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Lehman Family

First Generation

John Christian Lehman (1770-1840) came from Europe to Pennsylvania in 1801. By 1807 he was living in Wachovia, and in November of that year settled in Bethabara as the shoemaker. He married Elisabeth Shore (1773-1867).

Second Generation

Children of John Christian Lehman and Elisabeth Shore
Eugene Christian Lehman (1809-1857) m. Amanda Sophia Butner (1817-1868)
Henry Renatus Lehman (1811-1889) m. Pamela Elizabeth Wolff (1815-1891)
William E. Lehman (1815-1908) m. Anna Catharina Miller (possibly a married name)

Third Generation

Children of Eugene Christian Lehman and Amanda Sophia Butner
Oliver J. Lehman (1838-1937) m. Eliza Jane Doub (1845-1922)
Emma Augusta Lehman (1841-1922) did not marry*
John Henry Lehman (b. & d. 1846)
Sarah Elizabeth Lehman (1849-1929) m. John Henry Kapp (1843-1896)

*The life of Emma Augusta Lehman is profiled in Three Forks of Muddy Creek IX, 21: She was engaged to marry Ben Chitty, but he died at age 29 in 1863, and the next year she became a teacher at Salem College, where she remained, teaching English literature, for more than 50 years. She cut her hair short, one of the first women to do so, always wore dark colors, black or navy blue, and always wore her academic robe to class. In addition to teaching literature, she was a serious amateur botanist, and is credited with finding a new plant species, Monotropsis lehmani, in 1903 at Roaring Gap NC. She was also interested in astronomy, and recorded notes on a solar eclipse in 1869, and the appearance of Halley's Comet in 1909. In 1916 she wrote in one of her notebooks, "Our fathers were men of wide vision, of good, hard, common sense. At that time, the rest of the world cared nothing, spoke with contemptuous indifference of the education of women and girls - What did a woman want with education? It would only unfit her for her domestic duties. Our fathers thought differently - but, as O. Henry puts it, 'They sawed wood and said nothing' but they did a good deal. They planted a small seed which has grown and developed into what we are today."


Children of Henry Renatus Lehman and Pamela Elizabeth Wolff
Ellen Shepherd Lehman (ca. 1842-?) m. Bartlett Y. Rayle
Peyton Lehman (1843-1924) m. Sarah E. Miller (1844-1924), d/o John Miller and Eliza Ward
Daniel Seaton Lehman (ca. 1849-?) m. 1) Eliza Ann Rank, d/o George Permanio Rank and Salome Margaret Miller; 2) Mariah Jane Hauser

Henry and Pamela were probably also the parents of John Walter Lehman (1839-1841). He can't be the son of Eugene Lehman, whose son Oliver was born only 7 months earlier, and William Lehman didn't marry until January 1841.


Children of William E. Lehman and Anna Catharina Miller
Margaret Elizabeth Lehman (1841-1844)
Paulina Lehman (1843-1921) m. Andrew Mock (1835-?)
Egbert Thomas Lehman (1845-1932) m. Emma Matilda Greider (1861-1939)
Letitia A. Lehman (1849-1933) m. Roswell Alpha Wommack (1837-1920), son of Wilson W. Wommack and Anna Rebecca Rominger

Fourth Generation

Children of Oliver J. Lehman and Eliza Jane Doub
Lillian Lehman (1867-1943) m. Edward F. Strickland (1863-1951)
Ella Josephine Lehman (1877-1941) m. L.G. Barlow
Bessie Lehman (1880-1954) m. John Walter Daniel (1864-1954)
Eugene W. Lehman (1872-1937) m. Elizabeth Transou (1879-1958)


Children of Peyton and Sarah Lehman
John H. Lehman (ca. 1866-?)
Thomas W. Lehman (ca. 1869-?)

These children from the 1870 census. Were there additional ones born after 1870? This family doesn't seem to be in Forsyth County in 1880.


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