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Melchior Krause Family

First Generation

Melchior Krause was born in 1709 in Germany, and immigrated in 1739 on the Friendship He died between 1749 and 1751 in Lancaster Co. PA. His wife was Eva Margaretha, surname unknown. After his death she married George Kah, and came with him and her Krause children to North Carolina.

So far as we know, Melchior Krause is not related to Matthaeus Krause, another early settler in NC.

Second Generation

Children of Melchior and Eva Margaretha Krause
Wendel Krause (1739-1803) m. Anna Maria, surname unknown. She died after 1829 in Monroe Co. IN.
Johann Krause (1743-1830) m. 1) Anna Maria Volck (1744-1801), 2) Mary Dorothy Petree
Sabine Krause (?-1816) m. 1) George Fansler, 2) Jacob Rominger (1743-1816)

Third Generation

Children of Wendel and Anna Maria Krause
Andrew Krause (?-1835) m. Margaret Alford, d/o William Alford
John Krause (1762-?) m. Louisa Null
Maria Margaretha Krause (1772-aft. 1850) m. Charles Holder (1770-bef. 1850), moved to Monroe Co. IN
Henry Krause, in Ashe Co. NC by 1800, not found 1810
Jacob Krause, in Ashe Co. NC by 1800 and in 1810
Adam Krause, in Ashe Co. NC by 1810, with seven children
George Krause, in Wilkes Co. NC by 1800


Children of Johann Krause and Anna Maria Volck
Adam Krause (1769-1786)
Catherine Krause (?-1770)
Johann Krause (?-1774)
George Krause (1777-1864) m. Louisa Holder (1782-1875)
Andreas Krause (ca. 1780-?) m. Sarah Long
Margaretha Krause maybe married John Chitty
Maria Krause
Christine Elisabeth Krause (?-1782)
Isaac Krause (1787-1800)

Fourth Generation

Children of Andrew Krause and Margaret Alford
Mary Krause (ca. 1794-?), m. Joseph or Josiah Watterson
William Krause m. Sally Rose, d. before 1835
Anna Krause d. before 1835 m. George Frey (1798-?)
Hamilton Krause m. 1) Nancy unknown, 2) Elizabeth Mock
Jacob Krause (1801-1835) m. Rosina Beroth (1805-1879)
Emily Krause m. George Frey (1798-?), her sister's widower
Harrison Krause (1809-?) m. Melinda Alford, moved to Illinois
Elizabeth Krause m. Thomas Rose
Andrew Krause (1813-?) m. Elizabeth Ketner, moved to Illinois
Mahala Krause (1815-?) m. Henry Ketner, moved to Illinois


Children of John Krause and Louisa Null
Maria Margaretha Krause (1789-?)
Andrew Krause (1790-1843)
John Krause (1792-?)
Jacob Krause (1795-?)
Maria Magdalena Krause (1797-?)
Anna Krause (1799-1800)
Henry Krause (1801-?)
Joseph Krause (1804-?)


Children of George Krause and Louisa Holder
Anna Margaret Krause (1804-1855) m. Johann Jacob Schultz (1803-1833), s/o Johann Heinrich Schultz and Elizabeth Krieger
Mary Ann Eliza Krause (1817-1898) m. Emmanuel Beck (1817-1886)
name unknown, died in childhood
name unknown, moved to Missouri

Anna Margaret was added on 3/2/04 based on Moravian records.

Fifth Generation

Children of Jacob Krause and Rosina Beroth
Juliana Maria Crouse (1825-1904) m. Benjamin Spach (1817-1874)
William Harrison Crouse (1827-1911) m. Esther Caroline Faw (1838-1913)
Henry Grandison Krause (1830-1847)
[death date corrected 3/2/04]
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1833)
Lydia Catherine Crouse (1835-1925) m. Ambrose C. Rominger (1850-1932).

Sixth Generation

Children of William Harrison Crouse and Esther Caroline Faw
Lewis Calvin Crouse (1855-aft. 1907)
Mary Elvina Crouse (1857-1912) m. John Harrison Johnson (1854-1896)
Augusta Rosina Crouse (1859-?). Did she marry a Jones?
Sarah Madora Crouse (1861-1924), m. Eugene Benjamin Shore (1862-1963)
Jacob Franklin Crouse (1863-1928) m. 1) Mary Ann Vogler (1861-1900), 2) Etta Walker (d. 1951), d/o Wiley Walker and Elizabeth Tavis
Laura Maria Crouse (1865-1953) m. John A. Watkins (1860-1942), s/o Aquilla Watkins and Keziah Raper
Alice Crouse (1867-1942) m. John Henry Reich (1864-1946)
Julia Crouse (1869-?) m. W.F. Raper
William A. Crouse (1874-1946) m. Fannie Spaugh (1879-1955), d/o Lewis Spaugh and Mary Johnson


Thanks to Patty Coleman and Bettie McMullen for their information on this family, and especially for the intriguing puzzle, now solved, of Rosina Beroth Krause Slater Kimel!

Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth and Stokes County census and marriage records

Forsyth County cemetery records

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