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Newsom Family

William Newsom, planter, of James City, later Surry Co., VA was possibly the grandson of Robert Newsom of Newsom Hall, Lancashire, England. Family tradition is that he came to America from Dublin, Ireland. It is quite possible that he is the "William Neesum" who came to Virginia aboard the George in 1635. In 1636 he was granted 550 acres of land in the "County of James City toward Sunken Marsh" for the transportion of 11 persons to Virginia, including two of his wives, Penelope Ramsay and Sarah Fisher.

First Generation

William Newsom (1614-1657/1667) m. 1) Penelope Ramsay; 2) Sarah Fisher; 3) Elizabeth Wilson and possibly 4) Gertrude after 1636.

Patent, Nusam, William. grantee. 3 May 1636. Location: James City County. Description: 550 acres towards Sunken Marsh, easterly upon a swamp, southerly towards the lower creek. "This patt. renewed the 26th Augt. 1643." Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 338 (Reel 1).

Patent, Webb, Stephen. grantee. 2 March 1638. Location: James City County. Description: 250 acres lying near the head of Sunken Marsh. East upon the land of Wm. Nusam. "This patt. is renewed by Stephen Webb and another former patt. of the 18th Septr. 1636 put into it and one hundred acres of land more added to them." Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 623 (Reel 1).

Patent, Newsum, William. grantee. 26 August 1643. Location: James City County. Description: 550 acres northerly towards Sunken Marsh. Easterly upon a swamp, southerly towards the Lower Chippokes Creek. Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 906 (Reel 1).

Patent, Coleman, Richard. grantee. 6 May 1651. Location: County location not given. Description: 320 acres upon the north side of Rappahanock. Beg.g &c. standg. upon the side of a marsh neare the land of Wm. Nusum. Source: Land Office Patents No. 2, 1643-1651, p. 313 (Reel 2).

Second Generation

Children of William Newsom and probably Gertrude
William Newsom (1648-1691) m. Mrs. Anne Sheppard Hart (abt. 1645-1710/11),
(widow of Thomas Hart and d/o Maj. Robert Sheppard and his wife Elizabeth Spencer who was the daughter of William Spencer who was born about 1560 "Ancient Planter" who arrived with the first expedition and landed at what was to be Jamestown VA on May 13th 1607 with 105 settlers and was one of 38 to survive the first expedition, and his wife Alice)
Alice Newsom (abt. 1650-1670/75) m. Roger Rawlings

Patent, Sheppard, Robert. grantee. 19 July 1635. Location: County location not given. Description: 300 acres lying neare the head of Chippoakes Creeke. Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 250 (Reel 1).

Patent, Dunston, John. grantee. DATE 1 June 1636. Location: James City County. Description: 250 acres in Hogg Island main, east upon the land of Robert Sheppard. Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 354 (Reel 1).

Third Generation

Children of William Newsom and Anne Sheppard Hart (after Wm's death his widow, Anne, married George Foster)
William Newsom (1672-1751) m. Phyllis (?-bef. 1767)
Elizabeth Newsom (abt. 1673)
Anne Newsom (abt. 1678)
John Newsom (1674-1724) m. Sarah Crawford, d/o Robert Crawford and Elizabeth Carter
Robert Newsom (1681-1757) m. Elizabeth (abt. 1685-1755) (moved to Isle of Wight Co., VA)
Thomas Newsom (1685-1745/6, Isle of Wight Co, VA) m. Elizabeth Crawford (abt.1685) (sister to Sarah)
Patent, Marks, Edward. grantee. 10 September 1767. Location: Surry County. Description: 200 acres escheat land. Formerly belonging to Phillis Newsum, deceased. On the north side of Blackwater Swamp. Beginning and extending on the main run of Clay's Branch. Source: Land Office Patents No. 37, 1767-1768, p. 195 (Reel 37).

