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Loesch Family

First Generation

Balthazar Loesch was born in 1671 in Gernsheim, near Worms. He left London on December 25, 1709, with other Palatine immigrants, but died on the voyage along with many others. The survivors reached New York in June 1710, encamping initially on Nuttings, now Governors Island NY, and from there moving to Livingston Manor and Schoharie Valley, NY, later to Berks Co. PA. His wife Susanna Phillipina Gering, from Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Germany, survived, as did at least four children.

Second Generation

Children of Balthazar and Susanna Phillipina Loesch
Johann Adam Loesch (1695-1768) m. Anna Sophia Kopp
Wilhelm Loesch m. Elizabeth, surname unknown
Johann George Loesch (1699-1790) m. Anna Christina Walborn (1700-1790)
Elisabetha Magdalena Loesch (1700-?)
Susanna Loesch (died 1707)

Third Generation

Children of Johann George Loesch and Anna Christina Walborn
Jacob Loesch (1722-1782) m. Anna Blum (1732-1817)
George Loesch (?-1811) m. Anna Weltshire (?)
Hermannus Loesch (1726-1791) m. 1) Anna Barbara Beroth (1723-1759), 2) Anna Margaretha Beyer (1727-1777), 3) Maria Schön Beroth, widow of Martin Hirt (1732-1813)
Susanna Phillipina Loesch (1723-1790) m. Nicholas Weinland
Johann Adam Loesch
Maria Elizabeth Loesch (1728-1773)
Balthazar Loesch (1730-1802) m. Anna Maria Moyer
Maria Catharina Loesch m. Johannes Lischer
Christina Elizabeth Loesch (1733-1806) m. 1) Jacobus Vonder Merk, 2) John Christopher Fritz
Margaret Elizabeth Loesch (1736-1802) m. Valentine Fuehrer (1724-1808)
Maria Barbara Loesch (1744-1827), m. Heinrich Schmidt

Jacob and Hermannus Loesch were among the first group of settlers to come to Wachovia in 1753. Jacob and his wife Anna ultimately returned to Pennsylvania, but several of their children stayed in North Carolina. Hermannus stayed for a number of years in Bethabara, but also returned to Pennsylvania eventually and died there in 1791.

Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Loesch and Anna Blum
Johann Christian Loesch (1758-1844) m. 1) Gertraut Hauser (1765-1792), 2) Johanna Hauser (1773-1805), 3) Anna Maria Seitz (1777-1849)
John Jacob Loesch (1760-?) probably married Susanna Leinbach (1771-1832)
Abraham Loesch (1765-1843) m. 1) Christina Schumacher, 2) Catharina Hauser (1763-1840), widow of Jacob Shore (1763-1809)
Anna Phillipina Loesch m. ?? Mucksch
Susanna Catherine Elizabeth Loesch (1771-1855) m. Theodore Schultz (1770-1850)


Children of Hermannus Loesch and Anna Barbara Beroth
Anna Rosina Loesch, died in childhood

Children of Hermannus Loesch and Anna Margaretha Beyer
Maria Elizabeth Loesch (1767-1791) did not marry
Christina Loesch (1762-1831) m. Peter Jungman (1760-1834)
Johannes Loesch (1764-?) m. ?? Wichman

Hermannus Loesch and his third wife had no children.

Fifth Generation

Children of Johann Christian Loesch and Gertraut Hauser
Phillipina Christina Loesch (1788-1847) m. 1) Johann Heinrich Hauser (1782-1821), 2) Abraham Conrad (1784-1869)
Elizabeth Gertrude Loesch (1792-1858) m. Jacob Conrad (who were his parents?)

Children of Johann Christian Loesch and Johanna Hauser
Sarah Loesch (1795-1863) m. Solomon Transou (1784-1873)
William A. Loesch (Lash) m. Nancy Hughes
Christian Ludwig Loesch

Children of Johann Christian Loesch and Anna Maria Seitz
Thomas Benjamin Loesch (Lash) (1807-1888) m. Wilhelmina Florina Stoltz (1821-1893)
Israel George Loesch (1810-1878)


Children of Jacob Loesch and Susanna Leinbach
Henry Lash moved to Illinois
Susanna Elisabeth Loesch (1796-1865) m. Thomas Krause (1798-1843)


Children of Abraham Loesch and Christina Schumacher
Anna Elizabeth Loesch m. Abraham Hauser (1789-aft. 1842)
Carl Isaac Lash (1799-1863) m. Maria Transou (1801-1876)


Child of Johannes Loesch
Charles (Karl Heinrich) Loesch (1801-1832) m. Wilhelmina Boehler (1801-1866)

Sixth Generation

Children of William A. Lash and Nancy Hughes
Ann Elizabeth Lash
John Christian Lash
Mary Letitia Lash
Sara Phillipina Lash
Laura Louise Lash
William Alexander Lash
Powell Hughes Lash


Children of Thomas Benjamin Lash and Wilhelmina Florina Stoltz
Flavius H. Lash (1844-1915) m. Mary Jane Moore (1842-1910)
Sarah Amanda Lash (1846-1916) m. Zacharias George Hege (1837-1890)
Cornelia Maranda Lash (1849-1916) m. Tobias John Stauber (1842-1916)
Ellen Lash (ca. 1854-1925) m. J.L. Miller
Lillian May Lash (1861-1930) apparently did not marry


Children of Carl Isaac Lash and Maria Transou
Melvina Louisa Lash (1822-1899) m. Thomas Spaugh (1819-1891)
Armenius Calvin Lash (1825-1862, d. Petersburg VA)
Henry Matier Lash (1831-bef. 1870?) m. Louisa Eliza Blum (1838-1862)
John Augustus Lash (1843-1895) m. Sarah Hill (1852-1929)


Children of Charles Loesch and Wilhelmina Boehler
Aurelia Louise Loesch
Olivia Deonora Loesch
Richard Cornelius Loesch
Emma Eliza Loesch
Marie Lucinda Loesch

Seventh Generation

Children of Henry M. Lash and Louisa Eliza Blum
Ida Florence Lash (1857-1873)
Charles Henry Blum Lash (b. & d. 1859)
Rosa Virginia Lash (1860-1940) m. Charles P. Norfleet (1857-1913)

In 1870 Ida Lash is living with her grandmother Mary Lash. She died of consumption in 1873. In 1870 and 1880, Rosa Lash is living with their other grandmother, Amelia Blum. We don't have a death date for their father Henry Lash - did he really die before 1870, or did he leave Forsyth County?


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