. 1) Susan Hughes in 1755 (no known children);
m. 2) Elizabeth Pledge (?-1816) in 1760, d/o William Pledge and Ann Radford
Bond Veale Poindexter m. 1) Susanna?; 2) Rachel Patten (m. in TN) (one child)
Elizabeth Poindexter m. Frank Pledge, s/o William Pledge and Ann Radford

Fourth Generation

Children of William Poindexter and Elizabeth Chisholm
David Poindexter (1763-1833) m. Frances Pope Johnson (1770-1840) (died in Stokes Co.)

There are other children from this marriage, but none that came into the Western NC area.


Children of Capt. Thomas Poindexter and Elizabeth Pledge
Ann Radford Poindexter (1761-1835) m. Daniel Scott (1729-1854);
;their daughter Nancy Scott (1805-1867)
[death date corrected 6/20/05]m. Samuel Hauser (1803-1881)
Francis Anderson Poindexter (1764-1902; a Rev. War Captain) m. Jane Pattillo (1769-1926), widow Lanier
William Pledge "Wag" Poindexter (1766-1844) m. Elizabeth Ashburn (1778-1849)
Martha Milner Poindexter (1768-aft. 1852) m. George Pettit
*Thomas Wentworth "Pledge" Poindexter (1770-1851) m. Elizabeth Lovell (1779-aft. 1850)
Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter (1773-?) m. 1) Major Thomas Evans (ca. 1745-1790); 2) Isaac McCammon
Mary Wentworth Poindexter (1775-1863) m. Jesse Ridings (1777-1863)
John George Poindexter (1778-1863) m. Sarah James Kennerly (ca. 1780-1859)
Archibald Pledge Poindexter (ca. 1780-bef. 1842) m. Rebecca Flynn (ca. 1780-ca. 1830), lived Monroe Co. KY
Sarah Radford Poindexter (1784-1862) m. James Lovell (1780?)
Robert Alexander Poindexter (1788-1842) m. 1) Miriam Flynn (1786-ca. 1818); 2) Charlotte Martin Pettit (1795-1865), d/o Valentine Martin and Elizabeth Dalton
Dorothy "Dolly" Poindexter (1790-?) m. William Randolph

*His name appears in several forms. The Poindexter Descendants Association, Inc. "Newsletter" 18(4):17 (1999) gives his date of birth as 3 Jan 1770; the Douglas Register (see Sources) says he was baptized on 5 Nov 1771 as Thomas Wentworth Poindexter. Poindexter descendants say that his name is given as Thomas Willing/Willin Pledge Poindexter and called "Pledge" during settlement of his father's estate.

The list of children above is supported by estate records for Thomas Poindexter. We are a bit dubious about the 30-year span of births, however, and wonder if the birthdates of the youngest children are really correct.

Children of Bond Veale Poindexter and 1) Susanna
Gabriele Poindexter m. Micha White
Mary "Polly" Poindexter m. John Berges
"Stray" John Poindexter (1776-1829) m. Mary "Polly" Kerr (1779-1850), d/o Alexander Kerr, Sr. and Rebecca Gourley
Bond Veale (Bondaville) Poindexter m. Margaret McKannon
Betsey Poindexter m. John Crabtree

Bond Veale Poindexter moved to Tenn after the death of his first wife. His son "Stray" John Poindexter moved to Yadkin Co., NC with Captain Thomas Poindexter who was his uncle and his guardian.

Fifth Generation

Children of David Poindexter and Frances Pope Johnson
William Poindexter (1793-1866) m. Anna Eliza Nelson
John Fox Poindexter (1800-1888), did not marry; a lawyer, served in the NC House of Representatives
Nancy Poindexter (1806-1856) m. Absalom Bostic Dalton (1804-1880) (m. 1824, Rockingham Co. NC)
George Poindexter m. Nancy Epperson
Elizabeth Poindexter
Hopkins Poindexter
Joseph Poindexter
Susan Poindexter
Gabriel Poindexter
Mary "Polly" Poindexter


Children of Francis A. Poindexter and Jane Pattillo
Ann Poindexter (1787-1819) m. Peter Clingman
Jane Poindexter m. Jacob Clingman; parents of General Thomas Lanier Clingman
Henry Pattillo Poindexter (1792-?) m. Sarah Paup
Francis Anderson Poindexter (1795-1883) m. Rosanna Ferrier; he served War of 1812, lived Hardin Co. TN ca. 1840-1880
Thomas William Pledge Poindexter (1797-1867) m. Mary Caroline Rea


