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Descendants of Michael Hauser

Fourth Generation

Children of Johannes Hauser and Hannah Miller
Anna Elizabeth Hauser (1777-?) m. Friedrich Wilhelm Eldridge, moved to Indiana
Anna Margaretha Hauser (1779-1812) m. Gottfried Fidler
Maria Susanna Hauser (1781-1784)
Johann Lorenz Hauser (1782-1833) m. Christina Binkley (?-1843)
Johanna Susanna Hauser (1784-1792)


Children of Michael Hauser and Elizabeth Frey
Michael Hauser (1784-?)


Children of Peter Hauser and Catharina Boeckel
John H. Hauser (1792-?) m. Mary, surname unknown
Elizabeth Hauser
Catharina Hauser
Anna Hauser
Michael Hauser (ca. 1803-aft. 1860) m. Mary Stoltz (ca. 1798-?)
Mary Christina Hauser (1805-1877) married James Norman (1793-1870)


Children of Johann Christian Hauser and Maria Catharina Conrad
Daniel Hauser (1794-1876) m. Susannah Holder (1796-1889)
Maria Magdalena Hauser (1796-?) m. Daniel Spainhour (1782-1876)
Elizabeth Hauser (1798-?) probably died in infancy
Susanna Hauser (1799-?)
Jacob Hauser (1801-?)
Isaac Hauser (1806-?). Did he marry Nancy Hunter in 1827?
Maria Catherina Hauser (1810-?)
Anna Christina Hauser (1811-?)
John Sanford Hauser (1814-?)
unnamed infant (b. &d. 1817)


Children of Daniel Hauser and Elizabeth Boeckel
Maria Elisabeth Hauser (1800-1872) m. Thomas Reich (1798-1858)
Jonathan Hauser (1801-?) m. Jane Arney (ca. 1806-1856), moved to Indiana
Christian Thomas Hauser (1803-1872) m. Anna Johanna Spach (1806-1874)
Louisa Hauser (1806-?) maybe d. 1809
Jacob Hauser (1809-?)
Anna Hauser (1812-?)
Sarah Elizabeth Hauser (1814-1913) m. George Nathaniel Shamel (1818-1888)

Fifth Generation

Children of Johann Lorenz Hauser and Christina Binkley
Wiley Hauser (1810-1883) m. Mary Griffith (1811-1884)
William Hauser (1812-1865) m. Elizabeth Miller (1816-1883), d/o Landford Miller
Emanuel Hauser (1815-1868) m. Ruth J. Carmichael (1820-1890)
Mary Hauser (1818-1889) m. Elisha Harper (1816-1895)
Alexander Hauser (ca. 1822-1881) m. Henrietta G. McBride (1823-1887), d/o William McBride and Jane Hill (died in Nevada, Vernon, MO)


Children of John H. and Mary Hauser
Eliza R. Hauser (ca. 1828-?)
Amanda E. Hauser (ca. 1833-?). Did she marry James Brendle in 1853?
Sally R. Hauser (ca. 1836-?) probably m. Joseph Walker in 1861


Children of Daniel Hauser and Susannah Holder
Josephine Caroline Hauser (1817-bef. 1858) m. Joel Vest (1812-1887); who were his parents?
Alexander Wiley Hauser (1820-1907) m. Susan Vest
Johanna Elvira Hauser (1822-1915) m. James Crim (1823-1905)
Nancy B. Hauser (1824-?) m. William Henderson Holder (1822-?), s/o Daniel Holder and Nancy Standiford of Orange Co. NC
Joseph Calvin Hauser (1827-?)
Elizabeth "Lizany" Hauser (1828-1910) m. Elias Cornelius Rominger (1819-?)
Maria Susanna Hauser (1834-1919) m. Elias Binkley (1832-1895)
Julia Ann Priscilla Hauser (1836-1931) m. 1) James Ryan, s/o Daniel and Nancy Ryan; 2) William W. Fulk (1819-1886)


Children of Christian Thomas Hauser and Anna Johanna Spach
Calvin H. Hauser (1829-1909) m. Susan E.C. Foltz (1839-1910), d/o John Theophilus Foltz and Eleanor Elizabeth Walk
Lydia P. Hauser (ca. 1829-aft. 1870) m. James Rominger (1829-1863)
Maria Elisabeth Hauser (1836-?) m. John Quincy Adams Beasley, s/o Edward Beasley and Martha Webb
Albert James Hauser (1831-1844)
Clementine Caroline Hauser (1840-1844)
Louisa Harriet Hauser (b. & d. 1843)

In the 1850 census, Calvin is listed as age 23, Lydia as 21, but Calvin's birthdate is given on his gravestone as October 1829. Is Lydia actually the older child?