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Newsom and Elizabeth Crawford
William Newsom (not proven, but probable) died without issue in 1736
Ann Newsom (abt. 1704) m. Thomas Holt
Thomas Newsom (abt. 1708-1785) m. 1) Tahpenes Holt (1706-?), d/o William and Elizabeth Holt; 2) Alice Stagg
Moses Newsom (abt. 1709) m. Winney (moved to NC, served in Rev. War)
Benjamin Newsom (abt. 1710-1762) m. Mary (?-1766) (died in Bruncswick Co., VA)
Sampson Newsom (abt. 1713-1779) m. Mary (Braswell?) (abt. 1710-?)
Solomon Newsom (abt. 1715-1795) m. Martha Matthews, d/o Hugh Matthews and Martha Johnson
Amos Newsom (abt. 1717) m. Agnes (probably moved to NC)
Nathan Newsom (1716-1752) m. Priscilla (died in Southampton Co., VA)
Sarah Newsom (abt. 1723-1784) m. Thomas Barham, s/o Robert Barham and Elizabeth Clark
Jacob Newsom (abt.1727-1778) m. Tabitha Gilliam
David Newsom (abt. 1731-1768) m. Mary Barham, d/o Charles Barham

Patent, Newsom, Thomas. grantee. 9 July 1724. Location: Isle of Wight County. Description: 250 acres on the north side, of the Hernett Swamp; on the north side of Nottaway River. Source: Land Office Patents No. 12, 1724-1726, p. 78 (Reel 11).

Patent, Newsom, Thomas. grantee. 28 September 1732. Location: Isle of Wight County. Description: 280 acres on the south side of Nottaway River. Beg.g &c. on the north side of the Three Creeks, a corner of Stephen Vaughan's land. Source: Land Office Patents No. 14, 1728-1732 (pt.1 & 2), p. 525 (Reel 11).

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas Newsom and 1) Tahpenes Holt
Lucy Newsom (1734) m. John Sands
Thomas Newsom (1737) (probably died young)
Nathaniel Newsom (1740) m. Susannah Moore
Elizabeth Newsom (1742) m. William Loftin
Charles Newsom (1745) (probably died young)
John Newsom (1746/7)
Ephraim Newsom (abt. 1748)

Patent, Newsum, Thomas. grantee. January 1746. Location: Surry County. Description: 154 acres on the south side of Nottaway River. Adjoins his own land; John Battles and Gregory Rawlins. Source: Land Office Patents No. 25, 1745-1747, p. 410 (Reel 23).

Patent, Nusum, Thomas. grantee. 5 September 1749. Location: Surry County. Description: 400 acres on the south side of spring swamp. Beginning and extending in the Hornet Swamp. Source: Land Office Patents No. 27, 1748-1749, p. 334 (Reel 25).

Newsum, Thomas. grantee. 10 March 1756. Location: Sussex County. Description: 92 acres on the south side of Nottoway River adjoining Henry Tyler, Robert Bullock and extending. Source: Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756-1765, p. 36 (Reel 33-34).

Grant, Glover, Jones. grantee. 2 December 1785. Location: Sussex County. Description: 312 acres on the south side of Nottoway River and on Ploughmans Swamp adjoining. Nathaniel Newsum, Frederick Fort, Benjamin Hale and extending.Source: Land Office Grants X, 1785, p. 357 (Reel 64).


Children of Thomas Newsom and 2) Alice Stagg
Thomas Newsom (1758) m. Mary Jarrett, d/o Nicholas Jarrett
Andrew Newsom (1760) m. Elizabeth Fort (m. 1780, Sussex Co., VA)
Sarah Newsom m. Micajah Hall
Charles Stagg Newsom (1765) m. Temperance Holt
Charlette Newsom (1767-1788) (did not marry)


Children of Sampson Newsom and Mary (Braswell?)
Jesse Newsom (abt. 1736) m. Elizabeth (had at least two children, Sampson and Lucy)
Agnes Newsom (abt. 1738) m. Mr. Polly
Joice Newsom (abt. 1740) m. Sampson Moseley
Mary Newsom (abt. 1742) m. Robert Armstrong
Martha Newsom (abt. 1744) m. Mr. Johnson
William Newsom (abt. 1746-1803) m. Elizabeth Knight (died in Davidson Co., TN)
Lewis George Newsom (1748) m. 1) Mildred (Milly); 2) Pamela Newsom (abt. 1750-?), d/o Nathan and Priscilla Newsom (in Rowan Co., by 1769)
Hartwell Newsom (1752-aft.1790) (moved to Cumberland Co, NC)

Patent, Newsom, Sampson. grantee. 12 January 1746. Location: Isle of Wight County. Description: 165 acres on the south side of Nottaway River. Beg.g &c. by the side of the north prong of the Hornet Swamp, in the county line. Source: Land Office Patents No. 25, 1745-1747, p. 383 (Reel 23).

