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Hege Family

First Generation

Johann Balthazar Hege was born in 1714 in Hausen, Württemburg, Germany, son of Johann Georg Hege and Anna Maria Sifring. He immigrated in 1750 on the Irene, arriving in New York and then settling in Bethlehem PA, where he married Maria Juliana Frey in 1757. Shortly after their wedding they moved to Bethabara NC, arriving there on November 17, 1757. He died in 1785. Maria Juliana outlived him, dying in 1814.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Balthazar Hege and Maria Juliana Frey
Anna Maria Hege (1758-1799) m. Matthaeus Oesterlein (1752-1798)
Martha Elizabeth Hege (1763-1812) m. Johann Gottlieb Spach (1764-1814)
Lazarus Johannes Hege (1766-1817) m. Eva Fischer (1767-1844)
Anna Rosina Hege (1769-1805) m. Joseph Pfaff (1768-1815)
Christian Hege (1771-1817) m. Johanna Diez (1772-1835)
Sarah Hege (1774-1819)
David Hege (1777-1815) m. Elizabeth Hoehns (1781-1851)

Third Generation

Children of Lazarus Johannes Hege and Eva Fischer
Sarah Hege (1789-1830) m. Johann David Blum (1787-1860)
Anna Maria Hege (1791-1816) m. Samuel Hamilton (1790-1816)
Elizabeth Hege (1794-1864)
[death date corrected 2/10/04] m. Mattheus Reuz (1789-1828)
Christian Hege (1797-1873) m. Anna Maria Vogler (1801-1880)
George Hege (1799-1891) m. Maria Catharina Beroth (1815-1898), no children
Christina Hege (1802-1874) m. Adam Butner (1800-1884)
Catharina Hege (1805-1890) m. Christian Daniel Wohlfahrt (1796-1841)
Rebecca Hege (1809-1820)


Children of Christian Hege and Johanna Diez
Susanna Elisabeth Hege (1795-1873) m. Daniel Butner (1797-1881)
Anna Maria Hege (1797-?) m. Samuel Thomas Hauser (1803-1874)
Johanna Gertraud Hege (1800-1882) m. Jacob Werner (1799-1882)
  error corrected 11/11/06; a coding mistake joined Anna Maria to the wrong husband and omitted Johanna Gertraud

Christian Thomas Hege (1804-1819)
Johann Samuel Hege (1809-?)
Jacob Timotheus Hege (1812-?)

James Jurney's book on the Hege family names Anna Maria's husband simply as Samuel Hauser, with no further information, and previously we asked which Samuel Hauser this was, there being several contemporary men with this name. We now believe it was Samuel Thomas Hauser, son of Simon Peter Hauser and Maria Barbara Schor. Kenneth Hauser's book Alsatian-American Family Hauser gives his wife as Lydia Amon, and lists four children: Julia, Francis Calvin, Samuel Lawrence and Louisa. However, Francis Calvin Hauser is specifically identified in the Moravian records as son of Samuel Thomas Hauser and Anna Maria Hege, as is another child, Phianna Lisetta (1829-1834), whose birthdate falls between the births of Julia and Francis Calvin. Samuel, Mary and the four surviving children appear in the Stokes Co. NC 1850 census. We suspect therefore that Lydia Amon, for whom we can find no marriage record, may be a late second wife, or alternatively, the wife of someone else. Can anyone provide more solid information on this family?


Children of David Hege and Elizabeth Hoehns
Thomas Hege (1803-1851) m. 1) Anna Susanna Walk (1807-1829), 2) Sarah Link (ca. 1811-after 1860)
Johannes Hege m. Charity Hage
David Hege (1808/1809-1860) m. Elizabeth Link (1813-1869), d/o William Link and Anna Maria Hege
Catharina Hege (1811-1862) m. Christian Spach (1803-1885)
Solomon Hege (1813-1875) m. Catharina Guenther (1813-1864), d/o John Guenther and Elizabeth Kroehn

Was Sarah Link, second wife of Thomas Hege, the sister of David Hege's wife Elizabeth Link?

Fourth Generation

Children of Christian Hege and Anna Maria Vogler
Theresa Caroline Amalia Hege (1823-1897) m. Heinrich Ernst Meinung (1816-1887)
Alexander Christian Hege (1824-1889) m. Thersa Tryphena King (1827-1905)
Theophilus Christian Hege (1827-1843)
Leander Augustus Hege (1829-?) m. Aurelia Walcher, lived Indiana
Edward Lazarus Hege (1831-1904) m. Mary Jane Hunt (1838-1900)
Harriet Rebecca Hege (1833-1907) m. George Hege (1833-?), s/o Johannes and Charity Hege
Zacharias George Hege (1837-1890) m. Sarah Amanda Lash (1846-1916)
Paulina Susan Hege (1840-1912) m. Samuel Timothy Mickey (1839-1914)
Ellen Jane Hege (1842-1891) m. Henry Albert Siddall (1845-1918), s/o Thomas Siddall and Theresa Wilhelmine Belo


Children of Thomas Hege and Anna Susanna Walk
infant son (b. & d. 1829)

Children of Thomas Hege and Sarah Link
Elisabeth Hege (1833-?)
Nancy Hege (1835-?) m. Robert Perryman
David Hege (1842-?). Did he marry E.J. McCrary?
Eli Hege (1844-about 1863) died in Richmond VA between 10 Nov 1862 and 1 May 1863
Thomas Patrick Hege (1849-1904) m. Ellen Berrier (1859-1918), d/o Henderson Berrier and Antoinette Spach
Robert Hege (ca. 1851-?) m. Lillian Berrier (1860-1948), Ellen's sister; Lillian m. 2) David Tesh


