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Tesch/Tesh Family

First Generation

Johann Niclaus Tesch (ca. 1654-1693/1694)

Second Generation

Johann Peter Tesch (1684-bef. 1753, Kulz, Germany) m. Maria Elisabetha Muller (1685-1753)

Third Generation

Children of Johann Peter Tesch and Maria Elisabetha Muller
Adam Tesch
Heinrich Peter Tesch (1733-1804) m. Margaretha Jaeger (1730-1805), d/o Johann Jacob Jaeger and Angelia Kuhl of Wetterau, Germany; married in 1754, PA.

Adam Tesch and Heinrich Peter Tesch arrived in America October 23, 1752 aboard the Bawley. Baptismal records for Adam's children are in Ziegel Church, Weissenberg PA; those for Heinrich Peter's children are included in records of Emmaus Moravian congregation in Salisbury township, Lehigh Co. PA. Henrich Peter Tesch arrived in Salem, NC from Pennsylvania in 1771, and was one of the original settlers of the Friedberg community.

Fourth Generation

Children of Henrich Peter Tesch and Margaretha Jaeger
stillborn infant (1755)
Adam Tesh (1757-1819) m. Rosina Ebert (1757-1831)
unnamed son (b. & d. 1758)
Catharina Tesh (1759-1829) m. Johann Adam Spach (1753-1816)
George Henrich Tesh (1761-1843) m. Hanna Fuhrmann (1767-1815)
Margaretha Tesh (1762-? ) m. John Jans (Younce) in 1782
Elisabeth Tesh (1764-1808) m. John Fishel (1762-1845)
Johannes Tesh (1766-1787)
Sophia Tesh (1766-1812) m. John Christian Schmidt (Smith) (1760-1792)
Andreas Tesh (1768-1802) m. Elisabeth Barbara Frey (1771-1855)
Magdalena Tesh (1770-1849) m. John Ludwig (Lewis) Reich (1767-1848)
Sarah Tesh (1772-1844) m. Jacob Spach (1768-1856)
Anna Rosina Tesh (b. & d. 1774)

Fifth Generation

Children of Adam Tesh and Rosina Ebert
Catharina Tesh (1780-?) m. David Schneider (1762-1828)
Johannes Tash (1781-1832) m. 1) Milley Murrell (1808-?); 2) Sarah Stanley (1788-1875)
Christina Tesh (1783-1851) m. Jacob Motsinger, Jr. (1783-1858, IN)
Johann Georg Tesh (1786-1870?) m. Anna Juliana Fuhrmann (d. bef. 1850)
Philipp Tesh (1788-1789)
Jacob Tash (1790-1881) m. 1) Mary Stanley (1812-1834); 2) Martha Row (1797-1880) and
Heinrich Tesh (1794-1846) [death date corrected 10/14/02] m. 1) Barbara Harmon, 2) Susanna Barbara Rothrock (1803-1855)
Johann Christian Tesh (1796-1869) m. Susannah Philips (1798-1874)


Children of George Henrich Tesh and Hannah Fuhrmann
Maria Magdelena Tesh (1792-?)
Johannes Tesh (1794-?)
Elisabeth Tesh (1796-1861) m. Peter Weaver in 1835, Davidson Co.
Catharina Tesh (1798-?)

Previously we had listed a George Tesh (1795-1872) with no descendants. We now suspect that this was a confusion with George Tesh (1796-1872), s/o Andreas Tesh, who married Maria Boeckel. They did have children (see below).


Children of Andreas Tesh and Elisabeth Barbara Frey
Christian Tesh (1792-?)
Maria Tesh (1794-?) George Tesh (1796-1872) m. Maria Sarah Boeckel (1796-1870)
*Johannes/John Tesh or Tash(1798-1884, IA) m. 1) Susanna Ader (1802-1839), 2) Nancy Wesner (1809-1852); 2) Lydia Akers (1803-1873)
Elisabeth Tesh (b. & d. 1801)
Charles Tesh (1802-1803)