Patent, Newsum, Sampson. grantee. 10 September 1760. Location: Sussex County.Description: 180 acres on the south side of Nottoway River adjoining Thomas Newsum, and the county line.Source: Land Office Patents No. 33, 1756-1761 (v.1, 2, 3 & 4 p.1-1095), p. 890 (Reel 31-32).


Children of Solomon Newsom and Martha Matthews
Solomon Newsom
Hardy Newsom
Claiborne Newsom
Carter Newsom
Joseph Newsom
John Newsom

Patent, Newsom, Solomon. grantee. 1 June 1750. Location: Isle of Wight County. Description: 225 acres on the south side of the Poplar Swamp. Be.g &c. on the north side of the Reedy Branch in John Jones's line. Source: Land Office Patents No. 29, 1749-1751 (v.1 & 2 p.1-532), p. 227 (Reel 27).

The Robert Johnson line that Solomon Newsom married into (Martha Matthews daughter of Martha Johnson and Hugh Matthews) is the Johnson line that President Lyndon Baines Johnson takes direct descent from.


Children of Amos Newsom and Agnes
Hardy Newsom (1741) (served Rev. War in NC)
Lucy Newsom (1743)
Jones Newsom (1749) (served Rev. War in NC)
Randall Newsom (1760/61) m. Polly Izell (served in Rev. War in NC)


Children of Benjamin Newsom and Mary
Crawford Newsom (bef. 1760)
Carter Newsom (bef. 1761)
Benjamin Newsom (1762)
John Newsom (1765)
Holliday Newsom (1766)

24 June 1785.Location: Southampton County. Description: 57 acres in the Parish of Saint Luke, adjoining James Barnes, and William Thomas. Source: Land Office Grants Q, 1785, p. 240 (Reel 57).


Children of Sarah Newsom and Thomas Barham
Thomas Barham, Jr. (1746-1785) m. Elizabeth Moss
Charles Barham (1748) m. Mary Harwood (?)
Benjamin Barham (1750-1782) m. Sarah
Hartwell Barham (1759)
Martha (Patty) Barham (1763)
Lucy Barham (1768-1748) m. Jacob Newsom (abt. 1762-after 1832), s/o Jacob Newsom and Tabitha Gilliam
Ann Barham (1770)
John Barham (1772)


Children of Jacob Newsom and Tabitha Gilliam
Gilliam Newsom (abt. 1752) -aft. 1790) m. Hulda Roper, moved to Halifax Co NC
Littleberry Newsom (1753-bef. 1820) m. Mary (?-1820)
Isham Newsom (abt. 1759) m. Sarah Newsom, d/o Joseph Newsom
Jacob Calvin Newsom (1762-1840) m. Lucy (Polly) Barham, (m. 1786, Sussex Co., VA), d/o Thomas Barham and Sarah Newsom
Lucy Newsom (1765) m. Thomas Porter

Patent, Newsum, Jacob. grantee. 28 March 1759. Location: Sussex County. Description: 193 acres on the south side of Nottoway River adjoining Charles Battle, Nathaniel Clanton and extending. Source: Land Office Patents No. 33, 1756-1761 (v.1, 2, 3 & 4 p.1-1095), p. 552 (Reel 31-32).


Children of David Newsom and Mary Barham
Randolph Newsom (abt. 1755-1819) m. Sarah Mason, d/o Christopher Mason & Sarah Chappell
Lucy Newsom m. William Myrick
Joel Newsom (abt. 1760-1831/35) m. Ann (Nancy) Northington,
d/o Nathan Northington & Rebecca Chappell
Barham Newsom (died abt. 1803, VA)
William Newsom (abt. 1760/65-1818) m. Mary Cocke Simmons, d/o John Simmons Sr
James Newsom (lived in Sussex Co, VA, and served in Rev. War)

Sixth Generation

Children of Lewis George Newsom and Mildred (Milly)
Ransom Newsom (1770) m. Sarah Self (died in Randolph Co., NC)
Davenport Newsom (1772)
Harrison Newsom (abt. 1775) m. Mary Margaret (Peggy) Lowe

