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Ketner Family

First Generation

Johann Ketner was born 1693 in the village of Waldangelloch, Nagelstedt, Germany, son of Michael Ketner and Susanna. He came to America, landing in Philadelphia on Oct 10, 1733 aboard the Charming Betty. Also on board were Feronica, age 34; George, age 18: Johann Heinrich, age 9: Henrich Adam, age 8: and Maria, age 11. Johannes and George Michael signed their oath to government on Oct 12 1733. Johann was married to Feronica/Veronica Burkhart in 1711 (b. ca. 1692), daughter of Claus Burkhardt and Maria Barbara. Johann died in Berks County, PA in 1767 and his wife, Veronica, died in the same county in 1737. After her death in 1737, Johann Ketner married Barbara Heinrich at the Christ Little Tylpehocken Church in Pa. on February 3, 1738.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Ketner and 1) Veronica Burkhardt
Ester Chatharina (1712-1713)
George Michael Ketner (bap. 1714-1769) m. Mary Catherine Frederick (m. 1740)
Maria Margaretha Ketner (bap. 1719-1808) m. Balthazer Emrich
Johann Henrich Ketner (bap. 1723-1792) m. Catherine Brossman (?-1796)
Henrich Adam Ketner (1725-1805) m. Catharina (1734-1806)
(All of the children born and baptized in Germany; all marriages took place in PA)

Third Generation

Children of George Michael Ketner and Mary Catherine Frederick
Maria Eva (Mary Eve) Ketner (1741-?) m. Andrew Schade
Maria Magdalena (Mary Margaret) Ketner (c1745-?) m. John Tobig
Maria Ketner (abt.1746-1831) m. Charles Shoemaker
John Michael Ketner (c1746-1815)
John Ketner (1748-?)
Barbara Ketner (c1750-?) m. John George Goucher
Anna Margaretha (Anna Mary) Ketner (c1753-?)
George Michael Ketner (1755-1824, NC) m. Margaret Stirewalt


Children of Johan Henrich Ketner and Catherine Brossman
George Michael Ketner (1745-1806) m. Catherine Baer
Frantz (Francis) Ketner (1748-1831) m. Elizabeth Muller/Miller (1754-1841)
Johanna Catharina Ketner (1750-?) m. John Yerger
John Jacob Ketner (1752-1816) m. Catharina
John Nicholas Ketner (1754-1835) m. Catherine
John Ketner (1769-?) m. Eva Wolf
Christina Catharina Ketner (1756-?) m. Henry Ely
George Adam Ketner (1758-?)
Elizabeth Ketner m. John Martin Lingel
Salome Ketner m. John Hime
Susannah Ketner

Catherine Brossman's family was also from the village of Waldangelloch, near Sinaheim. Her famly arrived in PA in 1739, six years after the Ketners.


Children of Henrich Adam Ketner and Catharina
Joh. Jacob Ketner (1757-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of George Michael Ketner and Margaret Stirewalt
Dewalt Ketner (1788-1858) m. Anna Maria Isenhour (1800-1846)
Peter Ketner (1790-1855) m. Elizabeth Litaker
Christena Ketner (1792-1852) m. Michael Overcash


Children of George Michael Ketner and Catherine Baer
John Ketner (1778-1857) m. Elizabeth Hulver (lived in Jefferson Co., TN)
Henry Ketner (1785-1814) m. Mary Wilkins
Jacob Ketner (c1786-?) m. Mary Simmons
Adam Ketner (1788-?) m. Elizabeth


Children of Frantz Ketner and Elizabeth Muller/Miller
John Henry Ketner (1772-1820) m. 1) Susan Zinn (not proven); 2) Anna (1789-1852)
Frederick Ketner (1774-1843) m. Elizabeth Shamel (1782-after 1850)
Infant Ketner (b. & d. 1776)
Anna Elizabeth Ketner (1778-1804) m. John Holliman
Matthew Ketner (1780-1842) m. Anna Maria Hanes (1783-abt.1865/1870)
Catherine Ketner (1783-?) m. Phillip Stultz
Francis Ketner, Jr. (1790-1852) m. Mary Polly Fidler

Fifth Generation

Children of Dewalt Ketner and Anna Maria Isenhour
George Michael Ketner (1820-1899) m. Susanna Shaver
Anna Louise Ketner (1822-1845)
Daniel Ketner (1825-1902) m. Catherine Bour (Boyer?) (1835-1898); 2) Sophia Cozart Williams (widow);
3) Mary J. Lawson (widow)
John Ketner (1828-1866) m. Mary Ann Sifferd
Barbara Maria Ketner (1831-1852) m. Elam Alexander Patterson
Susan C. Ketner (1833-1918) m. George Washington Misenheimer
David Ketner (1836-1850)
Margaret Ketner (1841-1912) m. Joseph Franklin Misenheimer, Jr.