Children of William Pledge "Wag" Poindexter and Elizabeth Ashburn
Sallie Frances Poindexter (1814-1893), m. Abraham Robinson Stowe, moved to Alabama
Denson Ashburn Poindexter, Rev. (1799-1876) m. 1) Sarah Jones (1806-1862); 2) Mary Jones Coltrane
Dandridge Poindexter (1803-ca. 1851) m. Martha J. Freeman, lived Arkansas
Mary Poindexter
Ann Poindexter
Thomas H. Poindexter, Rev. (1807-1888) m. Amelia "Milly" Dull (1810-1891)
Amittie A. Poindexter (1811-1886) m. Absalom Matthews
William Ashburn Poindexter (1817-1851) m. Mary Taylor
Sarah J. Poindexter (1820-?) m. Abraham M. Stowe


Children of Thomas William "Pledge" Poindexter and Elizabeth Lovell
Edward Lovell Poindexter (ca. 1798-bef. 1838) m. Judith Baber; she m. 2) John Brewer, 1838 Blount Co. TN
Thomas William Pledge Poindexter (1800-1873) m. Sarah Nance (1804-1880)
Francis Poindexter (1802-aft. 1880) m. Nancy Sherrill (ca. 1808-?)
Evan[s?] James Poindexter
Elizabeth Poindexter (1810-1868) m. Edward Delozier (1800-1870)
Mary P. Poindexter (ca.1813-?) m. George N. Hughs (ca.1784-?)
Rebecca Poindexter m. John Wall

Thomas Sr. and Elizabeth moved to Macon Co. NC about 1825. Thomas Jr. remained in Surry Co. NC, and his children were born there. However, some of those children eventually married in Macon County.


Children of John George Poindexter and Sarah James Kennerly
Martha (Patsy) Poindexter (1802-1833) m. Austin Truelove
Elizabeth C. M. Poindexter (1804-1867) (did not marry)
Thomas A. Poindexter (1806-1882) m. Jane Elizabeth James (1813-1885), d/o William James and Frances Mansell
John J. Poindexter (1809-1881) m. Martha Jane Ogburn (1822-1862)
Mary Wentworth Poindexter (1811-1860) m. John Marler
Hannah B. Poindexter (1814-1897) m. Andrew Webb (1819-1903)
Margaret A. Poindexter (1817-1902) m. Absalom Cook Baker (1826-1908)


Children of Robert Alexander Poindexter and Miriam Flynn
Thomas Poindexter (b. & d. 1807)
Anna (Nancy) Poindexter (1809-1881) m. William Hartgrave
Elizabeth Carolina Poindexter (1810-1864) m. John Hauser (1807-1886) s/o Adam Hauser and Margaretha Binkley
Francis Alexander Poindexter (1813-1844) m. Patience Sprinkle; she m. 2) Francis P. Apperson
Rebecca Poindexter (1815-1892) m. 1) Austin Trulove, 2) Jacob Jester
Martha M. Poindexter (1816-?) m. Henry C. Bray
Archibald Poindexter (1818-1870) m. Elizabeth Ward


Children of Robert Alexander Poindexter and Charlotte Martin
Miriam Poindexter (1820-1827)
Robert Alexander Clingman "R.C." Poindexter (1821-1885) m. Martha J. Ward
Mary W. Poindexter (1824-bef. 1861) m. Thomas Baxter Stimpson
Samuel David Lafayette Poindexter (1826-1845)
Sarah Radford Poindexter (1827-1899) m. Martin Henry Baker (moved to Arkansas)
John A.H. Poindexter (1829-1912) m. Julia Speas. Was she d/o John Henry Speas and Anna Shore?
Thomas C.M. Poindexter (1831-1862) m. Margaret A. Wooten (1834-1861)
Susan Hughes Poindexter (1833-1901) m. John Hiram Johnson
William George Washington Poindexter (1835-1863) m. Judetta Varner
Pleasant Henderson Poindexter (1837-1913) m. Temperance Ann Bagwell


Children of John "Stray" Poindexter (1776-1829) and Mary "Polly" Kerr
Archibald Tyrell Poindexter m. (1800-1865) m. Matilda Overby
Thomas Henderson Poindexter (1801-1869) m. Elizabeth Vest
Elizabeth "Betsy" Poindexter (1803-1873) Did not marry
John L. Poindexter (1806-1866) m. Mariah Mills
Alexander "Alex" Poindexter (1808-1894) m. Sarah P. Douglas
Rebecca "Becky" Poindexter (1812-1866) m. Andrew "Andy" Douglas
William P. Poindexter (1813-1844) m. Phebe Farrington Dezern - a widow
Richard R. Poindexter (1815 1896) m. Basheba "Sheba" White
Peter A. Poindexter (1820-1891) m. Sarah Rebecca "Sally" Hauser, d/o Joel Hauser and Margaretha Elizabeth Hauser
Phebe Poindexter (1822-?)
Simeon Poindexter (1828-1894) m. Nancy Ann Woodlief

Sixth Generation

Children of William Poindexter and Anna Eliza Nelson
*Susan Frances Poindexter (1828-1890) m. John Gideon Hill (1817-1885)
Mary Poindexter
Elizabeth Poindexter
David Poindexter
William Poindexter
Caroline Poindexter
Selena Poindexter
Martha Poindexter
John Poindexter

*Susan Frances does not appear on the Poindexter family site's list of children for this couple, but is identified as theirs in Hill family materials. Since she married in 1846, it may simply be that she was missed because she is not with her parents in the 1850 census.


