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Wohlfahrt/Welfare Family

Johann Jacob Wohlfahrt (?-bef 1765) married Sophia Vogt (1722-1816), and died in Maine before 1765. Sophia then married 2) Adam Schumacher. Adam, Sophia and her two sons by Jacob Wohlfahrt came to North Carolina in 1769. This family name becomes Welfare in the 19th century.

First Generation

Jacob Wohlfahrt (1755-1807, NC) m. Elisabeth Schneider (1759-1812). Who were her parents?
Elizabeth Wohlfahrt (1768-1826) m. 1) Johann Martin Rominger (1752-1779), 2) Phillip Schneider (1760-1823)

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Wohlfahrt and Elisabeth Schneider
Samuel Jacob Wohlfahrt (1789-1834) m. Elizabeth Fischer (probably 1793-1853)
Thomas Wohlfahrt (1792-1830) m. 1) Johanna Salome Christmann (1797-1821)
[dates corrected 6/29/05]; 2) Mary Towle (1796-1838)
Christian Daniel Wohlfahrt (1796-1841) m. Catherine Hege (1805-1890)
2 unnamed daughters

Third Generation

Children of Samuel Jacob Wohlfahrt and Elizabeth Fischer
Reuben Welfare (1814-1927) m. Elizabeth (Eliza) Rominger (1816-1899)


Children of Thomas Wohlfahrt and Mary Towle
Alanson Emerson Welfare (1824-1883) m. Julia Eliza Rothhaas (1827-1897)
Ellen Elizabeth Welfare (1829-1849)


Children of Christian Daniel Wohlfahrt and Catharina Hege
Jane Edith Welfare (1830-1904) (taught at Salem Female Academy)
Theophila Ann Welfare (1832-1884) did not marry (taught at Salem Female Academy)
Thomas L. (Sully) Welfare (1835-1882) m. Mary J. Wilson (abt. 1842-aft. 1880)

Fourth Generation

Children of Reuben Welfare and Elizabeth (Eliza) Rominger
Edward A. Welfare (1839-1921) m. Susan E. Rominger (1848-1929)
Jane C. Welfare
Anna E. Welfare (1847-1904) m. Thomas D. Holder (1852-1923)
Thomas D. Welfare (1848-1927) m. 1) Sarah Johnson (1851-1885); 2) Mary Sue Griffith (1864-1927)
Charles R. Welfare (abt. 1849-1880?)
Mary Rosina Welfare (?-1921) m. Simeon Cook (1849-aft.1905), s/o Jacob Cook and Nancy Rebecca Jarvis
Sarah Cornelia Welfare (1854-1937) m. William Francis Hauser (1847-1921)

Rominger sources list another son, Samuel, but he isn't with his parents in either 1850 or 1870. In 1860, Reuben Welfare is listed in Davidson Co. NC with only a day laborer in the household. Elizabeth Eliza and the children aren't with him, and don't show up in the index on

When Mary Rosina Welfare Cook died in 1921 her parents are identified as Reuben Welfare and Eliza Rominger. When Edward A. Welfare died in 1921 his parents are identified as Reuben Welfare and Jordan Welfare. (Jordan Rominger was Susan Rominger's father.) When Sarah C. Hauser died in 1937 her parents are identified as Reuben Welfare and Eliza Rominger. When Samuel E. Welfare died in 1958 his parents are identifed as Edward Welfare and Susan Rominger.

Fifth Generation

Children of Edward A. Welfare and Susan E. Rominger
Cora Lee Welfare (abt. 1870-1924) did not marry
Roswell P. Welfare (abt. 1871)
Charles R. Welfare (abt. 1873)
Rupert C. Welfare (abt. 1875) m. Lossie Woodward
Carrie May Welfare m. Charles C. Shoffner
Samuel E. Welfare (abt. 1884-1958) m. Margaret Smith (abt. 1890-1972), d/o Charlton Smith and Mary Webb
Willie Welfare m. Evelyn Hooten
Hattie L. Welfare (abt. 1889-1973) m. Howard (or Howell?) Bagby


Children of Thomas D. Welfare and 1) Sarah Johnson
Emma E. Welfare (abt. 1874-1952) m. Olin L. Wright
Daisy Welfare (?-1956) m. Olin M. Clinard

Children of Thomas D. Welfare and 2) Mary Sue Griffith
Robert C. Welfare (abt. 1879) m. Gladys (moved to Hope, IN)
Fannie Welfare (abt. 1894-1987) m. Lacey C. Newsom (?-1967)
Sally Welfare (abt. 1893-1985) m. Dewitt C. Hauser (1893-1970)
Katie Welfare (abt. 1873-1970) m. H. Claus Weisner
Mary Maude Welfare (abt. 1880-1939) m. Otis Craver
Naomi Welfare (abt. 1902-1999) m. Luther C. Sides
John Frank Welfare (1899-1970) m. Mable Norris Wheatley (1901-1982)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Frank Welfare and Mable Norris Wheatley
Howard R. Welfare (1923-2005) m. Mildred Kimel (1924-2001), d/o Charles Kimel and Carrie Jones
Mary Louise Welfare (1924) m. Harold C. Jarvis (1922) (World War II Remembrances)
Helen Frances Welfare (1925) m. John R. Rothrock (?-1965)
Fred Griffith Welfare (1931) m. Nancy Rebecca Cook (1929), d/o John Thomas Cook and Flossie Brewer

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Personal communications with Fred Griffith Welfare, Mary Louise Welfare Jarvis and Howard R. Welfare.

US Federal Census Records, Forsyth County, NC - 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
Birth, Marriage and Death Records, Forsyth County, NC
Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Volume VIIII (1823-1837)

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