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Boeckel Family

First Generation

Johann Gotthard Böckel, born 1673 in Germany, was married to Anna Sybella Gosenberger.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Gotthard Böckel and Anna Sybella Gosenberger
Tobias Böckel (b. 1711, Lallstadt, Rheinland-Pfalz, d. 1791, Berks Co. PA) m. 1) Anna Christina Kustor (1714, Rheinland-Pfalz - 1775, PA), 2) Maria Elizabeth Dock, widow of Nicholas Glatt. His burial record at Heidelberg Moravian Church states that he was the father of 15 children, all by Christina.

Third Generation

Children of Tobias Böckel and Anna Christina Kustor
Johann Nicholaus Boeckel (1741-1822) m. Maria Barbara Moll (1744-1825)
Frederick Boeckel (1742-1802) m. Anna Barbara Frey (1743-1816)
Louisa Boeckel
Daniel Boeckel (b. & d. 1748)
Philip Jacob Boeckel (b. & d. 1749)
Magdalena Boeckel (1752-1814) m. Joseph Knauss (1750-1826)
Tobias Boeckel (1754-1814) m. 1) Salome Glatt (d. before Aug. 1786), 2) Elisabeth Feiser (1755-?)
Elizabeth Boeckel (1759-1821) m. Abraham Knauss (1754-1836)

Fourth Generation

Children of Johann Nicholaus Boeckel and Maria Barbara Moll
Anna Maria Boeckel (1766-1821) m. Joseph Hauser (1763-1841)
Catharina Boeckel (1768-1832) m. Petrus Hauser (1764-1847)
error corrected 9/8/04
Christina Boeckel (1771-1846) m. 1) Johann Gottlob Krause (1760-1802), 2) Peter Schor (1766-1837)
Elizabeth Boeckel (1773-1854) m. 1) Daniel Hauser (1775-1814), 2) Johannes Schor (1764-1844)
Magdalena Boeckel (1776-1808) m. Johannes Hauser (1776-1833)
birthdate corrected 4/2/01
Johann Martin Boeckel (1779-1781)
Johannes Boeckel (1783-1791)
Friedrich Boeckel (1786-?)


Children of Frederick Boeckel and Anna Barbara Frey
Christina Boeckel (b. & d. 1765)
Elizabeth Boeckel (1766-1816) m. Johannes Schor (1764-1844)
Tobias Boeckel (1768-1807) m. Anna Margaret Fishel (1772-1825)
Johannes Boeckel (1770-1778)
John Valentine Boeckel (1772-1828) m. Anna Maria Hauser (1776-1835)
Maria Catharina Boeckel (1774-1809) m. John Henry Shore (1768-1826)
Anna Barbara Boeckel (1776-1777)
Anna Boeckel (1778-1784)
Maria Boeckel (1781-1849) m. Johann Georg Schott (1773-1850)
Anton Boeckel (1785-1823?) m. Magdalena Rominger (1789-1842)

Previously we had Anton's death listed as 1843, but Magdalena's death is noted in the Moravian Records in September 1842, and she is referred to as a widow. We think he may be the Anton Boeckel who died in 1823 and is buried at Friedberg Moravian.

This family group was revised in November 2003. Thanks to B. Zimmerman and Omeda Brewer for additional information.


Children of Tobias Boeckel and Salome Glatt
Christina Boeckel m. Jacob Born, Graceham MD
Anna Elizabeth Boeckel m. Jacob Romig, Muskingum PA
John Tobias Boeckel m. Anna Spinner
John Frederick Boeckel m. Magdalena Meyer

Children of Tobias Boeckel and Elizabeth Feiser
Anna Maria Boeckel m. Lorenz Sallade
Magdalena Boeckel m. Phillip Miesse
John Boeckel m. Maria Reber

These families added November 2003. Did any of them come to NC?

