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Hans George Hage (Hege) Family

First Generation

Hans Georg Hage was born about 1695 in Switzerland. So far as we know, he is not closely related to Johann Balthazar Hege, another early settler in NC, but all their descendants are cousins, since Hans Georg and Johann Balthazar married sisters. Descendants of both families have adopted the Hege spelling.

Hans Georg married Anna Eva Frey (1718-?) in 1736 in East Cocalico township, Lancaster Co. PA. They were in Rowan Co. NC by 1761, perhaps a few years earlier. Their death dates are unknown.

Second Generation

Children of Hans Georg Hage and Anna Eva Frey
George Hege (ca. 1740-1823) m. Rosannah Long in 1765
Henry Hege (ca. 1746-1819) m. Barbara Leonard (1745-?)
Conrad Hagey (ca. 1748-?) m. Mary Clapp, lived in Guilford Co. NC.
Jacob Hage, may have settled in Carroll Co. VA? or maybe lived in Rowan Co. NC; sources conflict on this
Barbara Hege (1750-1839) m. Adam Hedrick

Third Generation

Children of George Hege and Rosannah Long
Anna Maria Hege (ca. 1766-?)
Barbara Hege (ca. 1767-?)
Anna Catharina Hege (ca. 1767-?)
John Hege (ca. 1769-aft. 1830)
Anna Elizabeth Hege (ca. 1772-?)
Susanna Hege (ca. 1774-?)
Eva Hege (ca. 1776-?) m. Michael Livengood (1771-1845) (whose son was he?)
Johann George Hege (ca. 1778-ca. 1865) m. Elizabeth Grubb
Johann Jacob Hege (ca. 1778-?)
Magdalena Hege (ca. 1783-?)
David Hege (ca. 1785-?)

Census records suggest one more son who was under 16 in 1790.


Children of Henry Hege and Barbara Leonard
Barbara Hege (1767-?) m. David Myer
Elizabeth Hege (1768-1867) m. Charles Berrier (1768-1864), moved to Lincoln Co. TN
Valentine Hege (1769-ca. 1852) m. Barbara ?
Henry Hege (ca. 1772-?)
Jacob Hege (ca. 1774-1842) m. Sarah Gladfelder/Clodfelter
Catherine Hege (ca. 1776-?) m. George Long
Jonathan Hege (ca. 1780-?) m. Polly Sullivan
Anna Maria Hege (1789-?) m. William Link
Matthias Hege m. Lydia Baumgarten

Fourth Generation

Children of Johann George Hege and Elizabeth Grubb
George F. Hege (ca. 1821-?) m. Maria Martin, probably d/o James Martin and Nancy Woods


Children of Valentine and Barbara Hege
Jacob Hege (1793-1881) m. 1) Catharina Wesner (1791-1857), 2) Elizabeth Maria Wesner (1811-1887)
Mary Hege (ca. 1795-?) m. Avinton Phelps
David Hege (ca. 1797-?)
Amelia Hege (ca. 1798-?)
Sarah Hege (ca. 1800-?) m. William Hill
Susannah Hege (ca. 1800-1822) m. Philip Rothrock (1785-1824)
John Hege (ca. 1801-?)
Elizabeth Hege (ca. 1802-?) m. John Hill
Valentine Hege (ca. 1803-1873) m. Leah Disher


Children of Henry Hege, wife's name unknown
Henry Hege
Andrew Hege (ca. 1800-?) m. Catherine Grimes, moved to Indiana


Children of Jacob Hege and Sarah Clodfelter
Charity Hege m. Johannes Hege, son of David Hege and Elizabeth Hanes
Sarah Hege (1809-?) m. George Byerly
Henry Hege (1812-1865) m. Elizabeth Grimes (1816-1866)
Susan Hege m. Theophilus Pickett


Children of Matthias Hege and.Lydia Baumgarten
John Hege (1822-1864) m. Mary Magdalene Grubbs, d/o Daniel Grubbs and Leannah Nungesser

Fifth Generation

Children of George F. Hege and Maria Martin
John H. Hege (1848-1916) probably didn't marry; his will names no wife or children
William Addison Hege (1850-1919) m. Cynthia Augusta Brewer (1851-1924), d/o Branch Brewer and Sarah Holston
Samuel Augustus Hege (1852-1909) m. Eliza Jane Hine
Mary J. Hege (ca. 1855-?)
Nancy Caroline Hege (ca. 1858-?)
Sarah A. Hege (ca. 1859-bef. 1885) m. Samuel W. Swaim, son of William L. Swaim and Paulina Vawter


Children of Jacob Hege and Catharina Wesner
Maria Hege (1822-?)
John Hege (1824-?)
Valentine Hege (1827-1901) m. in 1848 Sarah Todd (1829-1884); did he also marry Sarah Cornish in 1845?
Samuel Hege (1829-1894) m. Elizabeth Boeckel (1832-1892). Who were her parents?
Jacob Hege (ca. 1832-1862) m. Anna Lucinda Spach (1831-1865)


