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Kroehn (Green) Family

First Generation

Johann Peter Kroehn (Kröhn) (1722-1798) and his wife Elisabeth Fischel (1724-1776) were among the settlers who came from Broad Bay, Maine, to Wachovia in 1769. In 1771 they moved into a house in the Friedland settlement. After Elisabeth's death he married (2) Juliana Aschman, widow of Peter Fritsche.

This surname appears in some records as Green.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Peter Kroehn and Elisabeth Fischel
Elisabeth Kroehn (1752-1800) m. John Peter Fiedler (1749-1829)
Philip Kroehn (1755-1818) m. Elisabeth Künzel (1759-1834)
Conrad Kroehn (1763-1826) m. Anna Susanna Zimmerman (1765-1837)

Third Generation

Children of Philip Kroehn and Elisabeth Künzel
Christina Kroehn (1778-1849) m. Jacob Lanius (1776-1853)
Philip Kroehn m. Juliana Kastner (1788-?)
Elizabeth Kroehn (1787-1818) m. John Guenther
Johannes Kroehn (1788-1800)
Johann Friedrich Kroehn (1789-aft. 1860) m. Sarah Kastner (1790-aft. 1860)
Jacob Kroehn (1791-1818) m. Anna Dorothea Schneider (1794-?)
Christian Kroehn (b. & d. 1798)
Justina Kroehn (1799-1800)
Anna Susanna Kroehn (1801-1818)
Anna M. Kroehn (1804-1870) m. Moses Steward (1804-1887)
Catharina Kroehn
Hannah Kroehn m. Philip Ader
Salome Kroehn probably the Sophia Salome Kroehn who m. Daniel Hartman (1793-?)

We now believe that the two "Grinder" grandchildren named in the will of Elizabeth Kunzel Kroehn are really Guenther, children of deceased daughter Elizabeth. In Philip's will, Elizabeth is named as "Gender" [based on abstracts by Mrs. W.O. Absher; we haven't seen the original wills.] This corrects a previous entry attributing them to Catharina.

Catharina Guenther (1813-1874) married Solomon Hege (1813-1875). We don't know what happened to Susan, the other Guenther daughter.


Conrad Kroehn and his wife Susanna reportedly had no children, but they are probably the couple who took in John Christian Gambold, son of Sophia Elisabeth Gambold.

Fourth Generation

Children of Philip Kroehn and Juliana Kastner
Thomas Kroehn (b. & d. 1811)


Children of Johann Friedrich Kroehn and Sarah Kastner
Beata Green (b. & d. 1814)
Rebecca Green (1815-?) did she marry Mordeaci Houck in 1840?
Florina Green (1817-?)
Anna Green (1819-1890) m. John Solomon Spach (1816-1872)
John Frederick Green (1824-aft. 1850) moved to Kansas
Cornelius Green (1826-aft. 1850) m. Sarah Kastner, moved to Indiana
Rudolph Green (1829-aft. 1850) moved to Nebraska
Sarah Ann Green (1834-?) m. Samuel Benton Spach

Thanks to John B. Windham for information on this family. Ray Hester provided a more complete list of children for this family. Ray obtained his information from the Moravian Archives in Winston Salem, NC. However, the Moravian records did not include the birth of Sarah Ann Green. Sarah is listed in the same household as her parents in the 1850 US Federal Census, Davidson Co., NC


Children of Jacob Kroehn and Anna Dorothea Schneider
Maria Elizabeth Kroehn (1817-1818)

Were there other children?


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

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