Children of Lewis George and Pamela Newsom
Sterling Newsom (abt. 1781)
Nancy Newsom (abt. 1782)
Arthur Newsom (abt. 1785-1847) m. Rainey Loftin (died in Davidson Co., NC)
William Newsom (abt. 1786)
Martha (Patsy) Newsom (abt. 1787)
Elizabeth (Betsy) Newsom (abt. 1789)
Mary (Polly) Newsom (abt 1791)


Children of Jacob Calvin Newsom and Lucy (Polly) Barham
Gilliam Newsom (1789) m. Taby Sweet
Thomas Turner Newsom (1791-1864) m. 1) Nancy Reeve**, widow of George Mitchell [corrected 23 Sep 2010] (?-1824); 2) Lettice (Drake or Richey?) (1805-1880)
James H. Barham Newsom (1794) m. Sallie or Celia Cane
Jacob Calvin Newsom III (1796) m. Katherine Johnson
*William Newsom (1799-1876) [date corrected 6 Aug 2005] ) m. 1) Elizabeth Ledford (abt. 1801-bet. 1860/66); 2) Henrietta Pauline Brendle (1831-1885)
Hartwell B. Newsom (1801-probably bef. 1870) m. 1) Elizabeth Gray (abt. 1804-aft. 1860);
then married or had relationship with 2) Mary Cork or Mary Cook; 3) Narcissa Watts (abt. 1820-aft. 1860);
4) Catherine Beckner (abt. 1805-aft.1880) See notes below

*William's death date is given incorrectly in three different ways in published and on-line sources. The Forsyth Co. Cemetery records book has 18 Apr 1826, several genealogies on line show it as 1867, and the published book of death notices from the People's Press refers to a William Newsom who died April 20, 1875. His tombstone reads Apr 18, 1876. (Thank you, Nancy Henderson!)

**Thanks to Ann Holladay for identifying Nancy Reeve, who was the daughter of William Reeve.

Jacob Newsom, Revolutionary War Pension Application - "That he was born about the year 1762 in South Hampton County, VA where he resided until he was about the age of twenty eight years when he removed to the County of Halifax in the State of NC, where he resided five years from thence he moved to Raleigh & then to Guilford County where he has lived for thirty six years; that he knows of no record of his age: That he never received any discharge from Service except parol dismissions by his Officers that he Knows of no person by whom he can prove his actual services except Captain Hartwell Barham, whose Statement is hereto appended and that said Barham from bodily infirmity is unable to attend Court and that he has no documentory evidence of his Service. That he is Known in his Neighbourhood as to his Viracity of James Nelson, Esq., Reverend Henry Tatum, Thomas Sanders & Charles Benbow, among many others." -- The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XV, No. 1, February 1989.

Seventh Generation

Children of Thomas T. Newsom and Nancy Mitchell
*James George (or Garrison?) Newsom (1820-1895) m. Malinda Rebecca Shamel (1824-1895)
George W. R. Newsom (1822-aft. 1880) m. Martha Elizabeth Taylor (1829-aft. 1880),
d/o George W. and Elizabeth Taylor

*Is listed as John G. Newsom in 1880 Forsyth County, NC Census

Children of Thomas T. Newsom and Lettice Drake/Richey
Robert R. Newsom (1826-1903) m. 1) Susan Newsome (1833-1899), (his first cousin)
d/o Jacob Newsome & Katherine Johnson; 2) Rosanna B. Wright
Andrew Thomas Newsum (1829-1914) m. 1) Mary C. Rumley (ca. 1838-bef. 1883); 2) Margaret A. Flynn (1847-1934), d/o Hezekiah and Caroline Flynn
Elizabeth O. Newsom (1834-1873) m. George W. Wall (1829-aft. 1860)
Emeline Kingsley Newsome (1836-aft. 1860) m. Anderson Goodman Wall (abt. 1835-aft. 1860),
s/o Daniel Wall (abt.1795-aft. 1860)
Sally B. Newsom (1841)
Samira T. C. Newsom (1844-1880?) m. Burke Ransom
Amanda K. S. Newsom (1846) m. Isaac E. Davis, s/o William W. Davis and Elizabeth Sprinkle

Thanks to Ann Holladay for identifying Andrew's first wife as Mary Rumley [updated 3/30/09].


