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Hunter Family

First Generation

John Hunter (?-1803) moved from Granville County, NC to Surry County about 1784. This family had ties to Halifax Co. VA. John Hunter's wife was Rachel Coleman.

Second Generation

Children of John Hunter and Rachel Coleman
William Hunter (1772-1850) m. Anna Barbara Sprinkle (ca. 1783-1863)
Thomas Hunter (died 1805) m. Elizabeth Robinson (ca. 1767-aft. 1860), d/o William Robinson
Benedictus Hunter m. Angelina Longino, d/o John Thomas Longino; moved to Tennessee
David Hunter m. Dorcas Shelton
John Hunter (d. ca. 1852, Yadkin Co. NC) m. Rhoda Speer (1779-ca. 1855), d/o Robert and Elizabeth Speer
Rachel Hunter m. Foster Phillips
Elizabeth Hunter m. Owen Tate
Mary Hunter
Sarah Hunter (?-ca. 1860) m. George Kreeger (1758-1841)

Who is Nancy Phillips that married John Thomas Longino, 1788, Surry Co., NC? Bondsman John Thomas Longino, Record # 01 143, Bond # 000145950.

Did David Hunter also marry Lydia Shores in 1824? Surry County, NC, Bondsman - Joseph Phillips, Bond # 000145334, Record # 01 115

Third Generation

Children of William Hunter and Anna Barbara Sprinkle
Mary (Polly) Hunter (?-bef. 1863) m. Henry Scott
Salome Hunter (ca. 1811-aft. 1880) m. William Anderson (ca. 1805-bef. 1880)
Rachel Hunter (1804-1882) m. John Jacob Long (1805-1879)
Winston Hunter (ca. 1809-?) m. Olivia, surname unknown
Louisa (Levisa?) Hunter (ca. 1813-aft. 1880)
Sarah Ann Hunter (1817-1890) m. Joseph Vogler (1809-1883)
Thomas M. Hunter (ca. 1819-?) m. Jinetta, surname unknown
Martha Hunter (1823-1890) m. m. John Constantine Vogler (1832-1909)
Anna M.C. Hunter (1826-1905), did not marry


Children of Thomas Hunter and Elizabeth Robinson
John Hunter. Did he marry Rebecca Elizabeth Werner (1807-1887)? married 1825, her husband died by 1829
Thomas Hunter
Rachel Hunter (1794-1880) m. Malachi Franklin
Solomon Hunter (1800-1872) m. Nancy Franklin (1801-1871)
Molly (Mary Jane?) Hunter
William Hunter (1804-1836) m. Jane Elizabeth James (1813-1885), d/o William James and Frances Mansell; she m. 2) Thomas A. Poindexter (1806-1882)


Children of John Hunter and Rhoda Speer
Major Hunter m. 1) Nancy Cheeks, 2) Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth Hunter m. Larkin Lynch
Mary Hunter m. William Logan
Nancy Hunter (d. ca. 1830) m. Isaac Hauser (1808-1901); he m. 2) Drucilla Kirby
John Hunter m. Eleanor Hamline (Haneline?)
William Hunter m. Pauline Moser
Sarah Hunter

Thanks to Theresa Hutchins for information on this family.

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas M. Hunter and Jinetta
John W. Hunter (1852-1926) m. Sally M. Gurley (1849-1926), d/o Nathan and Susan Gurley
Elizabeth Jane Hunter (1850-1896) m. Eugene Caswell Vogler (1853-1928)


Children of Solomon Hunter and Nancy Franklin
Thomas M. Hunter (1828-1905) m. Frances Poindexter (1844-1919)
Henrietta Hunter (ca. 1832-?) m. Sanford Anderson, s/o William Anderson and Salome Hunter (see above)
William A. Hunter (1832-1903) m. Emily C. Moser (1837-?)
Mary A.M. (Mildred) Hunter (1837-1925) m. Thomas Leonard Scott (1836-1863)
Aquilla Hunter (1839-1916) m. Rebecca Ellen Long (1841-1920)
Luvisa Angelina Hunter (1841-1883) m. Andrew Fulk (1828-1882), s/o Frederick Fulk and Maria Catharina Moser
Martha E. Hunter (1845-1925) m. William H. Long (1844-1931)

Cemetery records name Luvisa Angelina Hunter born 1841 as wife of Andrew Fulk; the marriage license (1870) lists her as L.A. Hunter, d/o Solomon and Nancy. Is she the child who appears in the 1850 census as Mulvina A. age 8, and in 1860 as Victoria A. age 17? We can't account for her otherwise.


