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Frey Family, continued

Third Generation, descendants of Johann Peter Frey and Catharina Walk

Johann Peter Frey was born in Wingen, Alsace, in 1729, and immigrated with his parents and siblings in 1733. He married Catharina Walk (1739-1815) in either 1756 or 1757 in North Carolina. Catharina's memoir states that they were married on March 23, 1756, but the Records of the Moravians in NC (6:2909) reports that they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1807.

Children of Johann Peter Frey and Catharina Walk
Maria Sarah Frey (1758-1822) m. Isaac Douthit (1756-1823)
Johanna Salome Frey (1760-1845) m. Phillip Hanes (1752-1820)
John Frey (1762-1802) m. Catharina Hartman (1772-1836)
Elizabeth Frey (1764-1829?) m.Michael Hauser (1758-1837)
Maria Frey (1765-1837) m. Jacob Greter (1764-1834)
Joseph Frey (1768-1842) m. a Hardemann (or Hartman?), moved to Tennessee
Rebecca Frey (1771-1827) m. Johannes Transou (1766-1841)
Susanna Frey (1773-1834) m. Martin Hanes (1768-1831)
George Frey (1775-1829) m. Elisabeth Rominger (1778-1831)
Benjamin Frey (1777-1778)
Christian Frey (1781-1782)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Frey and Catharina Hartmann
Jacob Frey (1796-1847) m. 1) Sarah Aaltje Butner (1801-1824), 2) Anna Elisabeth Butner (1806-1827), sister of Sarah Aaltje, 3) Anna Cook (1805-1842)
George Frey (1798-?) m. 1) Anna Krause, 2) Emily Krause, Anna's sister. George and Emily moved to Illinois.


Probable children of Joseph Frey and his wife
Elisabeth Frey (1796-1802)
Peter Frey (1798-?) may have died young
Michael Frey (1799-?) may have died young
Joseph Frey (1800-?)
Mary Sarah Frey (1806-1873) m. Seth Ingram; Mary Sarah died in Matagorda Co. TX
Seny Frey (1807-?) m. John D. Camp
Lucy Ann Frey (ca. 1810-?)
Susanna Catharina Frey (1815-?)

This family moved to Tennessee


Children of George Frey and Elisabeth Rominger
Thomas Frye (1802-1864) m. Louisa Elizabeth Brinkley (1812-1886)
Anna Frey (1803-1851) m. John Lanius (1801-1857), moved to Morgan Co. GA
Elisabeth Frey (1805-1885) m. Samuel Long (ca. 1803-1886)
David Frey (1807-?)
Rebecca Frey (1809-?) m. Benjamin Thomas Essic (1797-1892), s/o John Essic and Catharina Rothrock; moved to Indiana
Charlotte Frey (1817-aft. 1860); mentally handicapped, did not marry
George Frey (1819-?)

Fifth Generation

Child of Jacob Frey and Sarah Aaltje Butner
Martha C. Frey (1821-1887) m. 1) William (?) Stipe (d. 1848); 2) Obediah S. Evans

Child of Jacob Frey and Anna Elisabeth Butner
Temper Maria Frey (b. & d. 1826)

Children of Jacob Frey and Anna Cook
Lydia Caroline Frey (1831-1875) m. Charles Rothrock (1828-1919)
Mary Ann Elizabeth Frey (ca. 1833-?)
John Alexander Frey (1835-1844)

We do not believe that Jacob Frey is the father of Sarah Fry Ellis (1826-1870) or Permelia Fry Ratliff Buzbee (1841-1870), as has been stated in a Buzbee family history. We think that they are most likely the daughters of Abraham Frey and Mary (Polly) Jourdan.


Children of Thomas Frey and Louisa Elizabeth Brinkley
Mary A. Frey (ca. 1835-?) m. Calvin Theodore Jones (ca. 1832-?)
John Franklin Frey (ca. 1836-1863)
Joseph P. Frey (ca. 1837-?)
Elizabeth J. Frey (1839-1912) m. Henry Jackson Lee (1831-1916)
Caroline K. Frey (ca. 1841-?). Did she marry William Snipes in 1867 and die soon afterwards?
David C. Frey (1843-1868)
George F. Frey (1847-1900) m. 1) Mary J. Reich, 2) Eliza Jane Vest (1852-1913)
[new information January 2004]
Enoch Evander Frey (1849-1916)
Sarah Frances Frey (1851-1930) m. William Ketner


Jurney, James, Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Peter Frey, privately printed, Bellevue WA 1991

Forsyth Co. NC and Davie Co. NC cemetery Records

Forsyth Co. census records

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