Children of Jacob Calvin Newsom III and Katherine Johnson
Mary (Polly) Newsom (1820-1902) m. Philip Mock (1824-1894)
Martha Newsome (1822-1897) m. John Sprinkle (1815-1899)
Henry Barham Newsom (1822-1877) m. Martha Sprinkle (1822-1903).
William Newsome (abt.1824-aft.1860) m. 1) Lydia Styers (?-bef. 1859); 2) Phoebe Moser (abt.1836-aft.1860); 3) Susan Moser, d/o Jacob and Sarah Moser
James Lindsey Newsome (1829-aft.1860) m. Katherine Fulk (abt. 1832-aft.1860). Who were her parents?
Susan Newsom (1833-1899) m. Robert R. Newsom (1826-1903) (his 1st cousin), d/o Thomas Newsom and Lettie Drake
Jacob Calvin Newsome IV (1835-1910) m. Charlotte Pettit
Hartwell T. Newsome (1837-aft. 1910) m. Martha Westmoreland (abt. 1839-aft. 1860), d/o Alexander Westmoreland and Tempe Kiser]
Abram Newsom (abt. 1839-?) m. Lucinda Shore (abt. 1844-?), probably d/o John Jacob Levi Shore and Charity Helsabeck
John Wilson Newsome (1842) m. Mary Jane Boyles, d/o Solomon and Elizabeth Boyles
Jane Newsome (1845-aft. 1910) m. Peter Jackson Gunter (1844-aft.1935)

Note: this list of children was modified on October 20, 2000


Children of William Newsom:

1850 Forsyth Co. Census, Household # 350/360:
William Newsom age 50
Elizabeth 48
Green Brindle age 17
William A. Brindle 13

Nov. 27th, 1849, Bastardy Bond signed by Sally Ledford and William Naysum (Newsom)
11th June, 1853, Bastardy Bond signed by Henerietta C. Brendle and William Newsom

1850 Forsyth Co. Census, Household # 1117/1131
Nancy Sanders 26
Henrietta Brendle 18
John H. Sanders 3

1860 Forsyth Co. Census, Household # 10
William Newsom, 61
Elizabeth 58
Henry B. 13
George W. 9
Jacob L. 5

Note: this list of children was added August 7, 2003

We think Henry age 13 in 1860 is probably the Henry Newsome (1847-1888) who married Rosa Grubbs (1847-1930) in 1869. Both are buried in Clemmons Baptist cemetery, Forsyth Co. NC. Was he the child of William Newsom and Nancy Sanders, and thus the John H. Sanders age 3 in 1850?

Thomas Turner Ledford (1849-1903), buried Waughtown, was probably the son of William Newsom and Sally Ledford. He married Caroline L.R. Fisher, d/o Robert Fisher and Rachel Collins, in 1872.

Note: Update September 16, 2005: From Ada McBride's email dated August 15, 2005 regarding William Newsom: "His 1st wife was Elizabeth Ledford. Henrietta Brendle was his 2nd wife and she had several children out of wedlock. John Henry Newsom is the son of William Newsom and Nancy Sanders. John Henry Newsom is my great-grandfather. On John Henry and Rosanna Grubb's marriage certificate, William Newsom and Nancy Sanders are listed as his parents. J. Henry and Rosa Grubb Newsom are buried at Clemmons First Baptist Church Cemetery, Clemmons, NC. Rosanna " Rosa " Grubb's parents are George Grubb and Rosanna Michael." -------------

Children of Hartwell B. Newsom and 1) Elizabeth Gray
Lucy Newsum (abt. 1822-after 1880; maybe Lucy Doub 1821-1911, buried Elm Grove Methodist) m. Elijah Doub
Gilliam Newsum (1823-aft. 1860) m. Amanda Elizabeth Speas (abt. 1829-aft. 1860) (in Stokes Co., 1860; moved to Iowa)
Lottie Newsum - previously reported, maybe the same child as Mary (1831-1916)
Mary Newsum (1831-1916) m. William Benson Doub (1821-1877)
Washington Newsum (1834-186?). Did he marry Elizabeth Philips in 1855?
Hartwell Newsum Jr. (abt. 1839-186?)

