The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives

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Seiler Family

First Generation

Johannes Seiler (1751-1801) was a joiner living in the vicinity of Bethania when he asked to marry Anna Elisabeth Strub (1760-1818) in 1777. His request to move with her into the town of Bethania was initially denied, on the grounds that he was not a member of the Moravian church, but the marriage was not forbidden. He finally joined the Bethania community in 1786. The name becomes Sailor or Saylor in later generations.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes Seiler and Anna Elisabeth Strub
Johannes Seiler (1778-1789)
Heinrich Seiler (1779-1814)
Maria Elisabeth Seiler (1781-1823) m. Rev. Georg Christian Heinrich Ruede (1767-1829)
Johann Jacob Seiler (1782-?)
Maria Magdalena Seiler (1783-1847) m. Simon Henning; he m. 2) Catherine Chitty
Anna Catharina Seiler (1786-1839) m. Christian Brietz (1772-1845)
Michael Seiler (1789-1850) m. Rebecca Pfaff (1797-?)
Joseph Seiler (1789-?) m. Susanna Henning

Third Generation

Children of Michael Seiler/Saylor and Rebecca Pfaff
Mary Elizabeth Saylor (1823-1900) m. Lewis Leinbach (ca. 1813-1895)
Lucinda L. Saylor (1827-1904) did not marry
Clarissa M. Saylor (1830-1885) did not marry
Lydia M. Saylor (1833-1895) did not marry


Children of Joseph Seiler and Susanna Henning
William Sailor (1822-1884) m. Paulina M. Pfaff (1820-1902)
[error corrected 9/5/07]
Alfred Sailor (ca. 1827-?)
Matilda Sailor (ca. 1830-?) . Elisha Stolz (ca. 1821-?)
Sarah Paulina Sailor (1831-1917) m. Absolom Livengood (1832-1900)
Julia Sailor m. Emory Salathiel Conrad (ca. 1833-?)
Lewis Sailor (ca. 1836-?)
Joseph Sailor (ca. 1842-?)

Previously we stated that Paulina M. Pfaff was the daughter of Isaac Pfaff and Maria Margaretha Volck. They are probably her grandparents instead.

Fourth Generation

Children of William Sailor and Paulina Pfaff
Frank Saylor (1847-1927) m. Sarah Frances Vogler (1859-1932)
Edwin Hillary Sailor (1850-1938) m. Elizabeth Paulina Sides (1849-1927)
Joseph Virgil Sailor (ca. 1852-?)
Reuben Sailor (ca. 1854-?)
James (Eugene?) Sailor (ca. 1855-?)
Calvin Ellis Sailor (1859-1926) m. Almira Hendricks (1859-1948)
Julia Antoinette Sailor (1861-?)
Lewis Alexander Sailor (1862-1932)

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Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth County census and cemetery records

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