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Spainhour Family

First Generation

The Spainhour ancestry is known back to Arbogast Spanhauer (1578-1631) and his wife Anna Wartman (1580-1631) of Muttenz, Switzerland. Their son Hans Spanhauer (1614-1675) married Elisabeth Süss or Suss (1610-1653), and had a son Wernhardt Spanhauer (1651-1713) as well as five daughters. Wernhardt married Barbara Seiler (1656-1708), daughter of Arbogast Seiler and Barbara Dietler of Muttenz. We begin our file with the children of Wernhardt and Barbara, several of whom immigrated to America.

Second Generation

Children of Wernhardt Spanhauer and Barbara Seiler
Catharina Spanhauer (1680?-?) m. Hans Jacob Pfau
Barbara Spanhauer (1683-1733) m. Hans Jacob Urbin
Johannes Spanhauer (1685-1761?) m. Maria Pfirter
Wernhardt Spanhauer (1688-1737) m. Elisabeth Spittler or Spitteler (1690-?)
Niklaus Spanhauer (1690-?) m. Ursula Schaub
Elisabeth Spanhauer (1692-?) m. Heinrich Brodbeck (1692-?)

Available evidence is conflicting on whether Catharina was the oldest child, born ca. 1680, or the youngest, born ca. 1693, and on whether Johannes died in 1731 or 1761.

Wernhardt died in 1737. His widow and her four children, who were young adults, left Switzerland in May 1740, traveled on the Rhine to Rotterdam, then to England, and finally arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Friendship in August 1740. Niklaus Spanhauer, Wernhardt's brother, was on the same ship. The passenger list of the Friendship records Heinrich, Jacob (presumed to be Werner) and Cloyce (Claus, or Niklaus) Spanhauer. Wernhardt's sisters Elisabeth and Catharina also immigrated with their husbands. Niklaus Spanhauer married in Ursula Schaub in Switzerland and reportedly had at least two sons, Jacob and Matheus, who presumably immigrated with their parents.

Barbara Spanhauer probably died soon after their arrival in Pennsylvania. Her mother Elisabeth Spittler Spanhauer is reported in some sources to have died in 1759, but it has also been suggested that she may have died prior to 1748, when Heinrich Spanhauer returned to Switzerland to claim an inheritance from his grandfather to his mother. Did he make the trip on her behalf because she was unable to travel herself, or was he claiming it as her heir?

Third Generation

Children of Wernhardt Spanhauer and Elsbeth Spittler
Barbara Spanhauer (1715-1717)
Johann Heinrich Spanhauer (1716-1788) m. Elizabeth Lum (1719-1788)
Wernhardt (Werner) Spanhauer (1719-1787) m. 1) Verona Wister (1728-1751), 2) Elizabeth Lohner (1723-1790)
Anna Spanhauer (1720-1803) m. Heinrich Tschudi, remained in PA
Barbara Spanhauer (1723-ca. 1740)
Hans J. Spanhauer (1724-1725)
Elisabeth Spanhauer (b. & d. 1726)

Early records in America variously spell the name Spoenhauer, Spenhower, Spoonhour or other ways. By the early 19th century the family in North Carolina had adopted the modern anglicization of Spainhour. This spelling will be used throughout the remaining entries. Other variants among contemporary descendants include Spainhower and Spainhoward.

Some studies of this family give Wernhardt's name as Jacob or Jacobus Wernhardt, probably based on the ship's record cited above. Trisha Bradford reports that the Swiss birth record has only Wernhardt. Is there any other documentation for Jacob as a first or baptismal name? or is this an error in the immigration record?

Fourth Generation

Heinrich or Henry Spainhour married Elisabeth Lum in PA in 1743, and settled initially in Lancaster Co. PA. After Heinrich's return from his trip back to Switzerland in 1749, they moved to Pigeon Hill, York Co. PA, where their two youngest children were born. In 1753 they moved to New River, Virginia, but were driven away by Indians and took refuge at Bethabara in 1759. Heinrich was a cooper and also ran a distillery. Elisabeth is mentioned several times in the Moravian records for her activities as a midwife to the community. Both Heinrich and Elisabeth died in 1788.

