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Greter/Crater Family

Jacob Greter was born in Hammerstein in the Brisgau and he married Magdalena Holler, January 24, 1702 in Engwiller Lutheran, Germany. (Magdalena was the daughter of Caspar Holler)

First Generation:

Children of Jacob Greter and Magdalena Holler
Maria Magdalena Greter (1702-?)
Anna Catharina Greter (1706-?)
Friderich Greter (1708-?)
Hans Jacob Greter (ca. 1708-1788) m. Maria Barbara Dreher (1703-1757); 2) Mary Catharina Heren (1722-1793)
(Maria Barbara Dreher was the widow of Jacob Martin Hirt/Hordt
and Mary Catharina Heren was the widow of Martin Moll)

Second Generation:

Children of Hans Jacob Greter and 1) Maria Barbara Dreher
Johann Georg Greter (1739-1781)
Johann Heinrich (1742-1743)
Abraham Greter (1745-1758)

Children of Hans Jacob Greter and Mary Catherina Heren
Elizabeth Greter (1759-1804) m. 1) Lorenz Vogler (1752-1779), 2) George Fischer (1757-1832)
Jacob Greter (1764-1834) m. Maria Frey (1765-1837)
Catharina Barbara Greter (1762-1766)

Third Generation:

Children of Jacob Greter and Maria Frey
*Elisabeth Greter (1787-1870) m. Philip Rominger (1784-1860)
Rebecca Greter (1789-1862) m. John Martin Rominger (1787-1868)
Susanna Greter (1791-1843) m. Joseph Rominger (1790-1873)
Sarah Greter (1794-?) m. Timotheus Hauser (1795-?)
Catharina Greter (1796-1875) m. Samuel Spach (1797-.)
Johannes (John) Greter (1798-1884) m. Catharina Essig (1800-1895)
d/o John Essig (Essex) (1771-1796) and Catherine Rothrock (1775-1849)
Jacob Greter (1801-1890) m. 1) Sarah Wesner (1805-abt. 1843); 2) Mariah (Katy) Katherine Wesner (1802-abt. 1853);
3) Rebecca F. Holton (1825-1864); 4) Mary Elizabeth Wesner (1834- died in Chicago, IL
Maria Greter (1803-bef. 1870) m. Jonas Leinbach (1805-?), s/o Johann Christian Leinbach and Elizabeth Fernsler
Lydia Greter (1806-1901) m. Elias Schaub

*Previously we stated on this page that Elisabeth and Philip Rominger married in Indiana. We now think they married in NC, and didn't move to Indiana until about 1831.

Fourth Generation

Children of Johannes (John) Greter and Catharine Essig
Lavinia Rebecca Crater (1825-?) m. George Washington Norman (1824-?)
Calvin Thomas Crater (1827-?) m. Fiza Lisa Ketner
Amos Franklin Crater (1829-?)
Lewis Augustus Crater (1831-?)
Levi Jacob Crater (1833-1864) m. Sarah Susanna Ketner (1836-1904)
(after Levi's death, Sarah Rev. Joseph Miller)
Allen Alexander Crater (1836-1898) m. 1) Anna Sybilla Ketner (1844-1891); 2) Mary E. Coltrane (1845-1910)
Reuben John Crater (1838-1915) m. 1) Alpha Jane Reich (1843-1868); 2) Emily Jane Davis Rominger (1843-1918), d/o Samuel Davis and Eliza A. Kutz and widow of John Martin Rominger
Mariah Catherina Crater (1840-aft. 1920) m. Thomas Joshua Ketner (1844-1907)
Malinda Sophia Crater (1844-1925) m. Junius Boyer (1848-1889)


Children of Jacob Greter and 1) Sarah Wesner
Regina Lisette Crater (1824-1902) m. William Burgess White (1817-1872), s/o Frederick White and Elizabeth Woosley
Malvina Maria Crater (1826-1827)
Sanford Sylvester Crater (1828-1913) m. Sarah White
Paulina Crater (1830-1872) m. Frederick White (1823-1903), s/o Frederick White and Elizabeth Woosley
Sylvanus Timotheus Crater (1832-1887) m. Emily Campbell
Jacob Jeremiah Crater (1834-1920)
Rufus Weisner Crater (1836-1926)
Sarah C. Crater (1839-1926)
Abigail Crater (1841-1912)

Children of Jacob Greter and 2) Mariah (Katy) Katherine Wesner
John W. Crater (1846) (died young)

Children of Jacob Greter and 3) Rebecca F. Holton
Jesse Holton Crater (1858-1931)

Children of Jacob Greter and 4) Mary Elizabeth Wesner
Charles C. Crater (1866)
George Bolivia (Bolivar?) Crater (1871)

We have conflicting data here - are George and Bolivar one child or two?

Fifth Generation:

Children of Calvin Thomas Crater and Fiza Lisa Ketner
Sarah K. Crater (1850-abt. 1900)
John Crater (1852)
Laura Crater (1853)
Lewis Crater (1854)

(This family moved to Flat Rock Township, Bartholomew County, Indiana)


Children of Levi Jacob Crater and Sarah Susanna Ketner
John Leonard Crater (1855-1865)
Victoria Miranda Crater (1857-1892)
Amos Martin Crater (1859-1922) m. Mary Belle Harper (1862-1948)
Ellen Sophia Crater (1861-1890)
Francis Levi Crater (1862-1945) m. Eliza Cordelia Miller (1864 -1943)


Children of Allen Alexander Crater and Anna Sybilla Ketner
Delia Catherine Crater (1861-1960) m. Columbus A. Phillips (abt. 1859-bef. 1900), s/o Leonard F. and Anna Phillips
Lucetta Marie Crater (1864-1958) m. Henry Clay Harper
Mary Cornelia Crater (1866-1958)
Charles A. Crater (1867-1878)
William Thomas Crater (1870-1955)
Lillia Roseanna Crater (1876-1960) m. Charles Asa Jones (1871-1971)
Sarah Elizabeth Crater (1881-1982)
Joshie Miranda Crater (1884-1972) m. Alpha Tennison Cook (abt. 1886-1959), s/o Simeon Cook and Mary Rosina Welfare


Children of Reuben John Crater and 1) Alpha Jane Reich
Lewis L. Crater (1867-?)
Albert Monroe Crater (1868-1938) m. Ida Maria Butner (1875-1916)

Children of Reuben John Crater and 2) Emily Jane Davis Rominger
Edward Thomas Crater (1870-1955)
Julius Nathaniel Crater (1872-1945)
Eugene Allen Crater (1875-1968)
Ada G. Crater (1877-1879)
William A. Crater (1878)
Mamie N. Crater (1880)
Charles F. Crater (1882-1942)


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Forsyth County will abstracts, published by Forsyth Co. Genealogical Society

The Romingers Roam 1554-1980, by Ethel L. Harryman

Thanks also to Dan Stevenson and Mike Wolf for information on this family.

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