Children of Thomas H. Poindexter and Amelia "Milly" Dull
William Anderson Poindexter (1830-1883) m. Mary Pearson Apperson
Julia A.E. Poindexter (1832-1891) m. William Nichols
George Z. Poindexter (1835-1903) m. Eliza Ann Herring, d/o Hardin & Elizabeth Herring
John A. Poindexter (1839-1886) m. Nancy Paulina Allen, d/o James and Rebecca Allen
Minerva E. Poindexter (1843-?) m. Thomas A. Patterson (died in MO)
Martha Columbia Poindexter (1846-1916) m. James Martin Kirk
Thomas Asbury Poindexter (1849-1908) m. Martha Jane Shore, d/o William & Anna Shore
Sanford C. Poindexter (1849-?) (died young)


Children of Thomas W. "Pledge" Poindexter Jr. and Sarah Nance
Francis Poindexter (1824-1902) m. Margaret J. Bryson 1855, Macon Co. NC
Richard Poindexter, Rev. (1827-1894) m. Kisiah Smith (1827-1888)
Albert Poindexter (1828-1864) m. Lucinda Bovender (1826-?)
Martha Poindexter (ca. 1830-?) m. A.M. Carson
Jasper Poindexter (1832-1909) m. Martha Deweeze (1837-1919)
Mary Poindexter (ca. 1835-?) m. James M. Stillwell, Macon Co. NC
Sarah Poindexter (ca. 1838-?) m. Benjamin F. Battle (ca. 1842-?)
Thomas Poindexter (ca. 1840-?)
Nancy Poindexter (ca. 1843-?) m. Samuel Lakey
Robert A. Poindexter (ca. 1848-?)


Children of Thomas A. Poindexter and Jane Elizabeth James
John George Poindexter (1840-1862) d. Richmond VA
Frances Poindexter (1844-1919) m. Thomas M. Hunter (1828-1905)
Cornelia M. Poindexter (ca. 1852-?)
Sarah Catherine Poindexter (1853-1879) m. Alfred Erastus Shore (1854-1918)

Note: the Poindexter family site linked above names two additional children, Eliza James Poindexter and Amanda J. Poindexter. These appear to be based on the 1850 Forsyth County census, which is misleading. The census entry reads as follows:

Further investigation reveals that James and Amanda are both HUNTERs, Jane's children from her first marriage, which was to William Hunter (1804-1836); they married in 1833. John G. and Frances, who is actually female, are the two oldest Poindexter children, consistent with Jane's marriage to Thomas Poindexter in 1839. Eliza is really Eliza JAMES, Jane's younger sister. The Poindexter family site omits Cornelia, who appears in the 1860 census, age 8.


Children of John J. Poindexter and Martha Jane Ogburn
Sarah A.E. Poindexter (1841-1861)
Edward J. Poindexter (1843-1862). He died on April 4, 1962. Did he marry Matilda Parish on March 11th?
Charles Allison Poindexter (1845-1931)
John Emsley Poindexter (1847-1915) m. Louisa Caladonia Braly (1855-1909), lived Texas
Thomas Philip Poindexter (1850-1924) m. Amanda E. Parker (1875-1899)
Robert Archie Poindexter (1853-?)
Rufus Lafayette Poindexter (1855-1942)
Laura Poindexter (1858-1952) m. ? Gilmore
William M. Poindexter (1860-1924) m. Sarah E. Parker (1870-1900)


Children of Thomas C.M. Poindexter and Margaret Wooten
Susan Ashley Poindexter (1853-1939) m. Ellis Norman (1844-1917)
Laitha Eliza Poindexter m. John Isom F. Norman
Sarah Hampton Poindexter (1857-1940) m. David Chandler Norman


Thanks to Judy Cardwell for providing information on the early Poindexters in VA and for information on her direct line, the Bond Veale Poindexter family. Judy's e-mail is:

We have used several web sites to help fill in names and dates in these families:

Other sources include Forsyth, Surry and Yadkin census and marriage records.

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