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Helsabeck or Hilsabeck Family

First Generation

Jurg Frederick Hilsabeck was born in 1730 in Heidelberg, Germany, and immigrated on the Beulah in 1753. He married Catharina Bertsch in Pennsylvania in 1755, and moved with her to North Carolina. He died in 1799 near Bethania NC, and was buried on his farm. Catharina survived him, as she is named in his will, but we don't have her death date. She was born in Scherze, Pfigsten, Germany about 1734.

Second Generation

Our sources provide somewhat conflicting information on the names of Frederick's children. This list is a consensus version, and we are open to correction. Spelling of the name is variable in early records.

Probable children of Jurg Frederick Helsabeck and Catharina Bertsch
Maria Magdalena Helsabeck (1758-?) m. Christian Schauss (ca. 1756-1788)
Frederick Helsabeck (1760-bef. 1799)
Jacob Helsabeck (1762-1848) m. Eva Maria Fiscus (1762-1853)
Catharine Helsabeck (1766-?) m. Peter Binkley (ca. 1764-1811), moved to Robertson Co. TN
Elizabeth Helsabeck (1768-?) m. Frederick Schauss (1765-?)
Henry Helsabeck (1772?-1845), m. 1) Alsey Childress (d. bef. Nov. 1800), 2) Crisy Martin; moved to Georgia ca. 1802, where he married 3) Margaret Prince in 1839
*Susanna Helsabeck (1776-?) probably m. 1) Philip Jacob Meyer (1772-1801), 2) Godfrey Miller (d. bef. 1820)

*There's some question about Susanna's marriages. Does anyone have solid documentation that the same Susanna Helsabeck married both men? Also see the Meyer page for discussion of this question. [note added May 17, 2004]

We note also that Susanna Helsabeck Meyer's death date is given on some websites as 22 Dec 1825. We believe this is a confusion with Susanna KRIEGER, wife of Jacob Helsabeck.

Henry Helsabeck moved to Georgia about 1802 with a Frederick Helsabeck (1785-1857). Frederick was listed in tax records of Green Co. GA in 1810. In the 1820s he was a justice of the peace in DeKalb Co. GA, and then appears in Allen Co. KY tax lists in 1828-29. In 1832 he took a homestead claim in Montgomery Co. IL. If born in 1785, he is too young to be the son of Jurg Frederick and Catharina, and is presumably therefore a grandson. We now suspect he is the son of Frederick b. 1760, who was deceased before 1799 and is not named in Jurg Frederick's will in that year. Frederick b. 1785 married Elizabeth Thomas Anderson (1791-1877) of Georgia.

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Helsabeck and Eva Maria Fiscus
Elizabeth Helsabeck (1782-aft. 1850) m. Johannes Spainhour (1782-1844)
Maria Catharina Helsabeck (1784-?) m. David Spainhour (1786-1845)
Susannah Helsabeck (1788-1865) m. Jacob Doub (1785-1837)
John Helsabeck (1791-1847) m. Anna Catharina Volck (Fulk) (1792-1865) moved to Owen Co. IN
Jacob Helsabeck (ca. 1793-1852) m. 1) Susanna Krieger (1791-1825), 2) Mary Elizabeth Doub (1789-?)
Joseph H. Helsabeck (1795-1869) m. Susannah Spainhour (1796-1870)
Adam Helsabeck (1797-1801)
David Helsabeck (1801-1803)
Gertrude Helsabeck (1803-?)
Rebecca Helsabeck (1806-1846) m. John Kiger (1807-1883)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Helsabeck and Anna Catharina Volck (Fulk) (most lived in Iowa)
Elias Helsabeck (1815-1904) m. Saluda Rickabaugh (1821-1908) of KY
Joseph Helsabeck (1816-1886) m. 1) Johanna Speas, 2) Anna Magdalena Fiscus
Mary Eliza Helsabeck (1817-1889) m. Nathaniel Speas. Did she also marry John James Ferguson?
David Wesley Helsabeck (1819-1905) m. Martha E. Carmichael (1818-1900)
William Henry Helsabeck (1820-1900) m. Matilda Rebecca Speas (1822-?),
Elisabeth S. Helsabeck (1821-1905) m. Joseph Martin Ferguson
Susan Helsabeck (1823-?) maybe died young?
Sarah Helsabeck (1825-?) maybe died young?
Catherine R. Helsabeck (1827-?), living in Illinois in 1888, did not marry
John Benjamin Helsabeck (1828-1908) m. Martha?
Pamelia Helsabeck (1830-?) m. James Gardner in Owen Co. IN