Children of Johannes Hege and Charity Hage
George W. Hege (1833-?) m. Harriet Rebecca Hege (1833-1907), d/o Christian Hege and Anna Maria Vogler
Sarah Elizabeth Hege (1839-1849)


Children of David Hege and Elizabeth Link
Willliam Hege (1834-1855)
Philip Alexander Hege (1843-1925) m. Belinda Julia Fishel (1845-1900)


Children of Solomon Hege and Catharina Guenther
Constantine Alexander Hege (1843-1914) m. 1) Frances Spaugh (1849-1893), 2) Martha Caroline Spaugh (1854-1936)
Julia Elizabeth Hege (1845-1846)
Mary Louisa Hege (1848-1920) m. Samuel A. Burk (1848-1925), s/o George Washington Burk and Sarah Rippel
Susan Celeste Hege (1850-1857)
Julius Augustus Hege (1854-1928) m. Maria Josephine Spaugh (1857-1930)

Fifth Generation

Children of Alexander Christian Hege and Theresa Tryphena King
Roswell King Hege (ca. 1853-1892) m. Olivia Adelaide Earnhardt (1863-1910)
George Alexander Hege (1855-1886) did not marry
William Edward Hege (1857-1902) m. Sallie Lee Nooe, d/o Bennett Nooe and Mary Ann Watson
Charles Lindsey Hege (1861-1886)
Theresa Tennent Hege (ca. 1864-1886?)
Henry Allen Hege (ca. 1866-1907) m. Lillian Carlton Trice


Children of Edward Lazarus Hege and Mary Jane Hunt
Francis Edward Hege (1868-1890) m. Minnie Giersch (1868-1909)
Frederick Christian Hege (1869-1943) m. Augusta Sitterson (1872-1936) d/o Marcus Lafayette Sitterson and Sobelia McKinney
Edgar Lee Hege (1875-1935) m. 1) Nannie McGehee, 2) Sallie McGehee
Marian Elma Hege (1878-1952) m. 1) Samuel Augustus Pfohl (1874-1903), 2) Hugh McCollum Curran (1875-1960)
Anna Louise (Lula) Hege (1872-1933) m. Rufus Arminius Spaugh (1865-1953), s/o Thomas Spach and Melvina Lash


Children of Zacharias George Hege and Sarah Amanda Lash
William Benjamin Hege (1870-1900) m. Lillie May Kiger (1874-1947)
Thomas Christian Hege (1871-1823) m. Mina Hildreth
Ernest George Hege (1872-1918) did not marry
Anna Lash Hege (1874-?) m. John Simon
Alexander Christopher Hege (1875-1908) did not marry
Wilhelmina Eloise Hege (1878-?) m. Walter W. Brown
Oscar Flavius Hege (1880-1918) m. Kate Seddon Keith (1882-1948), d/o Wiley Freeman Keith and Isabel Dundena Transou


Children of Thomas Patrick Hege and Ellen Berrier
Sallie Hege (1875-1958) m. Charles Myers
Robert Hege (ca. 1883-?) m. Nellie Craver
Emory Hege (1885-?) m. Nannie Fritts
Joseph Hege (ca. 1887-?) m. Josephine Hillard
Stamey Hege (ca. 1890-?) m. Sadie Hinkle
Dora Hege (1892-1971) m. Ivey Chester Yokely (1887-1971)
Ida Hege (ca. 1897-?) m. Garrett Morris


Children of Robert Hege and Lillian Berrier
Cicero Franklin Hege (1878-1902) m. Lessie Perryman
Ada Isabella Hege (1882-?)
Mattie Louella Hege (1885-?) m. Meredith Wesner/Weisner


Children of George W. Hege and Harriet Rebecca Hege
Curran Hege (ca. 1857-?)
Everett P. Hege (ca. 1862-?) m. 1) Amanda Tise, 2) Winnie Tise
Aurora G. Hege (ca. 1864-?) m. William M. Barnes
Stella N. Hege (1865-1915) m. Robert Lindsay Jordan
Freming Hege (ca. 1867-?)


Children of Philip Alexander Hege and Belinda Julia Fishel
Ida Melvina Hege (1870-1871)
Mary Elizabeth Hege (b. & d. 1871)
Faith Irene Hege (1873-1958) m. Venus A. Berrier
America M. Hege (1875-?)
Sylvester O. Hege (1877-1926) m. Fannie E. Phelps
Laura Hege (1879-1881)
Hallie Hege (1881-1949) m. Evander Samuel Fishel (1859-1919)
Linda Julia Hege (1887-1907)


Children of Constantine Alexander Hege and Frances Spaugh
Walter Julius Hege (1873-1935) m. Blanche Thomas, d/o Henry Clay Thomas and Maria Caroline Butner
Ella Florence Hege (1875-1901) m. William V. McCanless (1860-?)
Rosa Estelle Hege (1883-1923) m. Henry Herman Kapp (1880-1933), s/o John Henry Kapp and Sarah E. Lehman


Children of Julius Augustus Hege and Maria Josephine Spach
Orville Eugene Hege (1876-1877)
Claudia Isabella Hege (1878-1886)
Franklin Harrison Hege (1881-1900)
Carrie Estelle Hege (1882-1959) m. Edward Boyles
Harvey Rowan Hege (1885-1936) m. Alice Williams
Ollie Mary Hege (1888-?), listed as unmarried in 1930
Frederick Arthur Hege (1892-1897)
Anna Viola Hege (1894-?) m. Walter Talley


Jurney, James, Die Ahnen von Johann Balthasar Hege und Verwandten zu Hausen an der Zaber, privately printed, Bellevue WA, March 1990

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

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