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Johannes Schultz (Schultheiss) Family

First Generation

Johannes Schultheiss was born in 1703 in Canton Basel, Switzerland, and married Eva Solner or Soldner there in 1730. By the time they moved to North Carolina in 1769, the name had become Schultz. Eva died in 1779 and Johannes died in 1788 in Bethania. They had three children, including George Schultz (1730-1789) who married Anna Maria Huber (1744-1789).

Second Generation

Children of George Schultz and Anna Maria Huber
Eva Schultz (1766-1841) m. 1) Johann Jacob Stolz (1760-1798); 2) Abraham Transou (1756-1833)
Johannes Schultz (1772-1840) m. Christina Zimmerman (1782-1829)
Johann Heinrich Schultz (1775-1847) m. Elizabeth Krieger (1779-1823)

According to Moravian records, George and Maria had seven children altogether. They lived three miles from Bethania. Can anyone identify the other children?

Third Generation

This generation was revised on June 14, 2005.

Children of Johannes Schultz and Christina Zimmerman
Rebecca Elizabeth Schultz (1803-1887)
John Henry Schultz (1806-1895) m. Anna Catharina Schaub (1815-1901)


Children of Johann Heinrich Schultz and Elizabeth Krieger
Johann Jacob Schultz (1803-1833) m. Anna Margaret Krause (1804-1855)

Parents uncertain:
Christian Thomas Schultz (1805-1882) m. Christina Mickey (1810-1882)

We're uncertain about who belongs in which family in this generation:

Moravian Records state that Johannes and Christina had two sons and a daughter, and that Johann Heinrich and Elizabeth had only two children, but do not specify their gender.

Rebecca, who did not marry, is living with John Henry and Catharina (Schaub) Schultz in 1880, suggesting that John Henry is her brother. Rebecca's birthdate and Johann Jacob's birthdate are only 6 months apart, so they must be cousins, not siblings. But which couple are parents of Christian Thomas Schultz, and who is the missing child? Does anyone have more information?

Fourth Generation

Children of John Henry Schultz and Anna Catharina Schaub
John Parmenio Schultz (1837-1862)
Angelica Justina Schultz (1842-1919) m. John Joshua Petree (1840-1912)
John Conrad Schultz (ca. 1848-?)


Children of Christian Thomas Schultz and Christina Mickey
Junius Edwin Schultz (1836-1863)
Henrietta Schultz (1839-1902) m. John Alspaugh (1802-1893)
Antoinette Mandeville Schultz (1840-1855)
John Henry Schultz (1842-1913) m. Emma Louise Katherine Beck (1842-1917)
Samuel Schultz (ca. 1842-?)
William Augustin (or Augustus?) Schultz (1850-1905) m. Susan Elizabeth Ziglar (1858-1922)


Children of Johann Jacob Schultz and Anna Margaret Krause
Edwin Theodore Schultz (1824-1887) m. 1) Catharine Amanda Conrad (1835-1859), 2) Julia A. Locke (1841-1921)
Louisa Elizabeth Schultz (1827-1901) m. 1) Christian Thomas Conrad (1814-1861), 2) Jonathan Conrad (1815-1889)
Julia Antoinette Schultz (1833-1906) m. Peter Marshall (1825-1903)

, 2001-2007
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Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

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