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Blackburn Family

Bryson Lafayette Blackburn (1766-1840) married Margery Limond, daughter of William Limond. They first appear in Stokes Co. NC in the 1800 census.

Children of Bryson Lafayette Blackburn and Margery Limond
Mary Blackburn (1787-1803) m.
Elizabeth Blackburn (1789) m. Thomas Tyler
Robert Blackburn (1790-1842) m. Mary Goslin (1793-aft. 1880), d/o William Goslin and Elizabeth Thorp
Isabell Blackburn (1793) m. Elias Hopkins
William Blackburn (1795) m. Dorcas Hunter (?)
Anna Blackburn (1798-1873) m. Daniel Faw
Polly Blackburn (1803)

(After Margery's death, Bryson Blackburn married Deliah Short in 1813. No known children.)

Second Generation

Children of Robert Blackburn and and Mary Goslin
Hervey Blackburn (1819-aft. 1880) m. Mary Irena (m. in 1842)
Milton Virgil Blackburn (1820-aft. 1880) m. Lucinda E.W. Doub (1825-aft. 1880)
Coston Blackburn (1826-aft. 1880)

Note: Mary Blackburn (age 67), Costin Blackburn (age 34) and Lucinda (age 35) are living the same household in 1860, Davidson Co., NC. Costin is head of household. Lucinda doesn't appear to be the wife of Costin. The same household in 1870 names Lucinda, age 46 as "Lucy Jarvis." Is she Lucy Jarvis, daughter of Jonathan Jarvis? Lucinda is in the same household in 1880, named Lucinda Jarvis.


Children of William Blackburn and Dorcas Hunter
Martha Blackburn
Calvin W. Blackburn (1828-1893) m. Martha Harper , d/o John Harper and Catherine Boyer
Joshua Blackburn (1831) m. Lucetta Boyer (m. in 1858)
Elisha Blackburn (1833) m. Mary A. Clodfelter (abt. 1828-aft. 1860)
William Blackburn (1835)
Rachel Elizabeth Blackburn (1836) m. Franklin Nathaniel Ketner (1840-1874)
Lucetta Blackburn (1837-1909) m. 1) Jacob Boner (ca. 1828-bef. 1879), 2) George Douthit (1811-1892)
Polina Blackburn (1837)
John Blackburn (1844)

Third Generation:

Children of Hervey Blackburn and Mary Irena
Junius Blackburn (1841-1922) m. Ann Elrod
Laura Ann Blackburn (1842-1846)
Robert T. Blackburn (1845-1846)
Evender T. Blackburn (1847-1847)


Children of Milton Virgil Blackburn and Lucinda E.W. Doub
Mary M.Blackburn (1851-?)
Ida M. Blackburn (1855-1926) m. William Harrison Davis (1846-1916)
Olen Wilburn "Fisk" Blackburn (1861-1944) did not marry
Newton Emery Blackburn (1858-1953) did not marry
Lula G. Blackburn (1863-1940) did not marry

Virgil Lamar Blackburn (1869-1933) m. Charlotte (Maggie) Sheets (1868-1938),
d/o John W. Sheets and Charlotte Elizabeth Harper


Children of Calvin W. Blackburn and Martha Harper
Mary A. Blackburn (1850)
James Harvey Blackburn (1853)
Eliza M. Blackurn 1854
John Lafayette Blackburn (1856)
Levi Blackburn (1859)
Robert H. Blackburn (1860)
Jane Blackburn (1864)
Mary A. (Polly) Blackburn (1866) m. William McDaniel (McDonald) Burcham
Melvina Blackburn (1868)
Tom S. Blackburn (1869)
Lousita Blackburn (1871)
Soloma Mariah Blackburn (1873)

Vicki Burcham is researching the Blackburn/Burcham family. You can contact Vicki at:

Can you help connect the family shown below to the family presented above? If you have Blackburn family information I would like to correspond with you. My email address is:

First Generation

Children of John Blackburn Sr. and Zelpha Harper (c1786)
John Blackburn Jr. (1804-1876) m. Nancy Harper (1807-1884)
Elizabeth Blackburn (c1806-1884) m. George Vogler (1801-1869)
Harper Blackburn (1809-1876) m. Achsah (1808-aft 1850)
Anna Blackburn (1814-1840) m. Jacob Vogler(1799-1868)

"Blackburn, John Esq., aged about 71, March 16, 1876, at the residence of his son, in Winston. Mr. Blackburn served his county well, commencing life as a public school teacher serving as magistrate for many years, was elected to the House of Commons of this state, and afterward was chosen by the people as their superior court clerk, which office he continued to hold for upwards of twenty-five years, very acceptably to the public, until the infirmities of age caused him to retire. He nevertheless was employed occasionally by the present clerk, who considered his advice and assistance most indispensable.".....Death Notices of the People's Press, (Salem, NC) 1851-1892

Second Generation:

Children of John Blackburn Jr.and Nancy Harper
James Granville Blackburn (probably 1832-1903) m. Mary E. Marshall (1833-1912)
Edwin A. Blackburn (1835-1864)
Epsey/Elisa A. Blackburn (1837-1910) m. Augustus (Gus) Christopher Vogler (1831-1865)
John Franklin Blackburn (1839-1867)
Newton W. Blackburn (1841-1901) m. Nancy Sheets
Lewis Blackburn (1843-1863)
Alphius L. Blackburn (1847-1915) m. Margaret Harper
Mary Jane Blackburn (1850-1856)

Who is Martha Vogler age 27 living with John and Nancy Blackburn in 1870?

Are John and Nancy also parents of Samuel S. Blackburn who married Elizabeth Hill in 1844? If not, who are Samuel's parents?


Children of Harper Blackburn and Achsah
Susannah Blackburn (1848-?)
(there are other children in this family


Personal communications with Cynthia Kuehn Simmons. Cynthia's email address is:

Personal interviews with Cleo McBride, Winston Salem, NC (deceased)

Personal communications with and material received from Lyn Fowler, a Blackburn Family researcher. Linda's email address is:

Death Notices from The People's Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892, Robert M. Topkins

Surry County, North Carolina, Wills 1771-1827, Jo White Linn

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

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