Sixth Generation

Children of Christian Tesh and Susannah Philips
Nathaniel Elwood Tesh (1822-?)
Harrison Tesh (1823-?)
Maria Theresa Tesh (1825-aft. 1865) m. John Henry Reich (1832-aft. 1864)
Anna Minerva Tesh (1827-1898) m. John Reich (1829-1873)
Samuel Tesh (1829-aft. 1850)
John Calvin Tesh (1831-aft. 1850). Did he marry Emily Reich in 1854?
James (Jno.?) Madison Tesh (1834-1905) m. Susan Jane Martin (1840-1893) (named Jno. M. Tesh, 1880 census)
Eliza Jane Tesh (1839-bef. 1869)


Children of George Tesh and Maria Sarah Boeckel
Anna Elisabeth Tesh (1818-1847) m. Levi Spach (1817-1876)
Maria Catharina Tesh (1819-1858) m. Nathaniel Mock (1814-1887)
Christina Tesh (1821 or 1824-1894) m. 1) Michael Sink (1816-1855), 2) Alexander Weisner (1818-1882)
Andreas Thomas Tesh (1823-1825)
Samuel Tesh (1826-1902) m. Sophia Elizabeth Evans (1827-1892)
John Tesh (1828-?). Did he marry Emma Sophia Reich (1830-1917)?
Solomon Tesh (1831-1864) m. Phoebe Malvinia Perryman (1835-1923)
Susanna Mathilda Tesh (1832-1905) m. Jesse Anderson Knouse (1830-1891)
Henry Theophilus Tesh (1835-?). Did he marry Samantha Berryman?
Rebecca Paulina Tesh (1837-1912) m. Elisha Raper (1822-1910)
George William Tesh (1840-1913) m. Alvira Mahala Styers (1848-?)

Seventh Generation

Children of James (Jno.?) Madison Tesh and Susan Jane Martin
C. Alexander Tesh (1857-1906) m. 1) Mary Newsome; 2) Isabel Cross Reynolds (1863-1958)
Elizabeth Tesh (1860-?)
Mary Emma Tesh (1861-1919)
Barnett M. Tesh (1867-aft. 1880)
Sarah Lee Tesh (1868-1944) m. Edwin Carlton Lane (1860-?)
James Harrison Tesh (1871-1933)
Rufus Silas Tesh (abt. 1873-aft. 1880)

Click Here to read a fascinating account of this pioneer family on the Cherokee Strip.


Children of Samuel Tesh and Elizabeth Evans
Mary Ann Tesh (1849-1919) m. 1) William Henry Fishel (1846-1868), 2) Robert A. Craver (1853-1894)
David Alexander Tesh (1851-1911) m. 1) Rosina Elisabeth Zimmerman (1851-1892), 2) Johanna S. Zimmerman (1849-1886), Rosina's sister; 3) Lillian Berrier (1860-1948), d/o Henderson Berrier and Antoinette Elizabeth Spach
Julius Franklin Tesh (1855-1940) m. Sarah Elizabeth Craver (1850-1927), d/o John Davidson Craver and Christina Hinkle
Lewis Francis Tesh (1856-aft. 1900) m. Cornelia F. Daniel (abt. 1859-aft. 1900)
Sarah Paulina Tesh (1858-aft.1900) m. James Perryman (abt. 1854-aft. 1900)
Leonora Clementina Tesh (1862-aft. 1900) m. Lindsay Rippel (abt. 1861-aft. 1900)
Allen Lorenzo Lee Tesh (1865-?) m. Mary Catherine Reich (1868-?)


Children of Solomon Tesh and Phoebe Malvinia Perryman
Laura Corinna Tesh (1853-?)
Robert Shelton Tesh (1856-1921) m. Mary Frances Hege (1860-1926). Was she d/o Henry Hege and Elizabeth Grimes?
Benjamin Francis Tesh (1859-1917) m. Sarah Catherine Hege (1868-1949)
Lucy Catherine Tesh (1861-?) m. Joseph Mendenhall

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Peggy Tesh submitted most of the Tesh family information and would like to correspond with anyone interested in this family or if you have additional information. Peggy's email address is:

Thanks also to Dan Stevenson for additional dates and spouses.

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