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Stauber Family

First Generation

Paul Christian Stauber (1726-1793) and wife Anna Maria Metz (1738-1826) came to NC from Pennsylvania in 1767, and settled initially in the Friedberg area. In 1772 they moved to Bethabara. According to an entry in the LDS Ancestral File, Paul Christian was the son of John Christian Stauber and Catharine Rullmain, and Anna Maria was daughter of Conrad Metz.

Second Generation

Christian Gottfried Stauber (1761-1837) m. Anna Maria Baumgarten (1769-1827), d/o Johann Georg Baumgarten and Maria Fiscus
Franz Stauber (1765-1824) m. Elisabeth Hauser (1768-1857), d/o George Hauser and Anna Margaretha Ellroth
Gottlieb Stauber - may have moved to PA
Elisabeth Stauber (b. by March 1772, d. 1801)
Anna Johanna Stauber (1774-1870) m. Alexander Christoph Vogler (1765-1827)

Third Generation

Children of Christian Gottfried Stauber and Anna Maria Baumgarten
Anna Catharina Stauber (1793-1876) did not marry
Benjamin Stauber (1796-1878), moved to PA by 1824 and m. Elizabeth McCord there, later moved to KS
Joseph (Johann?) Christian Stauber (b. & d. 1798)
Joseph Stauber (ca. 1802-?) m. Dorothea Elisabeth Fockel (ca. 1806-1878)
Rebecca Stauber (1807-1887) did not marry; served as one of the leaders of the Single Sisters' House in Salem
Anna Johanna Stauber (1810-1891) did not marry; a teacher at Salem Female Academy
John Stauber - probably died young
Maria Stauber - probably died young


Children of Franz Stauber and Elisabeth Hauser
Anna Gertraut Stauber (ca. 1793-1878) did not marry
Lydia Stauber (1796-1880) did not marry, taught for 45 years at Salem Academy
Samuel Stauber (1806-1884) m. 1) Sarah Shore (1804-1864); m. 2) Mary Jane Dull (1844-1919)
Susannah Stauber m. Henry Shore (?-1844)
Elizabeth Stauber (1810-1900) m. John Joseph Conrad (1805-1871)

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Stauber and Dorothea Fockel [moved to Moravia, Appanoose Co. IA in 1849]
Maria Thersa Stauber (1833-1874)
Benjamin Christian Stauber (1835-?)
Sophia Louisa Stauber (1838-?)
Melinda Eleanora Stauber (1839-1911)
William Henry Stauber (1841-1906)
Johann Alexander Stauber 1844-?)
Charles Edward Stauber (1847-?)
Anna Rebecca Stauber (1850-1929)


Children of Samuel Stauber and Sarah Shore
Lucia Frances Stauber (1829-1889) m. Henry Thomas Moser (1822-1896)
Regina Olivia Stauber (1834-1837)
Calvin Stauber (1836-1858)
Sophia Elisabeth Stauber (1838-1859)
Julius Francis Stauber (1842-1862)
Tobias John Stauber (1842-1916) m. Cornelia Maranda Lash (1849-1916), d/o Thomas Benjamin Lash and Wilhelmina Florina Stoltz

Children of Samuel Stauber and Mary Jane Dull
Samuel H. Stauber (1867-1945)
William Edwin Stauber (1869-1953) m. Lillian Felts (1882-1975)
Sarah E. Stauber (1875-1958) m. Solomon Spainhour Flynt (1860-1933), s/o Fountain Flynt and Maria Elizabeth Spainhour
Emma Gray Stauber (1880-1913) probably m. William B. Little

Fifth Generation

Children of Tobias John Stauber and Cornelia Maranda Lash
Sallie Lorena Stauber (1867-1930) m. Aurelius Lafayette Transou (1857-1928), s/o Jacob Transou and Emaline Stewart
Maude Florina Stauber (1868-1933) m. Henry Jacob Stoltz (1860-1931)
Cora May Stauber (1869-1935) m. Burke Alexander Wilson (1866-1946)
Ellen S. Stauber (ca. 1872-?). Is she Nellie Stauber Wilson (1872-1948), wife of William Theophilus Wilson (1868-1943)?
Thomas Lash Stauber (1874-1930)
Daisy Lily Stauber (1878-1971) m. T.S. Gillespie
Ella V. Stauber (ca. 1880-?)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


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