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Melchior Fischer Family

First Generation

Melchior Fischer was born in 1725 in Heilbron, Württemberg, and was in Lancaster PA by 1750. In 1753 he married Anna Barbara Heiler (1726-1791), widow of Matthais Reis, and moved with her to York PA shortly thereafter. They moved to North Carolina about 1774, and lived in the Friedberg community. Melchior died in 1797 (cemetery record) or 1798 (Moravian Archives card file); both he and Anna Barbara are buried at Friedberg Moravian Church.

Second Generation

Children of Melchior Fischer and Anna Barbara Heiler
Anna Barbara Fischer (1754-1844) m. Johannes Volz (1755-1821)
George Fischer (1757-1832) m. Elisabeth Greter (1759-1804), widow of Lorenz Vogler (1752-1779)
Catherine Fischer (1760-?) m. Johannes Hartman (1757-1822)
Anna Maria Fischer (1764-?) m. Friedrich Volz (1759-1821?)
Eva Fischer (1767-1844) m. Lazarus Johannes Hege (1766-1817)
Anna Elizabeth Fischer (1769-ca. 1842) m. Jacob Hartman (1768-1844)

There should be seven children altogether. Can anyone identify the missing one?

Third Generation

Probable children of George Fischer and Elisabeth Greter
Anna Fischer (1784-1845)
John Fischer (1785-1848) m. Tabitha Baxter (1794-1841)
George Fischer (ca. 1788-aft. 1860) m. Sarah Hamilton (1784-1859)
Thomas Fischer m. Rebecca Foltz in 1812
Elizabeth Fischer (probably 1793-1853) m. Samuel Wohlfahrt (1789-1834)
Hannah Fischer (possibly 1795-1855) m. Barnabas Kimel
Maria Rebecca (Polly) Fischer (ca. 1798-?) m. John Hier

The children above, except for George, are named in the will of the George Fisher who died in 1832, as transcribed by Mrs. W.O. Absher. Elizabeth is named as the wife of Samuel "Halford (?)" and Hannah is named as the wife of "Barney Gamble". We believe that these men are really Samuel Jacob Wohlfahrt and Barnabas Kimel, respectively.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Fischer and Tabitha Baxter
Elizabeth Fischer (1822-?)

The Moravian Archives card file says that John and Tabitha had 10 children. Can anyone help us identify them? We suspect that the following James Fischer is one of them - can anyone confirm this?

James Fischer (1818-1874) m. 1) Paulina Catharina Schneider (1820-1853), 2) Francisca Louisa Benzien (1827-1891)


Children of George Fischer and Sarah Hamilton
Maria Rebecca Fischer (1823-1824)
George Fischer (ca. 1824-?)
Amy Lisetta Fischer (ca. 1826-?) m. Samuel Herbert Lagenauer (1825-1895)


Children of Thomas Fischer and Rebecca Foltz
Jefferson Fisher (ca. 1814-abt. 1894) m. 1) Susanna Loretta Blum (1816-1872); 2) Sarah M. Dillon (ca. 1852-1891)
Paulina Maria Fisher (1819-1858) m. Wilhelm Parmenio Winkler (1812-1866)

Fifth Generation

Children of James Fischer and Paulina Schneider
Charles Fisher (1849-1915) m. Sarah Ann Hauser (1849-1875). Who were her parents?

Children of James Fischer and Francisca Benzien
Harriet Elfreda Fisher (1857-1940) m. William Phillip Ormsby (1844-1918)
Emma Hermina Fischer (1864-1924) m. Charles Manley Cain (1869-1958)
Louisa Fisher (1866-1925.) m. Thomas F. Alexander (1869-1933)
John Lewis Benzien Fisher (1861-1865)


Children of Jefferson Fisher and Susanna Loretta Blum
Martha Louisa Fisher (1838-1882) m. Lee Hendricks
Mary Rebecca Fisher (1840-1863)
Jane Fisher (ca. 1844-1892)
Caroline Fisher (ca. 1847-before 1891?)
Permelia Fisher (1848-1932) did not marry
Amanda Angelina Fisher (1854-1857)
Julia Lucinda Fisher (1851-1857)
Samuel Thomas Fisher (b. & d. 1857)

Children of Jefferson Fisher and Sarah Dillon
Addie May Fisher

Jefferson Fisher's will, dated 1891, names daughters Addie May, Parmela and Jane Fisher. This suggests that Louisa and Caroline may have died before that date. Addie May doesn't appear in census records from 1860-1880. We therefore believe that she is Sarah's daughter, and born after 1880.

A Miss Caroline Fisher died of consumption in 1880 (People's Press). This presumably is the Caroline T. Fisher listed in the Forsyth Co. cemetery records with dates 1816-1880. Could this be Jefferson's daughter Caroline, with an error in the birthdate?

Other Fischers and Fishers

Can anyone help us identify the following?

Caspar Fischer (b. 1720-aft. 1775) m. Christina Binckele in Maryland in 1757, and moved to NC by 1775. They were parents of Johanna Fischer who married Johann Daniel Christmann. Did they have other children as well?


Catharina Fischer (1769-1839) m. Andreas Wesner (1773-1823)


Christina Fischer (d. 1791) m. Abraham Gottlieb Steiner (1758-1833)


Clementine Fisher (ca. 1818-?) m. Solomon Zimmerman


Emanuel Fisher (ca. 1806-?) m. Moriah Cline in 1858, possibly a second wife


Lucy Fisher (1825-1903) m. John Mock in 1852


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