Children of Valentine Hege and Leah Disher
Henry Hege (ca. 1831-?) m. Charity Byerly
Christian Hege (ca. 1833-?) m. 1) Charlotta Hanes, prob. d/o David Hanes and Sarah Fishel; 2) name unknown
George Hege (ca. 1833-?) m. Mary Ann Jane Waisner
Alexander Hege (1835-1920) m. Nancy Ann Elizabeth Scott
Jesse Hege (1838-?)
John Hege (ca. 1842-1863)


Children of Henry Hege and Elizabeth Grimes
Alexander Hege (1832-1860)
Jacob Hege (1835-1837
Eliza Hege (1838-?) m. John W. Coe
Chrissy Hege (1840-1851)
George W. Hege (1843-1861)
Sallie Hege (1845-1881) m. H.L. Conrad
Anna Elizabeth Hege (1851-1862)
Henry Jackson Hege (1853-?)
Mary Frances Hege (1859-?) m. David Thornton Conrad (1849-1929)


Children of John Hege and Mary Magdalene Grubbs
Alsena Paulina Hege (1846-1861)
John Henry Hege (1848-?). Did he marry Cloe Steward in 1870?
Mary Leannah Hege (1850-?)
James Gideon Hege (1852-?)
Martha Catherine Hege (1854-?)
Amanda Augusta Hege (1855-1861)
Charles Eugene Hege (1857-?)
Louisa Jane Hege (1859-?)
Ellen Susanna Hege (1861-?)
Daniel Matthias Hege (1863-?)

Sixth Generation

Children of Valentine Hege and Sarah Todd
Alexander Hege (1849-1935) m. Elizabeth Wood (1844-1930), d/o James Wood and Margaret Lineback
John Wesley Hege (1852-1927) m. Rebecca Tate (1862-1939), d/o Lewis Tate and Rachel Hobson
Elizabeth (Eliza?) Hege (ca. 1853-?) probably died young
Susanna Hege (1854-1928) did not marry
Jacob Hege (ca. 1858-?)
Sarah Hege (ca. 1858-?)
Edward Calvin Hege (1859-1940) m. Ellen Vest (1861-1940)
George W. Hege (1866-1936) m. Julia Elizabeth Cline (1860-1934), d/o Solomon Cline and Martha Rebecca Pfaff


Children of Samuel Hege and Elizabeth Boeckel
Mary Catherine Hege (1854-1894) m. James O. Teague (1853-1937)
James Franklin Hege (1855-1930) m. Cornelia F. Byerly (1857-1918)
Sarah Ellen Hege (1857-1862)
[this child added 2/20/04]
Harriet Jane Hege (1858-1909) m. Evander Samuel Fishel
John Henry Hege (1861-1908) m. Mary Zilpha Mendenhall (1866-1842)
Augusta Rebecca Hege (1862-?) m. Lewis M. Reed
Samuel Augustus Hege (1866-1899)
Armenius George Hege (1868-1936) m. Emma Jane Spaugh (1877-1941)
Permanio Jacob Hege (1868-1936) m. Carrie Salina Mendenhall (1877-1939), d/o James Franklin Mendenhall and Sarah Faw


Children of Jacob Hege and Anna Lucinda Spach
Eliza Maria Hege (1852-?) m. John Norman Chitty (1849-1926)
John Wesley Hege (1853-1942) m. 1) Sarah Ann Brendle (1850-1941); did he marry 2) Minnie Harris?
Calvin Alexander Hege (1857-1943) m. Eliza Phillips (1862-1943)
Francis K. Hege (ca. 1859-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Byerly, 2) Mary Jane Hege
Phebe Jane Hege (1860-1940) m. William White
Cornelia Augusta Hege (1862-?) m. Christian Edward Brendle
Annie Hege m. John D. Blum


Children of Henry Hege and Charity Byerly
George Hege (ca. 1853-?)
Julius Hege (ca. 1855-?)
Lindsey Hege (ca. 1857-?)
Wesley Hege (1858-1931) m. Laura Catherine Fishel (!858-1935)


Children of Christian Hege and Charlotta Hanes
Edward Hege (ca. 1858-?)
John Shelton Hege (1860-?)

Children of Christian Hege and his second wife
Ben Hege, died in childhood


Children of George Hege and Mary Ann Jane Waisner
Amanda Hege (1860-?) m. William T. Brewer, son of Killian Brewer and Paulina Boyer


Children of Alexander Hege and Nancy Ann Elizabeth Scott
Fannie Hege (ca. 1859-?)
Mary Hege (ca. 1860-?) m. Edward M. Vogler
Frank Hege (ca. 1862-?)
Sarah Hege (ca. 1865-?)


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