Sixth Generation

Children of Wiley and Mary Hauser
Martha L. Hauser (1837-1914) m. John Lewis Whitman (1845-1909), s/o Jacob Whitman and Milly Binkley
Susan E. Hauser (1839-1918)
[date corrected 1/31/04]
John Emanuel Hauser (ca. 1841-?)
William G. Hauser (1844-1921)
Mary Ellen Hauser (1847-1893) m. John Newton S. Doub (1841-1916)
George Alexander Hauser (1849-1929) m. Sarah Augusta Siceloff (1848-1911)


Children of William Hauser and Elizabeth Miller
Sarah Ann Hauser (1835-1911) m. William Henry Watkins (1834-1898)
John Wesley Hauser (1837-1869) m. Sarah Craft
Mary Balinda Hauser (1839-1905) m. A.E. (Sandy) Ellis
Martha Jane Hauser (1841-1864)
Philip Alexander Hauser (1843-1929) m. Margaret Pledger (1846-1919)
Carrie Elizabeth Hauser (1845-1928) m. Sanford Hall
William Emanuel Hauser (1847-1880) m. Trinnie Davis
Paulina Susan Hauser (1850-1869)
Amanda Minerva Hauser (1852-1920) m. John Allen
Marguerite Henrietta Hauser (1854-1941) m. Jilson Asbury Sheek (1847-1933)
Sanford Armenius Hauser (1856-1900) m. Amanda Allen (1858-1928)
Thomas Theophilus Hauser (1858-1901) m. Mary E. Hendrix (1867-1956)


Children of Emanuel Hauser and Ruth Carmichael
Mary Hauser (1843-1913) m. Alvin Phelps (1836-1920)
William Francis Hauser (1847-1921) m. Sarah Cornelia Welfare (1854-1937), d/o Reuben Welfare and Elizabeth Rominger
John Henry Hauser (1850-1936) m. Sarah A. Sheek (1852-1945)
Martha "Biddie" Ellen Hauser (1852-1931) m. Preston Cadwallader Jones (1840-1919), s/o Jesse and Althea Jones
Emanuel Pinkney Hauser (1860-1931) m. Catherine Riddle (1865-1938), d/o Thomas C. Riddle and Sophia Regina Butner
Elizabeth Hauser m. Preston Polk


Children of Alexander Hauser and Henrietta McBride
John Alexander Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
William H.C. Hauser (ca. 1844-?)
Joel B. Hauser (ca. 1845-?)
David E. Hauser (ca. 1846-?)
Thomas E. Hauser (ca. 1849-?)
Mary J. Hauser (ca. 1851-?)
Nancy E. Hauser (ca. 1853-?)
Wiley C. Hauser (ca. 1855-?)
Amanda S. Hauser (ca. 1857-?)
Martha A. Hauser (ca. 1860-?)


Children of Alexander Wiley Hauser and Susan Vest
Joseph C. Hauser (ca. 1842-?)
Josephia Caroline Hauser (ca. 1845-?)
Isaac G. Hauser (ca. 1848-?)

Seventh Generation

Children of George Alexander Hauser and Sarah Augusta Siceloff
Charles A. Hauser (ca. 1870-1929) m. Martha Craft (ca. 1875-1931), d/o Stephen Winbern Craft and Margaret Jerusha Casey
William Edward Hauser (1872-1958) m. Katherine Ellen Epton (1892-?)
Flora E. Hauser (1874-1968) m. William Thomas Hauser (1872-1957), s/o William H. and Nancy S. Hauser
Eliza Frances Hauser (1876-1844) m. Walter Wagoner (1858-1941)
John Lee Hauser (1878-1966) m. Bessie Martin (1889-1937)
Martha E. Hauser (1880-1970) m. John Teague (1880-?)
George Marvin Hauser (1883-1953) m. Lora Agnes Hunter (1890-1979), d/o John Oscar Hunter and Mary Alice James
Wiley Frank Hauser (1885-1982) m. Ora Rebecca Poindexter (1889-1978), d/o Benjamin Poindexter and Adelia Doub
Addie Clarinda Hauser (1887-1982) m. R. Henry Grubbs (1887-1967)


