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Beroth Family

First Generation:

Franz Ludwig Beroth was born January 29 1699 in Alsheim, Pfalz, Germany. The family was of Huguenot origin. He first married Catharina Renson, 6 Oct 1722 in Oppau, Ludwigshafen, Rheinland-Pfalz, born about 1701 also in Oppau. He then married Susanna Reuter or Reuther, daughter of Hans Jacob Reuther, on October 6, 1733. They came to America on the Winter Galley, arriving in Philadelphia on September 5, 1738, and settled in Creuz Creek Township, York Co. PA. Susanna was born November 10, 1704, in Oppau and died February 28, 1778 in York Co., PA. Franz Ludwig Beroth's death in York is recorded in the records of the Moravian church there:

York Moravian church records, August 17, 1778. 5:45 a.m. "Died Franz Ludwig Berot, descendant of a family adhering to the Evangelical religion which fled from France at the time of the persecution, and one of the first fruits of the Congregation of Brethren that gathered here, aet 79-6-18. Buried August 18 in the presence of a large concourse of people."

Several of Franz Ludwig Beroth's children came to North Carolina.

Second Generation:

Children of Franz Ludwig Beroth and Catharina Renson
Johannes Beroth (1725-1817, NC) m. Catherine Elisabeth Neumann, (Moravian records in one place give her name as Maria Elisabeth)
Anna Catharina Beroth (1728-?) may have died in childhood
Anna (Johanna?) Barbara Beroth (1729?-1759, NC) m. Hermannus Loesch (1726-1791)
Maria Schön Beroth (1732-1813) m. 1) Johann Martin Hordt (1729-1760, PA); 2) Hermannus Losech (1726-1791)

Johannes Beroth was one of the 11 original Wachovia settlers who arried in November 1753. At some point he returned to Pennsylvania, where he married Catharina Neumann in July 1758, and returned to NC with her in May 1759.

Previously we listed the oldest child in this family as Anna Barbara, born about 1723, died 1759, who married Hermannus Loesch in 1758, and another daughter Johanna Barbara Beroth (1729-1759). The death dates given for these two children are identical, and we suspect that these are actually the same person. Since the 1729 birthdate is exact (December 12, from baptismal records), we have taken that as the more likely. Possibly there was an older Anna Barbara, but if so, we think she may have died in childhood, and that the one who married Hermannus Loesch is the one born in 1729. Can anyone give us additional information to confirm or negate this hypothesis?


Children of Franz Ludwig Beroth and Susanna Reuter
Johann Paul Beroth (1735-?)
Abraham Beroth (1737-?)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1738)
Johann Jacob Beroth (1740-1801) m. 1) Anna Eva Hoehns (1749-1773); 2) Maria Schneider (1752-1801)
Maria Elisabeth Beroth (1742-1825) (one of the first teachers at the Bethlehem Boarding School)
Catharina Beroth (1742-1810) m. Jacob Steiner (1734-1801)
Anna Margaretha Beroth (1744-?)
Johann Heinrich Beroth (1746-1799) m. Cristian Hollibo 1775 in Rowan Co. NC (this couple had 4 children, names unknown)

Catharina Beroth was one of the young women who walked from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in 1766.

Third Generation:

Children of Johannes Beroth and Catherine Elisabeth Neumann
Anna Rosina Beroth m. 1) Johann George Wagemann (1760-1800), 2) Joseph Gambold (1753-1831)
Heinrich Beroth


Children of Johann Jacob Beroth and Anna Eva Hoehns
John Beroth (1772-1831) m. Sarah Zimmerman (1777-1843)
Elisabeth Beroth (1773-1840) m. 1) Georg Michael Vogler (1759-1795); 2) Samuel Gottlieb Fockel (1769-1853)


Children of Johann Jacob Beroth and Maria Schneider
Maria Catharine Beroth (1776?-)
Susanna Beroth (1778-1798)
Eva Beroth (1780-1784)
Heinrich Beroth (1783-1847) m.1) Catharine Hartman (1772-1836); 2) Elizabeth Boyer (ca. 1805-1861)
Rosina Beroth (1785-1849) m. Joseph Elrod (1786-1832)
Salome Beroth (1788-?) m. Johann Hine (1782-1819)
Abraham Beroth (1790-1796)
Johann Jacob Beroth (1792-1829) m. 1) Maria Miller (1792-1820);
2) Elisabeth Rebecca Miller (1789-1844)
Anna Barbara Beroth (1794-1883) m. Thomas Marshall

Fourth Generation:

Children of John Beroth and Sarah Zimmerman
Maria Catharina Beroth (1815-1898) m. George Hege (1799-1891)


Children of Heinrich Beroth and Catharine Hartman
Anna Rosina Beroth (1805-1879) m. 1) Jacob Krause (1801-1835), 2) Thomas Slater, 3) Andrew Kimel
Anna Lydia Beroth (1809-?) may have gone to Indiana
Johannes Beroth (1813-1816)

Children of Heinrich Beroth and Elisabeth Boyer
Henry F. Beroth (c1841-?)
Maria H. Beroth (c1846-?)

Children of Johann Jacob Beroth and Maria Miller
David Alexander Beroth (1817-1818)
Thomas Jonathan Beroth (1819-1884) m. 1) Anna Conrad (?d. bef March 1848); 2) Rebecca Carolyn Conrad (1827-1890). Who were the parents of these two Conrad women?

Children of Johann Jacob Beroth and Elisabeth Rebecca Miller
Anna Maria Beroth (1821-?) m. Jacob Sanford Leinbach (1817-?)
Lucinda Matilda Beroth (1823-after 1900) m. William Frederic Leinbach(1820-?)
Emmeline Catherine Beroth (1826-1834)
Jacob Wesley Beroth (1829-?) m. Narcissa Conrad (ca. 1834-?)


Children of Anna Barbara Beroth and Thomas Marshall
Lavinia Marshall (1815-?) Eunice Rebecca Marshall (1824-?) m. William Edward Spach

Fifth Generation:

Children of Thomas Jonathan Beroth and Rebecca Carolyn Conrad
Alexander Wesley Beroth (1849-1892) m. Melvina Lydia Conrad (1851-1938)
Sarah Martha Beroth (1850-1925) m. Henry Wilson Allgood (1862-1937)
Lysina Catherine Beroth (1852-?)
Johanna Sibylla Beroth (1854-?)
Legetha Maria Beroth (1856-1908) m. William Parks
Lucetta/Lizetta Maria Beroth (1866-?)


Children of Jacob Wesley Beroth and Narcissa Conrad
Samuel Beroth (ca. 1857-?)
Levi Beroth (ca. 1859-?)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Alexander Wesley Beroth and Melvina Lydia Conrad
Victor Monroe Beroth (1875-1965) m. Ellen Alvira Kearney (1872-1947)
Thomas Jonathan Beroth (1877-1952) m. Cora Mae Motsinger (1880-1960)
Albert Thaddeus Beroth (1881-1963) m. Nannie Rebecca Sink (1890-1961)
Maude Louella Beroth (1886-1942) m. Arthur Aurelius Helsabeck (1870-1945)
Alexander Wesley Beroth (1892-1966) m. Mary Elizabeth Smith (d. 1996)


Children of Sarah Martha Beroth and Henry Wilson Allgood
Julius Oscar Allgood (1886-1947) m. Ruth Sheets Charles Robah Allgood (1889-1978) m. Beulah Lowder (1895-1971)


The Beroth Roots
1860 US Census, Forsyth County, NC
Records of Moravians in North Carolina

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