Children of William Hunter and Jane James
James Monroe Hunter (1834-1916) m. Luvitha Apperson (1837-1931), d/o Thomas Apperson and Luvitha Vest
Amanda Jane Hunter (1836-1903) m. Peter Alexander Sprinkle (1833-1910)

Fifth Generation

Children of John W. Hunter and Sally Gurley
Clyde Clay Hunter (1885-1971) m. Addie Kiger
Charles Eugene Hunter (1882-1950) m. Hattie Ingram Grabs (1886-1981)


Children of Thomas M. Hunter and Frances Poindexter
Mary Elizabeth Hunter (1869-1945) m. Charles A. Posey
Dora Hunter (1872-1961) m. J. Oliver Long (1873-1937)
Ada Hunter (1876-1953) m. Squire Lewis Vest (1875-1959)


Children of William Hunter and Emily Moser
David Oliver Hunter (1858-1944) m. 1) Cynthia Hanes (1861-1888), d/o Lorenz and Matilda Hanes; 2) Permelia C. Kreeger (1864-1929)
Theodore Houston Hunter (1860-1934) m. Alice Lenora Doub (1867-1950)
Robert H. Hunter (1864-1952)
[birthdate corrected 2/17/04] m. Sarah Henrietta Hauser (1864-1937)
Alvis A. Hunter (1867-1949) m. Mary J. Massencup (1869-1957)


Children of Aquilla Hunter and Rebecca Ellen Long
Lula J. Hunter (1867-1927) m. James Peter Sprinkle (1864-1955)
Thaddeus Hunter (1869-1925) m. Mary Bell Scott (1877-1936)
Cicero Gilbert Hunter (1871-1946) m. Ada Jane Doub (1879-1955)
John Ferdy Hunter (1877-1945) m. Lenora May Long (1882-1957), d/o Junius Watson Long & Anna Selena Scott
Samuel L. Hunter (1880-1942) m. Carrie Hunter (who were her parents?)


Children of James Monroe Hunter and Luvitha Apperson
Alice Josephine Hunter (1860-1929) m. Tobias Speas (1850-1923)
Eliza Jane Hunter (1862-1938) m. Eugene Francis Kiger (1859-1950)
John Oscar Hunter (1864-1913) m. Mary Alice James (1868-1929), d/o Franklin James and Jane Spach
Levitha Hunter (1865-1945) m. John Thomas Poindexter (1866-1952)
Martha Hunter (1868-1950) m. Samuel Augustus James (1861-1940), s/o Franklin James and Jane Spach
Mary (Mollie) Hunter (ca. 1875-?) probably m. John E. Cox

Sixth Generation

Children of David Oliver Hunter and Cynthia Hanes
William L. Hunter (1879-?)
Flora R. Hunter (1881-?)
Arthur C. Hunter (1884-?)

Children of David Oliver Hunter and Permelia Kreeger
Ada Hunter (1899-1965) m. Thomas Casper Stoltz
Ebert Alexander Hunter (1903-1931) m. Anna Gray Shore


Children of Theodore Houston Hunter and Alice Lenora Doub
Sophronia Hunter (1885-1886)
Elsie Theodore Hunter (1887-1901)
James Claudius Hunter (1889-1972) m.1) Beulah Virginia Holder (1890-1958) 2) *Ada McKeoun
William B. Hunter (1890-1986)
Solomon Roscoe Hunter (1892-1973) m. 1) Elsie Louise Porter, d/o George Porter and Alice Olivia Oehman, 2) Grace Williams
Susan Catherine (Sudie) Hunter (1894-1989) m. David Hill
Osa Elizabeth Hunter (1896-1972) m. Moir J. Lackey, s/o Levi Lackey and Vinie Hall
Eliza Hunter (1897-?)
Robert Shober Hunter (1899-1988) m. Ila Doub (1902-1975)
Joseph Bernie Hunter (1901-1990) m. 1) Flora Long (1903-1930), d/o Ulysses Long and Elizabeth Sprinkle; 2) Alice Wagoner (prob. 1908-1990)
Martha Hunter (1905-1998) m. Arnold Warner

We previously named James Claudius Hunter's wife as Ada Westmoreland. We now know her name was Ada McKeoun, daughter of J. McKeoun and Carrie Aiken. Can anyone confirm that Ada was married to a Westmoreland before her marriage to James?


Children of Alvis Hunter and Mary Massencup
Elva Hunter (1890-1960) m. Jasper Newton Doub (1888-1965)
Kemper A. Hunter (1897-1977) m. Eulala Long
Roger H. Hunter (1898-?)


Child of Cicero Hunter and Ada Jane Doub
Marvin Hunter (1899-1914)


Children of John Ferdy Hunter and Nora Long
Gretchen Hunter (1903-1972) m. Russell Grabs Holder (1896-1978)
Alton B. Hunter (1904-?)
Elwood C. Hunter (1906-1969)
Juanita Hunter (1915-1996) m. Sam Underwood


Children of John Oscar Hunter and Mary Alice James
Viola Hunter (1889-1990) m. Herbert Allie White (1886-1951), s/o James Emory White and Mary Leanna Grubbs
Lora Agnes Hunter (1890-1979) m. George Marvin Hauser (1883-1953)
Lessie D. Hunter (1892-1893)
Russell J. Hunter (1894-1992) m. Ethel Lillian Stoltz (1896-1980), d/o Henry Jacob Stoltz and Maude Florina Stauber
Elbert O. Hunter (1895-1991)
Kate Hunter
Myrtle Hunter m. Harvey Cranford
Nellie Hunter
Bessie T. Hunter (1904-1913)
Alta M. Hunter (1907-1913)


Thanks to Cheryl Hunke for information on this family.

Surry County Wills Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth County Cemetery Records and census, marriage and death records

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