Children of Philip Alexander Hauser and Margaret Pledger
Charles Miller Hauser (1868-1946) m. Minnie L. Foster (1874-1955), d/o John Foster and Ann Orrell
James William Hauser (1870-1948) m. Dora C. Martin (1873-1959), d/o George Martin and Penelope Riddle
Philip Alexander Hauser (1872-1953)
Mary E. Hauser (1876-1970) m. John Alfred Kimel (1870-1962)
John Henry Hauser (1880-1959)
Thomas Wesley Hauser (1880-1959) m. Lillie Mitchell (1885-1958), d/o Thomas Mitchell and Julia Martin
Sarah Ellen Hauser (1883-1958)
Bessie Pledger Hauser (1885-1961)
Mattie Lee Hauser (1889-1971)
DeWitt Clinton Hauser (1893-1970) m. Sally Welfare


Children of Sanford Armenius Hauser and Amanda Allen
Lee Henry Hauser (1883-1903)
Buford A. Hauser (1885-1957) m. Blanche Boner (1889-1962), d/o Henry T. Boner and Jennie Doty

Pearl Elizabeth Hauser (1887-1907)
Eugene Batson Hauser (1889-1955) m. Freda Blase
Oppie Hawkins Hauser (1891-?) m. Pearl Long (1893-1987)
Robah Miller Hauser (1894-1914)
Olie Charles Hauser (1896-1983) m. Ruth Jarvis (1896-?)
Floyd William Hauser (1899-1990), m. 1) Carrie Sprinkle (1902-1935), 2) Susan Tucker

This family updated March 28, 2009. Thanks to Rolland Hauser and Paul Bardell for the additional information!


Children of Thomas Theophilus Hauser and Mary Hendrix
Wallace Olin Hauser (1887-?) moved to Iowa
Jennie Glenn Hauser (1892-1981) m. William Glenn Howell (1890-1964)
Lula Elizabeth Hauser (1894-1962) m. Clifton D. Warner (1893-1972), s/o J. Benton Warner and Sarah Harper
Dulcie Inez Hauser (1897-?)


Children of William Hauser and Cornelia Welfare
Minnie Hauser
Robah Sidney Hauser (1881-1953) m. Hattie C. Leonard (1890-1961)
James Burton Hauser m. Lucy Cole
Roswell Daniel Hauser (1887-1974) m. Hattie Graham (1890-1970)
Thomas Orestus Hauser (1889-1948) m. Jessie Jordan
Paul W. Hauser (ca. 1892-1976) m. Grace Jones (1895-1992)
Walter Ray Hauser (1895-1984) m. Viola Wright (1900-1967)


Children of John Henry Hauser and Sarah Sheek
Henry Floyd Hauser (1876-1974) m. Nancy West (1880-1968), d/o Anderson West and Amanda Miller
Viola B. Hauser (1890-1975) m. Fred Styers

There was at least one more child, who died before 1900 in Davie Co.


Children of Emanuel Pinkney Hauser and Catherine Riddle
Frank Calvin Hauser (1883-1957) m. Alice Witherspoon
Martha Ellen Hauser (1885-1907) m. James M. Lane (1878-1917)
Walter Emanuel Hauser (1888-1935) m. Bess Malugen
Edna Gladys Hauser (1890-1981) m. William Dallas Shermer (1886-1951)
Claudia Virginia Hauser (1892-1943) m. Charles C. Smith
Alma Sophia Hauser (1895-1953) m. Herman Bazemore
Lelia Jones Hauser (1897-1956) m. Marion A. Wright
Ruth Cornelia Hauser (1900-?) m. Robert S. Wagoner (1896-1947)
Helen Hazel Hauser (1906-1993) m. Frank W. Clinard (1906-?)


Forsyth and Davie County NC census and cemetery records

Thanks especially to Mark Arslan for the later generations on this page.

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