Children of Heinrich Spainhour and Elisabeth Lum
Johannes Spainhour (1743-1763)
Maria Elisabeth Spainhour (1746-1829), m. Georg Peter Hauser
Infant, born and died 1748.
Johann Heinrich Spainhour (1750-1825), m. Elisabeth Hauser (1755-1838)
Infant, born and died 1752


Wernhardt Spainhour, henceforth called Werner, married Verona Wister or Wristler in Pennsylvania. She died in 1751 when their only child, Johann Jacob, was about 6 months old, and the baby was given into the care of his brother Heinrich and wife Elisabeth until Werner remarried in 1752. This second marriage, to Elisabeth Lohner, produced six children. Werner and Elisabeth and their family moved to North Carolina about 1763, settling on Bershava Creek near Bethania. He died in 1787.

Children of Werner Spainhour and Verona Wister
Johann Jacob Spainhour (1750-1822), m. Anna Catharina Volck (1751-1814)

Children of Werner Spainhour and Elisabeth Lohner
Michael Spainhour (1753-1827), m. Elizabeth Teague (1761-?)
Mary Eve Spainhour (1755-1835) m. Rev. John Doub (1742-1814)
Heinrich Spainhour (twin) (1762-1821) m. Louisa Dietz (1766-ca. 1855)
Elisabeth Spainhour (twin) (1762-1834) m. Johann Adam Fiscus (1759-1839), moved to Owen Co. IN
John Spainhour (1765-1830) m. Elizabeth (surname unknown), moved to KY
Peter Spainhour (1769-1854) m. Catherine Elizabeth Rider (1777-1864), moved to Burke Co. NC

Fifth Generation

Children of Johann Heinrich Spainhour and Elisabeth Hauser
Johannes Spainhour (1775-1836), m. Elizabeth Stoltz (1777-?)
Maria Magdalena Spainhour (1777-1820) m. Thomas Davenport, moved to KY
John Henry Spainhour (Twin) (1779-?) m. Sarah Davenport, moved to KY
Elizabeth Spainhour (Twin) (1779-1859), m. Matthaeus Reich (1764-1829
Daniel Spainhour (1782-1876?), m. Maria Magdalena Hauser (1796-?)
Anna Johanna Spainhour (1784-1843)
Catharina Spainhour (1787-1866), m. Peter Conrad (1777-1850)
Jacob Spainhour (1790-?), m. Susanna Maria Reich (1793-?)
Gertrude Salome Spainhour (1793-1868) m. John Renatus Schmidt (1784-1852)


Children of Johann Jacob Spainhour and Anna Catharina Volck
Verona Frances Spainhour (1773?-1814) m. Henry Beroth
Magdalena Spainhour (1774-?)
Catharina Spainhour (1775-1862) m. John Conrad (1774-1841)
Barbara Spainhour (1777-?) m. John Rider
Joseph Spainhour (1778-1852) m. Elizabeth Shouse (1782-?)
Jacob Spainhour (1780-1814) m. Elizabeth Harris
Jonathan Spainhour (1781-?) m. Katy Boose (1795-?), moved to Indiana
Johannes Spainhour (1782-1844) m. Elizabeth Helsabeck (1782-?)
Solomon Spainhour (1784-1869) m. Maria Catherine Conrad (1787-1861)
David Spainhour (1786-1845) m. Catherine Helsabeck (1784-?)
Maria Elizabeth Spainhour (1787-1867) m. Johannes Krieger (1788-1819)
Rebecca Spainhour (ca. 1789-?) m. John Leinbach
Margaret Spainhour (1791-1843) m. John Doub (1781-1818)


Children of Michael Spainhour and Elizabeth Teague
Elizabeth Spainhour (1780-?) m. John Cornelius
John Henry Spainhour (1783-1785?)
Michael Spainhour (1786-1862) m. Sarah Stallings


Children of Heinrich or Henry Spainhour and Louisa Dietz
Jacob Spainhour (1782-?) m. Elizabeth Krieger (1786-?)
Henry Spainhour (1790-1835) m. Sarah Wolff (1793-1858)
Elizabeth Spainhour (1792-?) m. Andrew Arney
Susanna Spainhour (1796-1870) m. Joseph H. Helsabeck (1795-1869)

Louisa Dietz Spainhour is probably the "Lucy Spainhour" age 84 living with Andrew and Elizabeth Arney in Owen Co. IN in 1850.


