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Shamel Family

First Generation

The name of the immigrant ancestor in this family is uncertain. Mike Shamel has advanced the working hypothesis that he is the Johannes Schimmel who arrived on the Queen Elizabeth Sept. 16, 1738, age 26. Whoever he was, he married Anna Margaretha Geiger (1722-1803), who had come from Bissingin, Wuerttemburg, Germany. Their son, John Werner Schemel, was born in 1746. By early February 1749, Anna Margaretha was a widow, and at that time she married as her second husband, the widower Peter Binckele (Binkley). Peter Binckele names his wife Margaretha's son John Schemel in his will, but mentions no other children from her first marriage, and we do not yet know whether there were others. The Binckeles moved from York Co. PA to Monocacy Maryland in 1763, and came on to North Carolina in 1772.

Second Generation

John Werner Schemel or Shamel was born in 1746 in Oley PA, and died in 1813 in NC. He married Elizabeth Holder (ca. 1760-1797) about 1777. She was the daughter of Joseph Holder and Anna Maria Vollweiler. After her death, John Werner Schemel married Johanna or Hannah Mueller (Miller) (1756-1838), widow of Johannes Hauser (1754-1784). There were no children from the second marriage.

Children of John Werner Schemel and Elizabeth Holder
Joseph Shamel (1778-1857) m. Anna Rosina Demuth (1783-1860), moved to Gnadenhutten, Ohio
John Shamel (1779-1827)
Anna Elizabeth Shamel (1782-?) m. Friedrich Ketner (1774-1843)
Maria Catharina Shamel (b. & d. 1784)
George Shamel (1785-1850) m. Sarah Catherine Demuth (1790-1850), sister of Anna Rosina, moved to Gnadenhutten, Ohio
Jacob Shamel (1788-1868) m. 1) Gertraut Hauser (d. ca. 1827), 2) Anna Snyder
Abraham Shamel (1790-1876) m. Elizabeth Fiedler or Fidler (1792-1874)
Anna Maria Shamel (1793-?) m. Johann Heinrich Hauser
Peter Shamel (ca. 1797-1864) m. Susannah Elizabeth Pfaff (1794-1873)

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Shamel and Gertraut Hauser
John Henry Shamel (1816-?) m. 1) Delpha Flynn, 2) Rebecca Setliff
George Nathaniel Shamel (1818-1888) m. Sarah Elizabeth Hauser (1814-1893?)
Jacob Wesley Shamel (1819-1864), died in Confederate Army service, Franklin Co. OH; m. Mary Ann Kreeger (1824?-1904)
Malinda Rebecca Shamel (1824-1895) m. James G. Newsome (1826-1895)

Children of Jacob Shamel and Anna Snyder
Mary Ann Elizabeth Shamel (ca. 1827-?) m. Thomas Schaub (1818-?)
William W. Shamel (1831-1913), m. Nancy Sophia Speas (1832-1913), moved to Ohio


Children of Abraham Shamel and Elizabeth Fidler
Anna Elizabeth Shamel (1815-?) m.
Joseph Shamel (1819/1820-1877) m. Sarah Hege
Maria Catharina Shamel (1823-?)
Eli Edward Shamel (1828-1865) m. Temperance Stoltz
Francis Edwin Shamel (1838-1920) m. 1) Charity Livengood (1840-1893), 2) Dicie Ellen Sprinkle (1862-1936)


Children of Peter Shamel and Susannah Elizabeth Pfaff
Sarah Maria Shamel (1817-1905) m. Isaac D. Conrad (1814-1882)
Isaac Augustus Shamel (1819-1820)
Sophia Shamel (1820-1901) m. Isaac Petree (1819-1893)
Johanna Shamel (1821-?) m. John Coley (ca. 1815-?)
Clementina Philipina Shamel (1827-1829)
Matilda E. Shamel (1829-1897) m. James Edward Petree (1834-1906)
Sanford Nathaniel Shamel (1832-1901) m. Elizabeth Emaline Bodenhamer (1836-1901), moved to Higginsville MO
Wilhelmina Shamel (1834-1887) m. Milton H. Dawson (1838-1899)

