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Stolz or Stoltz Family

First Generation

Heinrich Stolz married Barbara Diez (1738-1815). He died in 1773, and she married the widower George Hauser, with whom she had three additional children.

Second Generation

Children of Heinrich Stoltz and Barbara Diez
Johann Casper Stoltz (1753-1834) m. Anna Margaretha Hauser (1761-1841)
Johann Heinrich Stoltz (1758-?)
Johann Jacob Stoltz (1760-1798) m. Eva Schulz (1766-1841)
(After his death, she became the second wife of Abraham Transou
(Eva Schulz Transou was the dau. of George Schulz and Maria Huber)
Susannah Elizabeth Stoltz (1762-1842) m. Johann Samuel Strub (1757-1832)
Abraham Stoltz (1766-?) m. Rosina?
Daniel Stoltz (1768-1770)

Previously we suggested that Johann Heinrich Stoltz and Abraham Stoltz may have died young.
However, there are quite a few other Stoltz individuals in the early 19th century whom we can't trace back to Heinrich and Barbara. This suggests at least one additional son may have lived and fathered children (although we can't rule out the presence of another Stoltz family of Heinrich's generation). Moravian records list a Philip Stoltz resident in the Wachovia community in 1780. There are baptismal records at Shiloh Lutheran for a child Elizabeth, d/o Philip and Catharine Stoltz, and for a Henry Stoltz born 1798, son of Abraham and Rosina.

A Henry Stultz died in 1822, leaving a wife Sarah and a large family, of whom a son Philip and daughter Anna (Miller) were clearly of age, plus younger children, some of whom were under age. This would have to be someone born no later than about 1780. Could he be Johann Heinrich born 1758, or is he a younger man?

Third Generation

Children of Johann Casper Stoltz and Anna Margaretha Hauser
John Henry Stoltz (1782-1829)
Anna Margaretha Stoltz (1784-bef. 1841) m. Joseph Feiser in 1806
Johanna Gertrude Stoltz (1785-1831) m. John L. Bitting (1785-1850)
Solomon Stoltz (1787-?)
Mary Elizabeth Stoltz (1790-?) m. William Huffman in 1815
Benjamin Stoltz (1792-1845) m. Mary Miller (ca. 1800-?) in 1822
Mary Stoltz (1795-1861) did not marry, died in Robertson Co. TN
Thomas Stoltz (1797- after 1861?) m. 1) Sarah Ketner in 1828 (who were her parents?), 2) Catherine Williams in 1835; moved to Robertson Co. TN
Samuel Stoltz (1800-1888) m. Rebecca Kapp (1804-1875)
Susanna Stoltz (1803-1855) m. Jacob Shore, s/o Johannes Schor and Elisabeth Boeckel


Children of Johann Jacob Stoltz and Eva Schulz
Johannes Stoltz (1787-1841) m. Christina Gertraud Leinbach (1787-1858)
Maria Elizabeth Stoltz (1789-1865) m. Johann Phillip Transou (1783-1863)
Simon Peter Stolz (1793-1843) m. Sarah Hege Pfaff (1799-1875)
Johann Jacob Stoltz (1795-1839) m. Maria (Polly) Geiger (1797-1837), d/o John Geiger who died July 1825

Fourth Generation

Children of Benjamin Stoltz and Mary Miller
Anna P. Stoltz (ca. 1823-?)
Joel T. Stoltz (1827-1862) m. Lucinda Sides (ca. 1827-aft. 1870)
Sarah Maria Stoltz (ca. 1836-?)

These three were living with the widow Mary Stoltz in 1850.
Were there other children in this family?


Children of Samuel Stoltz and Rebecca Kapp
Constantine Chester Stoltz (1828-1903) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Huffman (1823-1879); 2) Mary Adelaide Webb (1833-?)
John Henry Casper Stoltz (ca. 1831-?) m. Susan Brown (ca. 1830-ca. 1913), d/o Thomas and Catharine Brown
Julia C. Stoltz (1833-1900) m. Francis M. (Frank) Morris (ca. 1834-1917)
Thomas S. Stoltz (1836-1891) m. Elizabeth Caroline Spach (1845-1921)
Charity E. Stoltz (1840-1844)
William H. Stoltz (1842-1844)
Walter A. Stoltz (1844-1918) m. Jane C. Shore (1863-1935), d/o Samuel Edgar Shore and Elizabeth Wear
Anthony Virgil Stoltz (1848-1895) m. Elizabeth Kapp (1848-1926)


Child of Johannes Stoltz and Christina Leinbach
Harriet Maria Stoltz (1818-1839)


Children of Simon Peter Stoltz and Sarah Pfaff
Wilhelmina Florina Stoltz (1821-1893) m. Thomas Benjamin Loesch (1807-1888)
Parmenio Alexander Stoltz (1823-1871) m. Sarah Rothrock (1823-1871) d/o Johannes Rothrock and Catherine Zimmerman
Emilie Sibylla Stoltz (1829-1876) m. 1) John Sanford Reich (1824-?), 2) Johann Wilhelm Grabs (1828-1901)
Alfred Augustine Stoltz (1834-1911)


Children of Johann Jacob Stoltz and Polly Geiger
William Alexander Stoltz (1832-1904) m. Martha Purcell (1837-1916)
Paulina Delphina Stoltz (1836-1876) m. William Praezel Peterson (1817-1898)

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas S. Stoltz and Elizabeth Caroline Spach
Julius V. Stoltz (1867-1943) m. Ann Eliza Merritt (1873-1937)
Catherine Stoltz (1869-1906) m. DeWitt Davis (1861-1906)
Samuel Augustus Stoltz (1872-1965) m. Mary Shore (1881-1947)
David Thomas Stoltz (1874-1959) m. Esther Kapp (1888-1976)
Arlington C. Stoltz (1876-1948)
Adolphus Washington Stoltz (1879-1953) m. Cora Emily Westmoreland (1888-1957)
William Stoltz (1881-?) m. Cora Styers (1881-?)
Solomon Stoltz (1885-?) m. Elizabeth Miller
Rosa Elizabeth Stoltz (1889-1891)


Children of Parmenio Alexander Stoltz and Sarah Rothrock
name unknown Stoltz (d. 1851, a baby or small child)
Sarah K. Stoltz (1848-1938) m. Albert Israel Butner (1821-1914)
John Magnus Stoltz (1852-1909)
Alexander Thaddeus Stoltz (1854-1887)
Dora Camilla Stoltz (1857-1938)


Children of William Alexander Stoltz and Martha Purcell
Henry Jacob Stoltz (1860-1931) m. Maude Florina Stauber (1868-1933)
James Alexander Stoltz (b. & d. 1865)
William E. Stoltz (ca. 1870-?)

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Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Grabs/Reich/Waldraven, and others, privately printed family book

Forsyth Co. census and cemetery records

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