Children of Henry Ketner and 1) Susan Zinn (?)
Elizabeth Ketner - did she marry Jonathan Church?
Henry Ketner Jr.

Children of Henry Ketner and 2) Anna
Nathaniel Ketner (1810-1879) m. Sarah Conrad (1810-1898)
William Ketner (1812-1849) m. Mary Boyer (m. 1842)
Thomas Ketner (1813-1883) m. 1) Jensey Paulina (Climey) Vogler (1821-1856),
d/o Peter Vogler and Sarah Reed; 2) Paulina Brandon (1838-), d/o Wm. Brandon
Sanford Ketner (1819-1903) m. Paulina Elvina Crouse (1820-aft. 1870)
Evelina Ketner (1821) m. Solomon Hyre/Hire
Elvira Sally Ketner (1822-?) m. Wesley Hyre/Hire (1820-?)


Children of Anna Elizabeth Ketner and John Holliman
Thomas Holloman (1795-after 1850) m. Sarah (1796-after 1850)
Elizabeth Holliman m. Willis Stewart

1850 Davie Co., NC Census Record, George Sheets (1835-?) living with this family.


Children of Matthew Ketner and Anna Maria Hanes
Katharine Ketner (1810) m. Hamilton Wilson (1807)
Elizabeth Ketner m. Charles Horney
Phebe Ketner m. Philip Ebert

Sixth Generation

Children of Daniel Ketner and Catherine Bour (Boyer?)
George Henry Ketner (1851-1924)
John Daniel Ketner (1855-1924)
Jesse Alex Ketner (abt. 1857-1899)
Sarah Mahala Ketner (1858-1940) m. Henry Clay Oldham
Jane Ketner (1861-1928) m. George Caspar
Margaret Ketner (1863-1899) and James Nunley
Catherine Amanda Ketner (1866) and Elihu Davis

Children of Daniel Ketner and Mary J. Lawson
Nettie Ketner (abt. 1884) m. Mr. Farmer

When Daniel Ketner returned home from Civil War, he learned that his wife had been raped by Carpetbaggers. He kicked Catherine out of his home and divorced her. He kept the children that were still living at home. He then married a Sophia Cozart, but she left him and would not live with him. Daniel divorced her and married Mrs. Mary J. Lawson, a widow from Tennessee, in 1883.


Children of Nathaniel Ketner and Sarah Conrad
Leonard Edward Ketner (1828-1896) m. 1) Emaline Brewer (1828-1856); 2)
Mary A. E. Stockburger (1832-1913)
Fiza (Lisa) Ketner (1831-?) m. Calvin Thomas Crater (1827-?)
Rebecca Ketner (1833-?) m. Thomas Lashmitt
Amanda Louisa Ketner (1834-1931) m. Carlos William Transou (1833-1863)
Sarah Susanna Ketner (1836-1904) m. 1) Levi J. Crater; 2) Rev Joseph Miller
William T. Ketner (1838-1862) (died in Civil War) m. *Maria/Mary Boyer [error corrected Sept. 14, 2006]
Franklin Nathaniel Ketner (1840-1874) m. Rachel Elizabeth Blackburn
Mary Catherine Ketner (1842-1939) m. John C. Burkhard
Anna Sybilla Ketner (1844-1891) m. Allen Alexander Crater
Lucetta Mariah Ketner (1846-1864) did not marry

*Previously we had Maria Ryder as the wife of William T. Ketner. In a phone conversation Cleo McBride of Winston Salem, NC advised me that Maria/Mary was Maria/Mary Boyer and not Maria Ryder.


Children of William Ketner and Mary Boyer
Thomas Joshua Ketner (1844-1907) m. Mariah Catherina Crater (1840-aft. 1920)
Elizabeth J. Ketner (c. 1849-1874) m. William F. Brandon


Children of Thomas Ketner and 1) Jensey Paulina Vogler
Jonathan Ketner (1843-?)
Jane Elizabeth Ketner (1845-1919) m. Jacob Carlos Conrad (1843-1887)
Susanna Ketner (1847-1917) m. Andrew William Christian Dettmar
Louise Amanda Ketner (1850-?)
Malinda Mariah Ketner (1853-?)
John Henry Ketner (1855-?)


