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Walk Family

For a great deal more information on the history of the Walks, please see the Walk home page prepared by Elke Hall, who has done extensive research on this family.

First Generation

Martin Walk was born about 1707-1710 in Germany, and immigrated to America on the English ship James Goodwell in 1728. About 1734 he moved to Virginia, settling in Orange County in the area that later became Culpeper Co. He married Catherine Clore about 1735. Catherine was the daughter of Michael Clore, one of the immigrants of the Second Germanna Colony of 1717. She died probably about 1745. According to the memoir of his daughter Catharina Walk Frey, Martin remarried in Virginia, and moved to North Carolina around 1750, settling in the vicinity of Abbotts Creek, Rowan County. There is good documentation for a wife Catherine Gerhardt, who signed deeds with him in Rowan County in the 1760s, but there is also an indication that he married her in Rowan Co. about 1757. Was there another wife yet, who came to NC with him but then died before 1757? Elke Hall and I think there may have been. Elke is working on this question now.

Second Generation

Children of Martin Walk and Catherine Clore
Barbara Walk (1735-1815) m. Johann Wilhelm Frank (1731-1804)
Martin Walk (1737-1791) m. Elisabeth (Liesel) Fiscus (ca. 1750-1825)
Catharina Walk (1739-1815) m. Johann Peter Frey (1729-1810)
Solomon Walk (?-1785)

Solomon Walk, who died in Rowan County in 1785, is somewhat enigmatic: precise birthdates are known for the other three children, but Solomon is listed variously as born ca. 1736 or 1738. However, there is not time for another birth between Barbara and Martin, and barely enough between Martin and Catharina; the interval is too short for the usual natural child spacing seen in this era. I suspect that he may in fact have been the last child, born after Catharina, since Catharina states that her mother died "in my sixth year", i.e. about 1745, which would allow ample time for additional births after hers. Few records refer to Solomon in NC, but there are some other Walk individuals who can't be accounted for as descendants of Martin Jr. and might be supposed to be from Solomon's line.

Third Generation

Children of Martin Walk and Liesel Fiscus
Johannes Walk (b. & d. 1769)
Johanna (Hannah) Walk (1772-1852) m. 1) Philip Mock (1752-?), 2) John Gladfelder
Johann Joseph Alexander Walk (1773-1839) m. Elisabeth Gass (1783-1854)
Elisabeth Walk (1775-1819) m. Herman Butner (1771-1845)
Martin Walk (1777-1843) m. Elizabeth Nelson, lived Carroll Co. VA
David Walk (1778-1791)
Sarah Walk (178-1781)
Abraham Walk (1782-1866) m. Catherine Lopp, lived Harrison Co. IN
Maria Magdalena Walk (1783-1822?) m. John Gladfelder
Johann Michael Walk (1785-1799)
Johann Georg Walk (1787-1870) m. Elisabeth Billings, d/o John Billings and Barbara Goss
Jacob Walk (b. & d. 1790)
Rebecca Walk (1795-1845) m. Philip Mock (1788-1851)

(To Follow the Gladfelder/Walk lines, visit Don Hartman's PA Dutch Family History Site )

Fourth Generation

Children of John Joseph Alexander Walk and Elisabeth Gass
Sarah Walk (1804-1848)
Charles Christian Walk (1805-1873) m. Lydia Rothrock (1806-1877), moved to Illinois in 1843
Anna Susanna Walk (1807-1829) m. Thomas Hege (1803-1851)
Louisa Catharine Walk (1809-1865) m. Joseph Butner (1804-1872)
Maria Christiana Walk (1812-1865) m. Matthias Discher
John Joseph Walk (1814-1874) m. 1) Mary Ann Berrier (1818-1867), 2) Emeline Kimel
Pauline Rebecca Walk (1816-?)
Eleanor Elizabeth Walk (1818-1839) m. Theophilus Voltz
Christina Charlotte Walk (1821-1902) m. John Benjamin Smith, lived Fancy Gap VA
Belinda Walk (1823-?)
Lavina Walk (1826-?)
Lisetta Henriette Walk (1827-1889) m. William Shore (1824-1867)


Children of Martin Walk and Elizabeth Nelson
Davis Walk (?-1819)
Hannah Walk m. David Perry
Maria Catharina Walk (1801-?)
Benjamin Frederick Walk (1803-?) m. Jane Edwards
Martin Walk (1805-1819)
Anna Rebecca Walk (1807-?) m. Amos Moore
Elisha Bolling Walk (1809-?) m. Nancy Amburn; contact Elke Hall for more information on this family
Jesse Walk m. Nancy Davis

Fifth Generation

Children of Charles Christian Walk and Lydia Rothrock
Lewis Parmenio Walk (1829-1830)
Joel Alexander Walk (1830-?)
Henrietta Elisabeth Walk
Samuel Phillip Walk (1837-1874) m. Eliza Ann Gibson (1845-1888).
For more information on this family, contact Dan Stevenson
Amanda Ernestine Walk (1840-1901) m. Charles Immanuel Voight (1836-1873)
Joseph Orestes Walk
Sophia Christina Walk m. 1) Aaron B. Robinson, 2) Christian Frederick Voight, 3) Daniel Z. Painter


Children of John Joseph Walk and Mary Ann Berrier
Elizabeth Cornelia Ann Walk (1842-?) m. Martin Tesh
Paulina Rebecca Walk (1844-1845)
Mary Walk (1845-?) m. Andrew Niphon
Emily Lisetta Walk (1847-1869) m. Lorenzo Mendenhall.
Sarah Amanda Walk (1850-1905)
Harriet Louisa Walk (1851-?) m. Lafayette Sink
Susan Melinda Walk (1853-1905) m. Thomas Russel Anderson (1852-1928)
Henry Joseph Walk (1855-1858)


Children of John Joseph Walk and Emeline Kimel
Cora Eleanora Walk (1872-1931) m. Joseph F. Beeson
Nancy Josephine Walk (1874-1875)

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Visit Dan Hartman's PA Dutch Family History Site It is truly wonderful!


Most of the information on this page was obtained from Elke Hall and Dan Stevenson, and from the Records of the Moravians in North Carolina

For more information on the Mendenhall family, see the Mendenhall Family Association page. Emily Lisetta Walk Mendenhall is not listed in this database, however, as of July 14, 1996.

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