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Shouse Family

First Generation

The progenitor of the Shouse family in North Carolina was Johann Adam Schauss (ca. 1704-1770), who immigrated to America on the Harle in 1736, with his wife Maria Barbara Baum, d/o Johann Philip and Anna Maria Baum of Albisheim, Pfalz. Johann Adam was the son of Johann Conrad Schauss and Anna Engel Conrad of Albisheim. He settled initially in Pennsylvania, where he worked as a miller, and moved to North Carolina probably about 1754.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Adam Schauss and Anna Maria Baum
Friedrich Christoph Schauss (1727-1788) m. Eva Catherine Kraus
Philip Nicolaus Schauss (1728-1810) m. Maria Catharina Beck (1734-1796)
Maria Magdalena Margaretha Schauss
Anna Maria Gertraud Schauss
Conrad Schauss
Anna Margaret Schauss
Heinrich Schauss
Elizabeth Benigna Schauss
Gottlieb Schauss
Christian Schauss (1748-aft. 1800) probably m. Maria Magdalena Helsabeck (1758-?)
[error corrected 6/28/01]

Third Generation

Child of Friedrich Christoph Schauss
Anna Maria Shouse (1752-aft. 1792) m. Michael Yohe
Christian Shouse (ca. 1753-1831)
Heinrich Shouse (ca. 1754-ca. 1815)
Jacob Shouse (ca. 1764-1836)
Johannes Shouse (1768-aft. 1834) m. 1) Margaret ___, 2) Charity Sparks Cooper

Of this family, only Johannes Schauss came to North Carolina.


Children of Philip Nicolaus Schauss and Maria Catharina Beck
Anna Maria Schauss (1749-1760)
Elisabeth Schauss (1755-1804) m. Johann Heinrich Krieger (1753-1828)
Susanna Schauss (1758-1828) m. Johann Jacob Krieger (1755-1824)
Daniel Schauss (1760-aft. 1809) m. Catharina Elisabeth Fessler (1763-?)
Joseph Schauss (1763-1780)
Frederick Schauss (1765-aft. 1790) m. Elizabeth Helsabeck (1768-?)
Heinrich Schauss (1767-1806) m. Elizabeth Null (d. bef. 1818)
Johannes Schauss (1769-aft. 1809) m. Catron Null
Christian Schauss (1772?-1788)
[error corrected 6/28/01]
Catharina Schauss (1776-1844) m. John Null (1768-1844)
Salome Schauss (1780-1866) m. Hermannus Miller (1777-1813)

Can anyone confirm the birthdate for Christian Schauss?

Fourth Generation

Children of Daniel Schauss and Catharina Elisabeth Fessler
Tiny (Christina?) Shouse m. John Hughlett
Elisabeth Shouse (1782-?)
Joseph Shouse (1783-?)
Heinrich Shouse (1785-?)
Maria Catharina Shouse (1792-?)
Maria Magdalena Shouse (1800-?)
Johann Jacob Shouse (1804-1889) m. 1) Elizabeth McClannahan 2) Jennie Cash
Lydia Shouse (1806-?)


Children of Heinrich Schauss and Elizabeth Null
John Shouse m. Mary Holder in 1811 - who were her parents?
Catharina Shouse m. Joseph Holder (ca. 1785-?)
Elizabeth Shouse (1792-1873) m. Henry Stoehr/Starr (1782-1830)
Mary Shouse m. Philip Hein (1784-1815)
Salley Shouse (d. aft. 1818). Did she marry Henry Holder in 1818?
Henry Shouse (1796-1874) m. 1) Anna Stultz, 2) Elizabeth Flynt (1809-1879)


Children of Johann Jacob Shouse and Elizabeth McClannahan
Martin Van Buren Shouse

Jacob James Washington Shouse (1836-1919) m. Parthenia Shipp (1838-1901)

[error corrected 6/28/01; Elizabeth was probably the mother of both children]


Children of John Shouse and Mary Holder
David Shouse (1817-1893) m. 1) Henrietta Pfaff (1820-1880), 2) Mary Ann Lawrence

Were they also the parents of Christian Shouse (ca. 1822-?) who married Elizabeth Wolff? He was not named in John Shouse's will, written in 1820, but could have been a posthumous child. He is living close to David Shouse in 1860.


Children of Henry Shouse and Anna Stultz
William Shouse (1821-1877) m. Adeline Ziglar (1824-1886)
Isaac Shouse (ca. 1823-aft. 1869)
John H. Shouse (ca. 1829-aft. 1860) m. Harriet Beck (1833-1875)
Jesse A. Shouse (1832-1907) m. Sarah E. Moore (1840-1922)
Leanna E. Shouse (1834-1900) m. Adolphus Massencup (1844-1910)
Lucinda Shouse (1837-1893)

Fifth Generation

Children of David Shouse and Henrietta Pfaff
John Henry Shouse (1839-1919) m. Eliza V. Conrad (1839-1929), d/o Jesse Conrad and Anna Susanna Leinbach
Mary Magdalena Shouse (1841-1934) m. Theodore Theophilus Hine (!830-1914)
George Henry Mock (847-1925)


Children of John H. Shouse and Harriet Beck
Aurelius Isaac Shouse (1855-1927) m. Amy Eleanor Ziglar (1859-1920)
William H. Shouse (ca. 1857-?) m. 1) Betty Krause, 2) Frances Krause
Sarah Lee Shouse (1867-1958) m. William Thomas Sprinkle (1859-1925)

Betty and Frances Krause were sisters, daughters of Edward Krause and Emily Lawrence.


Children of Jesse A. Shouse and Sarah E. Moore
Myrtle E. Shouse (1864-1954) m. Wesley A. Speas (1859-1926)


Many thanks to Mary Kaye Shouse, who sent us information on this family back in 1995, and to Nelson Weller, for many more details.

After our June 2001 revision, Deb Hallecook contacted us with additional information. Apologies, Deb, for taking so long to add it!

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth County census and cemetery records

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