Fifth Generation

Children of Tobias Boeckel and Anna Margaret Fishel
Maria Catharina Boeckel (1794-1863) m. Christian Rothrock (1790-1870)
Johannes Boeckel (1795-1817)
Daniel Boeckel (ca. 1797-1823)
Tobias Boeckel (1799-1849) m. Anna Maria Spach (1800-1857)
Elisabeth Boeckel (b. & d. 1801)
Anna Margaretha Boeckel (1802-1861) m. Daniel Rothrock (1794-1880)

This family added November 2003


Children of John Valentine Boeckel and Anna Maria Hauser (birth order uncertain)
Johann Friedrich Pickel (1792-1853) m. Hannah Wright (1798-1870)
Maria Sarah Boeckel (1796-1870) m. George Tesch (1796-1872)
Anton Boeckel (1797-1850)
Catharina Boeckel (1798 - bef. 1850) m. Christian Schott/Shutt (1794-1868)
John Boeckel
Elizabeth Boeckel (1802-?)) m. Solomon Ader (moved to Indiana)
Henry George Boeckel (1805-1850) m. Susannah Hanes
Maria Magdalena Boeckel (1809-1850?) probably m. Levi Evans
Christina Boeckel (1811-1868) m. William Weaver (1810-1872)
Anna Rosina Boeckel (1813-1818)


Children of Anton Boeckel and Magdalena Rominger
Anna Boeckel (1808-?) m. Jacob Kimel (1799-1865)
Elizabeth Boeckel (1809-bef 1874) m. Henry Brewer (abt 1804-bef 1874)
Joseph Pickel (1811-?) m. Mary (Polly) Snider (1816-1872)
Louisa Boeckel (1814-1847) m. David James (1810-1846)
Elaise Boeckel (1817-?)
Christian David Pickel (1821-1884) m. Louisa Faw (1821-1884)

Both of the sons of Anton Boeckel & Magdalena changed their names to Pickel (Pickle).

Sixth Generation:

Children of Tobias Boeckel and Anna Maria Spach
Eleanor Boeckel (1823-1899) m. John W. Thomas (1820-1899)
Christina Paulina Boeckel (1825-1906) m. Albert Alexander Brendle (1818-1894)
Lydia Louisa Boeckel (1828-1887) m. Reuben Longworth (1827-1905)
Lavina Boeckel (ca. 1829-?)
Christian Theodore Boeckel (1831-?) m. Lavina Ziglar (1837-?), moved to Indiana. Who were her parents?
Belinda Boeckel (ca. 1834-?) m. Frederick Bush
Theresa Rebecca Boeckel (1836-1857) m. Francis William Mickey (1835-1915)
Samuel William Renatus Boeckel (1841-?)


Children of Elizabeth Boeckel and Henry Brewer
Lucinda Brewer (1829-?)
Kelian Brewer (1831-abt 1868) m. Paulina Boyer
Joseph Brewer (ca. 1837-?) m. Lucetta Conrad, widow of Lewis Hartman
Josiah Brewer (abt 1845-?) m. 1) Sarah Catherine Reich (1838-1875) widow of Lewis Long, 2) Alley Hyer, d/o John and Sallie Hyer


Children of Joseph Pickel and Mary Snider
Theopholis Pickel (1843-1844)
Thomas J. Pickel (1850-1872)
Sarah Jane Pickel
Franklin A. Pickel
Laura Ann Pickel (1853-1911) m. Archibald Sink (1854-1940)


Children of Christian David Boeckel and Louisa Faw
Anna Maria Beckel (1845-1916) m. Theophilus Thomas Spaugh (1843-1913)
Columbus M. Beckel (1852-1931) m. Clara Amelia Sink (1856-1928)

Did this couple have other children?

Seventh Generation:

Children of Christian Beckel and Lavina Ziglar
Alice Beckel m. James Dixon
Emma Beckel m. Benjamin Stewart
Mary Beckel m. John Reed
Franklin Beckel m. 1) Lillie Gambold, 2) Martha Smith

Sources: Omeda Brewer (1926-2007) helped us with this family. We miss her.

Thanks also to Lorie Legg, Joel Newport, Nancy O'Dell, Barbara Shore, and Bill Yates for past correspondence

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina

Records of Heidelberg Moravian Church, Pennsylvania

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