Children of John and Elizabeth Spainhour
John Spainhour (1789-?) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Canady, 2) Eleanor (surname unknown)
Werner Spainhour m. Polly Davenport
Thomas Spainhour (ca. 1797-ca. 1860) m. Sarah Kinser
Martha Spainhour (1803-?) m. Emery Edwards


Children of Peter Spainhour and Catherine Elizabeth Rider
Ulian Spainhour (1797-1847)
Charity Spainhour (1799-1858)
Elisabeth Spainhour (1802-1886) m. Daniel Roderick (1804-1860)
Catherine Spainhour (1804-1876)
Michael Spainhour (1807-1889) m. Letty Estes
Henry Spainhour (1809-1901)
Noah Spainhour (1811-1881) m. Elisabeth Ann Mason (1807-1889)
Leah Spainhour (1815-1865)
Mary Spainhour (1817-1891)
Sarah Spainhour (1820-aft. 1893)

Sixth Generation

Children of Johannes Spainhour and Elizabeth Stoltz
Rebecca Spainhour (1801-1862) m. 1) Thomas Edwards, 2) Daniel Webster Spainhour
Elijah Spainhour (1804-1869) m. Rebecca Elizabeth Schaub (1802-1862), moved to Missouri
Jacob Ludwig Spainhour (1811-1817)


Children of Daniel Spainhour and Maria Magdalena Hauser
Emily A. Spainhour (1818-1896) m. Hadley Hobson (1811-1887); m. 1842 in Missouri
Caroline Spainhour (1820-?)
Adeline Rebecca Spainhour (1822-1902) m. Alexander Moore
Jonas Spainhour (1824-?), probably died in infancy
Lewis H. Spainhour (1825) m. Frances ?, lived Jackson Co. MO
Sarah P. Spainhour (1828-1919) m. George Hobson Mary M. Spainhour (ca. 1831-?) m. Joseph Easley
Catherine E. Spainhour (1830-?) m. William W. Davis
Alpha Nathaniel Spainhour (1833-1915) m. Julia A. Saunders (1842-1913)
Lucetta Spainhour (1836-?) m. James Frizzell
Eugene Spainhour (1838-1931) m. Elizabeth Hart
Genetta L. Spainhour (about 1841-?) m. John W. Pumphrey


Children of Jacob Spainhour and Susanna Maria Reich
Elizabeth Spainhour (1818-?) m. Isaac Fulk (1810-?)
Henrietta Spainhour (1819-?) m. 1) Joshua Hauser (1814-1852), 2) William N. Hogan
Robert Spainhour (1821-1850)
Susanna Spainhour (1823-?)
Richard Spainhour (1826-?)
Maranda Spainhour (1831-?) m. Mark Shelton


Children of Joseph Spainhour and Elizabeth Shouse
John Jacob Spainhour (1805-bef. 1860) m. 1) Mary Ann Miller, 2) Anna Catharina Pfaff (1803-1891)
Catherine Elisabeth Spainhour (1807-about 1846) m. Jacob Fulk (1800-?)
Daniel Spainhour (1810-?) m. Sarah Gregg (1808-?)
Maria Justina Spainhour (1818-1890) m. William Fidler (1818-1885)
*Susanna Spainhour (1814-?) m. William Boyles
William Spainhour (1821-1893) m. Mary Catherine Petree (1823-1891)

Error corrected November 17, 2001: Joseph's daughter Susanna appears to be the one who married William Boyles in 1833. Her cousin Susanna, daughter of Johannes Spainhour, is the one who married Thomas Massencup in 1832.


Children of Johannes Spainhour and Elisabeth Helsabeck
Maria Magdalena Spainhour (1808-1883) m. Henry Fogle (1808-1870)
Susanna Spainhour (1809-1876) m. Thomas Massencup (1809-1862)
Anna Catherine Spainhour (1810-?)
Charles Nathaniel Spainhour (1812-1874) m. Paulina Aldridge (ca. 1825-1906)
Emanuel Spainhour (1814-?)
Martin Thomas Spainhour (1817-?) m. Elizabeth Aldridge (1819-ca. 1903)
John Frederick Spainhour (1822-1863) m. Sarah A. Anderson


Children of Solomon Spainhour and Maria Catherine (Mary) Conrad
Matilda L. Spainhour (1813-aft 1830) m. Edward H. Edwards (ca. 1808-1863)
Maria Elizabeth Spainhour (1817-1911) m. Fountain Flynt (1809-1880)
William Washington Spainhour (1819-?) m. Permelia Charity Grabs (1828-?)
Charistian Theophilus Spainhour (1821-1896) m. Elvira Helsabeck (1825-1890)
John Wesley Spainhour (1823-?) m. Lydia Miller (1824-1881)
Lucy Harriet Spainhour (1825-1913) m. Lewis Edwin Grabs (1820-1891)
Elizabeth Caroline Spainhour (1827-1903) m. Henry C. Coe
Susan Permelia Spainhour (1830-1922) m. Joel E. Snyder