Children of Thomas Ketner and 2) Paulina Brandon
Aleck Alexander Ketner (1860-1918) m. 1) Fannie E. Longworth (1867-1908),
2) Mary Louella Livengood Fishel (1881-1976)
Emma Rena Ketner (1861-1886) m. Charles Watson Brinkley
Ellen Victoria Ketner (1863-1925) m. William Harrison Sheets
William Thomas Ketner (1865-1919) m. Evalena Solomon (1879-1936)
Lewis L. Ketner (1867-1946) m. Nannie/Nancy C. Holder (1869-1931). Who were her parents?
Rufus Ketner (1870-1935) m. Abbie Baurle
John Franklin Ketner (1872-1959) m. Lydia Catherine Harper (1882-1971)
Rosie Belle Ketner (1874-1953) m. Lindsay Frank Cumbo
George Monroe Ketner (1876-1951) m. Amanda Elizabeth Hatley


Children of Sanford Ketner and Paulina Elvina Crouse
William G. Ketner (1841-1910) m. Louisa Miriah Sheets (1856-1888); 2) Sarah A. Fry
Joseph Francis Ketner (1844-?)
James Ketner (1846-?)
John Herman Ketner (1850-1924) m. Lucinda Blades
Thomas Levi Ketner (1852-1921) m. Adeline M. Sidener (1855-1921)
Mary E. Ketner (c1854-?)
Jane E. Ketner (c1856-?)
David L. Ketner (c1858-?)

Seventh Generation

Children of Lenard Edward Ketner and Emaline Brewer
Eugene Alexander Ketner (1851-1902) m. Catherine Dye (1851-aft.1900)
Sarah Ellen Ketner (1853-1919) m. William Naman Barron


Children of Lenard Edward Ketner and Mary A. E. Stockburger
Florina Elizabeth Ketner (1860-1914) m. Warren Franklin Jarvis
Leonard William Ketner (1862-1922) m. Isabella Shutz (1867-1935)
Lewis (Levi) Ketner (ca. 1866-?)
Lucetta Ketner (1867-1894) m. Joseph E. Shutt (1862-1914)


Children of William T. Ketner and Mary Boyer
Sarah (Mattie) Ketner (1862-1913) m. 1) Thomas R. Cromer; 2) Joseph Andrew Nathaniel Nifong


Children of William G. Ketner and Louisa Miriah Sheets
Ellis M. Ketner (1878-aft. 1900)
Robert H. Ketner (1879-aft. 1900)
Flora Bell Ketner (abt. 1880-1951) m. Walter L. Moser (1882-1971)
John L. Ketner (1882-aft. 1900)
Julius Arthur Ketner (abt 1884-aft. 1900)
Connie A. Ketner (abt. 1886-aft. 1900)


Children of John Franklin Ketner and Lydia Catherine Harper
Charlie T. Ketner (1902-1989)
Bertie C. Ketner (1906-aft. 1920)
Paul F. Ketner (1909-1984)
Bessie E. Ketner (1910-aft. 1930)
George W. Ketner (1912-1986)
Gladys P. Ketner (1914) m. 1) James Lewis Jarvis (1915-1986)
Curtis E. Ketner (1917-aft. 1930)
John R. Ketner (1921-1921)
Flossie D. Ketner (1922-aft. 1930)

Eighth Generation

Children of Eugene Alexander Ketner and Catherine Dye
Dora Ketner (abt. 1876-aft. 1900)
Everett Ketner (abt. 1879-atf. 1900) m. Dorothy Sowers
Anna Ketner (abt. 1883-aft. 1900) m. Henry G. Conrad
Lydia Ketner (abt. 1886-aft. 1900)
Lillie Ketner (abt. 1889-aft. 1900)
Nathaniel Ketner (abt. 1890-abt. 1900) m. Adelia Brandon
Charles Ketner (abt. 1892-aft. 1900) m. Ruth Leinbach
Viola Ketner (abt. 1897-aft. 1900)


There is a Ketner GenForum

1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 1880 1900, 1910, 1920 US Federal Census Records, Forsyth County, NC Census Records

Will of Francis Ketner, dated January 11, 1828, probated 1831 in Stokes County, NC

Personal communications with Cleo McBride of Winston Salem, NC

Personal communications with Lois Ketner Angel, email address:

Michael Brown's The Daniel Ketner Family website is connected to this Ketner family and possibly the Boyers of Forsyth/Stokes County. Michael's e-mail address is:

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