Fourth Generation

Child of John Henry Shamel and Delpha Flynn
Malinda Jane Shamel m. 1) ___ Wall, 2) Logan Brown

Children of George Nathaniel Shamel and Sarah Elizabeth Hauser
Wiley Nathaniel Shamel (1845-1903) m. Floyd Marilla Kreeger (1854-1929)
[name corrected 6/17/05]
Sarah Shamel (1847-1893)
[dates corrected 6/17/05]m. John Scott (1846-1908)
Julia S. Shamel (1849-1892)
John Henry Shamel (1851-1923)


Children of Jacob Wesley Shamel and Mary Ann Kreeger
James Wesley Shamel (1850-1865)
Emma Jane Shamel (1851-1922) m. Alson C. Reed (1848-1908)
Amelia Shamel (1855-1864)
John William Shamel (1859-1943) m. Laura Spainhour (1866-1929)


Children of William W. Shamel and Nancy Sophia Speas
This family lived in Ohio. Mike Shamel has additional information on them.
Jonathan Irvin Shamel (1850-1919)
Nancy A.E. Shamel (1853-1918)
Israel E.A. Shamel (1856-?)
Amelia Catherine Rebecca Shamel (1859-1942)
Frances S.V. Shamel (1862-1938)
William Henry Wesley Shamel (1866-?)
John Franklin Isaac Shamel (1869-1877)
Charles W.A. Shamel (1873-?)
James Lewis R. Shamel (1875-?)


Children of Joseph Shamel and Sarah Hege
Jacob Shamel, may have died young
John Henry Shamel (1848-1933) m. Nora Jane Scott (1870-1945)
James Wesley Shamel (1852-1913) m. Dora E. Ridings (1861-1912)
Calvin A. Shamel (1854-?) m. Sarah C. Huff (ca. 1858-?)
William Alexander Shamel (twin of Calvin, b. & d. 1854)
Edwin Sylvester Shamel (b. & d. 1859)
Joseph A. Shamel (1862-1920) m. Celeste Reich (1874-1969)
Charles Daniel Abraham Shamel (1864-1865)
Sarah E. Shamel (ca. 1866?-?) m. Thomas Kiger, son of Simon Levi Jackson Kiger and Adeline Tuttle


Children of Eli Edward Shamel and Temperance Stoltz
Margaret Shamel, died in infancy
Mary Eleanor V. Shamel
Amanda Elizabeth Shamel (1855-1863)
James Francis Shamel (1857-?)
John Henry Abraham Shamel (1859-1863)

Anna Martha Jane Shamel (1862-?)

Child of Francis Edwin Shamel and Charity Livengood
Sarah Elizabeth Shamel (1862-?)

Probably child of Francis Edwin Shamel and Dicie Ellen Sprinkle
Edith Shamel (1906-bef. 1910?)

In 1910, Francis and Dicie are living with her children Ida and Charlie Long, from her first marriage. Edith does not appear, but Dicie is listed as mother of 3 children, 2 living, so we think this late birth probably is correct.


Child of Sophia Shamel, father unknown
Junius T. Shamel (1841-1905) m. Susan Low (1839-1896)

Sophia also had nine children with her husband Isaac Petree, whom she didn't marry until several years after Junius Shamel was born.


Children of Sanford Nathaniel Shamel and Elizabeth Emaline Bodenhamer
William Thomas Shamel (1855-1924)
Julius Sylvanus Shamel (1861-1932)
unnamed infant Shamel (twin of Julius Sylvanus, stillborn)
Andrew Wesley Shamel (1867-?)
Minnie Florence Shamel (1870-?)
Lilly Bell Shamel (twin of Minnie Florence, died Dec. 1870 at age 5 months)
Anna Mai Shamel (b. & d. 1874)
Mary Susan Shamel (1878-?)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


Many thanks to Mike Shamel ( ) for information on this family. Visit Mike Shamel's Homepage.

Other sources consulted include the following:

Stokes and Forsyth County NC census and marriage records

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission. The 12th volume was very helpful in filling in birth and death dates for some of the children listed on this page.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Records of York Moravian Church, York PA

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