Children of David Spainhour and Catherine Helsabeck
Jeremiah Spainhour (1808-1856) m. 1) Mary Stoltz; moved to Indiana, where he m. 2) Nancy Littlejohn
Eve Charlotte Spainhour (1810-1879) m. Lewis Baker Edwards, moved to Indiana
Veronia Frances Spainhour (1811-?) m. Joel Shouse, moved to Indiana
Isaac H. Spainhour (1813-1902) m. Juliana Sophia Grabs (1819-1905)
Thomas Daniel Spainhour (1816-?)
Abraham Spainhour (1817-1900) m. Priscilla Abbott in Indiana


Children of Jacob Spainhour and Elizabeth Krieger
Delila Spainhour (1810-?) m. John Fulk
Emanuel Spainhour (1811-?) m. Basheba Jane Brown
Margaretha Spainhour (1815-?)
Jacob Spainhour (1818-?)
Solomon Spainhour (1820-?)
Elisabeth Spainhour (1823-?)
Louisa Spainhour (1826)
Maria Spainhour (1828-?)
Isaac Spainhour m. Nancy Scott


Children of Henry Spainhour and Sarah Wolff
Jane Mahala Spainhour (1819-?)
Sarah Spainhour (1821-?)
John Henry Spainhour (1823-1901) m. Margaret Metcalf (1831-1900), moved to Utah
Mary Spainhour (1825-?)
Jacob Israel Spainhour (1827-1904) m. 1) Charlotte Dizen or Dizem, 2) Permelia Kiger
Paulina Spainhour (1829-?)
Lucetta Spainhour (1831-?)


Children of Michael Spainhour and Letty Estes
James Henry Spainhour (1835-1861)
Martha Elisabeth Spainhour (1837-?) m. Israel Hemphill
Rufus A. Spainhour (1839-1866) m. Mary Jennings
John Spainhour (1841-1862)
William R. Spainhour (1844-?) m. Jennie Parks
Julius Noah Spainhour (1847-1949)
Joseph F. Spainhour
Mary Spainhour (1852-aft 1873) m. John Sisk
Ennis Spainhour (1855-1857)
Margaret A. Spainhour (1858-1950) m. Robert L. Patton


Children of Noah Spainhour and Elisabeth Ann Mason
James Mason Spainhour (1837-1901) m. Selina Spencer
Margaret E. Spainhour (1839-1861) m. Charles Suddreth
Sarah M. Spainhour (1840-1857)
William Spainhour (1843-1845)
Catherine Spainhour (1845-?) m. Israel Coffey
Joseph Peter Spainhour (1848-?) m. Mary Louise Forney
Thomas A. Spainhour (1851-1899) m. Ida Avery

Seventh Generation

Children of John Jacob Spainhour and Mary Ann Miller
Alexander Spainhour (ca. 1830-?)

Children of John Jacob Spainhour and Anna Catharina Pfaff
Ursula Florina Spainhour (1836-?)
Sanford Spainhour (ca. 1838-?)
Peter Spainhour (ca. 1840-?)
William Wilkerson Spainhour (1842-?)


Children of Daniel Spainhour and Sarah Gregg
Julia R. Spainhour (ca. 1838-?)
Alexander R. Spainhour (ca. 1840-?)
Washington N. Spainhour (ca. 1844-?)


Children of William Spainhour and Mary Catherine Petree
Ezekiel Spainhour (1844-1846)
Riley Spainhour (1845-1864)
William Henry Spainhour (1848-1873)
Jacob Francis Spainhour (1851-1917) m. Sarah Augusta Doub (1854-1926)
John Wesley Spainhour (1853-1914) m. Sarah Charlotte Shore (d/o John Jacob Levi Shore and Charity Helsabeck)
Elizabeth Rebecca Spainhour (ca. 1859-?)
Oliver Calvin Spainhour (1859-1923) m. Mary Frances Hauser (1869-1902) (is she the daughter of Moses Edwin Hauser and Susan Lakey?)
Sarah Margaret Spainhour (1862-?) m. Rufus Samuel Slate


Children of Charles Nathaniel Spainhour and Paulina Aldridge
Malinda K. Spainhour (ca. 1848-?) m. Alfred Moore
James Michael Spainhour (1850-?) m. Millie Jackson
Jacob Edgar Spainhour (ca. 1854-?) m. 1) Sarah Ellen Newsum, 2) Laura A. Marion
Charles Alexander Spainhour (1855-1934) m. Elizabeth Shelton (1856-1918)
Mary Elizabeth Spainhour (1857-1938) m. Lucian Moore (1849-1925)