Children of Jacob Helsabeck and Susanna Krieger
Daniel Helsabeck (1820-1848) m. Martha Moser, widow of George Massencup
Jacob Helsabeck (ca. 1822-1870?) m. Caroline ?
Susanna Rebecca Helsabeck (1824-1900) m. Samuel Doub (1818-1870)
John Frederick Helsabeck (1825-1865) m. Anna Briggs (1822-1884)

Children of Jacob Helsabeck and Mary Elizabeth Doub
Oletha Mary Ann Helsabeck (1830-1904) m. Riley Frost Petree (1820-1902)
Jeoffrey Helsabeck, moved to Missouri


Children of Joseph H. Helsabeck and Susannah Spainhour
Charity Helsabeck (1820-1884) m. John Jacob Levi Shore (1816-1884)
Solomon Helsabeck (1822-1910) m. Margaret Banner (1809-?), no children
Elvira Helsabeck (ca. 1824-1890) m. Christian Theophilus Spainhour (1821-1896)
Augustus Jeremiah Helsabeck (1827-1907) m. 1) Rebecca Petree (1829-1876), 2) Hester Elizabeth Doub (1827-1914)
Isaac Edwin (or Erwin?) Helsabeck (1831-1891) m. Louisa Columbia Dull (1829-1899)
Susannah Charlotte Helsabeck (1838-1904) m. Alexander Vest (1832-1864)
There were reportedly four other children who died young.

Fifth Generation

Children of Daniel Helsabeck and Martha Moser (Massencup)
Gaston Jacob L. Helsabeck (1844-1911) m. Aurelian Virginia Kapp (1843-1922)
Laura Rebecca Helsabeck (abt. 1846-?) m. Robert William Boyles (1839-?)
Dewitt Newton Helsabeck (1847-1925) m. Sarah C. Reed (1840-1919), d/o James Reed and Elizabeth Welch


Children of John Frederick Helsabeck and Anna Briggs
Solomon Hillary Helsabeck (1855-1938) m. Sarah T. Kreeger (1862-1927)


Children of Augustus Jeremiah Helsabeck and Rebecca Petree
Margaret Helsabeck (1852-?) m. Gabriel Moore (1853-?), s/o Calvin Moore and Margaret Kiser
Joseph Henry Helsabeck (1854-1919) m. Alice Fulp (d. 1931)
Susanna Helsabeck (1860-1926) m. 1) Jasper Newton Newsome, 2) Joseph Filmore Jordan
Robert Alexander Helsabeck (1870-1943) m. Eliza Ann Vest, d/o Wesley Nathaniel Vest and Martha Grigg Gordon
John A. Helsabeck m. Nancy Jane Newsome, d/o James G. Newsom and Malinda Rebecca Shamel
[this child added 2/27/04]

Sixth Generation

Children of Gaston Jacob L. Helsabeck and Aurelian Virginia Kapp
Arthur Aurelius Helsabeck (1870-1945) m. 1) Julia Sophia Masencup (1879-1911); 2) Maude Louella Beroth (1886-1942)
Ada Victoria Helsabeck (1872-1958) m. James Jasper Reid (1870-1945), s/o James H. Reed and Juliana Speas
Ida Pryscilla Helsabeck (1874-1950) m. William G. Logan (?-1903)
Martha Ann Helsabeck (1877/78-1970) m. Oscar Cicero Peoples (1879-1958)
Berdetta May Helsabeck (1882-1972) did not marry


Joseph Kirk Hilsabeck has volunteered to be a contact person for the Helsabeck/Hilsabeck surname and to help others researching this family. Kirk's email address is: e-mail:
His mailing address is: 5543 Browns Pt. Blvd. NE,Tacoma, WA 98422

Thanks to Bill Holder, Debbie Fiscus and Marilyn Weinrich for information on this family. Also thanks to Carolyn Marshall and Peggy Taylor, for extension of Daniel Helsabeck's descendants.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. NC census records

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