Children of Martin Thomas Spainhour and Elizabeth Aldridge
Thomas Spainhour (ca. 1846-?)
Mary Spainhour (ca. 1850-?)
Paulina Spainhour (ca. 1852-?)
Susan E. Spainhour (1853-1934)
Eliza L. Spainhour (ca. 1854-?)
John Henry Spainhour (1855-1939) m. Martha A. Moser (1861-1930)
Nancy Ann Spainhour (1857-1956)
Jane E. Spainhour (ca. 1859-?)
Hester Jane Spainhour (1861-1948) m. John Thomas Love
Francis Jefferson Spainhour (1862-1924) m. Ellen McGee (1871-1941)
Martin Thomas Spainhour (1864-1939) m. Laura A. McGee
James Edward Spainhour (1866-1959) m. Martha Lucinda McGee (1875-1948)


Children of John Frederick Spainhour and Sarah Anderson
William Winfield Spainhour (1854-1918) m. Ellen Grabs (1859-1934)
John S. Spainhour (1855 1932) m. Josephine Samuels (1862-1942)
Charles Nathaniel Spainhour (1856-1930) m. Harriet A. Leinbach (1846-1891)
Henry Erastus Spainhour (1858-?) m. Sarah Ellen Vogler
James Goodman Spainhour (1864-1885)


Children of William Washington Spainhour and Permelia Charity Grabs
Ellen Spainhour (1849-1927) m. Thomas Wesley Kallam (1851-1892)
Eben Fountain Spainhour (1851-1934) m. 1) Mollie Kallam, 2) Nancy P. Kallam (1858-1950)
John Spainhour (ca. 1852-?) m. Emma Brown
Edwin Isaac Spainhour (1858-1937) m. Margaret Webb
Seaton B. Spainhour (1861-1928)
Laura Felicia Spainhour (1866-1929) m. John William Shamel (1859-1943)
William Spainhour (1868-1930) m. Mattie Sprinkle (1878-1952)
Alice O. Spainhour (1871-1951) m. Lazarus E. Hauser (1869-1949) s/o Clark Hauser and Laura Speas
Ellis Spainhour (1871-1941)


Children of Christian Theophilus Spainhour and Elvira Helsabeck
Jacob B. Spainhour (1846-1885) m. Lucy Gibson
Mary S. Spainhour (ca. 1848-?)
Permelia Elizabeth Spainhour (1849-1927) m. Sanford C. Nichols (1848-1905)
Joseph S. Spainhour (ca. 1853-?)
Cleyborne C. Spainhour (1854-1918) m. Julia A. Dezern (1860-1914)
Augustin E. Spainhour (ca. 1857-?)
Charity A. Spainhour (1858-?)
Julius Edward Spainhour (1862-1934) m. Alice Butner (1867-1929)
Oliver Spainhour (1864-1944) m. Emma E. Butner (1871-1938)


Children of John Wesley Spainhour and Lydia Miller
John Virgil Spainhour (1849-?)
Solomon Benton Spainhour (1850-?) m. Amanda Crouse
Arminius Miller Spainhour (1856-?) m. Florence Lowery
Flora Elizabeth Spainhour (1858-?)
Mary Regina Spainhour (1861-?)
William Henry Spainhour (1862-?)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


We have received information relating to this family from a number of different people, including Philip Spainhour, Charles and Mary Spainhour, Myron Spainhour, James Spainhour, Pamela Hatch, Debbie Fiscus, Jim Hauser, Diana ______ and Trisha Bradford. Thanks to all of them! If you've sent information on this family to either of us and weren't acknowledged here, please let us know - we'd like to give you credit too. We have restricted our presentation to the families who remained in North Carolina, but we do have additional information on some of the ones who moved to Kentucky, Indiana and elsewhere. Please contact us if you're interested.

Inevitably when one compiles a file from this many sources, some inconsistencies in data will be found. If you can correct or add to any of the information presented here, please let us know. Muttenz Descendants, Inc. is seeking to compile a complete list of Spainhour descendants. See their web page for more information.


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

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The Heritage of Stokes County North Carolina 1981

Surry County NC will abstracts, vols. 1-3 1771-1827, abstracted and compiled by Jo White Linn, indexed by Edith Montcalm Clark, copyright Jo White Linn 1974

Lovell, Rosemary. Owen County Cousins

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