Hart Newsom Jr. and Washington Newsome/Newsum were both killed in the Civil War, in the same battle. The story that we previously quoted regarding them appears to be apocryphal, however.

Children of Hartwell Newsum and 2) Mary Cork or Mary Cook
William F. Cork/Newsum (abt. 1831-?) m. 1) Mary M. Campbell (1834-bef. 1860), d/o William and Elizabeth Campbell;
2) Virginia (1834-bef. 1870; 3) Lavinia Reid (abt. 1842-?)
(In 1856, when William Newsum married Mary Campbell in Craig Co., VA, he names his father as Hartwell Newsum, his mother as Mary Cork or Mary Cook and his place of birth as Forsyth Co., NC)

Children of Hartwell B. Newsom and 3) Narcissa Gray
Sarah T. Newsum (1846-1904) m. Michael Hugh Collins (1846-?), s/o Lewis Collins and Rebecca Kelly
John M. Newsum (abt. 1848-aft. 1860) (insane, cause unknown)
James McDuffy "Mac" Newsum (1850-1925) m. Ann Elizabeth Kennedy (1847-1918) (lived in Nebraska and Kansas)
Alice Newsum (1853-aft. 1870) m. John A. Shaver
stillborn infant (1854)

Children of Hartwell B.Newsom and 4) Catherine Becker
Mahala Newsom (although Mahala is named "Newsom" in census record, she is proabably Catherine's from a previous marriage. A marriage license issued in Craig Co., VA in 1857 names Hartwell Newsume, age 56, widowed, white, born in Guilford Co., NC

corrections to Hartwell Newsom's information, August 4th and 7th, 2003

Previously we stated that Hartwell Newsome's second wife was Mary Cook or Mary Cork, and that she was the mother of four children, William, Mary, Hartwell and Washington. We were told by another Newsome researcher that this is incorrect, and that Elizabeth Gray was mother of these children.

Mary Newsome Doub's parentage is clear. Her death certificate names her parents as Hart Newsome and Betty Gray. William appears to be the son of Hartwell and Mary Cork, as indicated above.

We also stated that Elizabeth Gray's father was Joseph Gray. Joseph Gray was bondsman for her marriage in 1820 (Guilford Co. NC) but we do not have any proof that he was her father.

Narcissa's name was given to us originally as Gray, but we have recently been told that her death certificate gives her maiden name as Watts.

In 1850, Hartwell and Narcissa are living in Botetourt Co. VA with Sarah T. age 5 and John M. age 2. Elizabeth Newsom age 46 is living with Elijah and Lucy (Newsom) Doub in Forsyth Co. NC, and is thought to be Lucy's mother Elizabeth Gray Newsom; i.e. she is still living but Hartwell is now living with, presumably married to, another woman. Can anyone document this with court records, or a marriage record for Narcissa? In the same household is 19 year old William Cork.

We now think that the Elizabeth Newsom (1804-1861) buried at Doub's Chapel Methodist in Forsyth County may be Elizabeth Gray Newsom rather than the wife of Hartwell's brother William Newsome, whose wife Elizabeth is listed as age 48 in 1850 and 58 in 1860. Can anyone confirm this?

Eighth Generation

Children of James G. Newsom and Malinda Rebecca Shamel
George Wilson Newsom (1851-1923) m. 1) Ellen Petree (1861-1890); 2) Ella Spainhour (1873-aft.1900), d/o James Michael Spainhour and Millie Jackson; Ella was his brother Henry's widow
John Seaborn Newsom (1853-1913) m. Sarah Elizabeth Sprinkle (1863-1938)
Mary Ellen Virginia Newsum (1855-1930) m. William Henry Petree (1854-1931)
Martha Ann Newsom (1856-1894) m. Wesley Petree (1852-1931)
Jasper Newton Newsom (abt. 1859-?) m. Susanna Helsabeck (1860-1926)
Nancy Jane Newsome (ca. 1861-?) m. John A. Helsabeck
James Albert Newsom (1865-1934) (buried on the grounds of Broughton Hospital, Morganton, NC). He m. Mary Ellen Tuttle (1867-1918)
Henry Wiley Newsom (1867-1891) m. Ella Spainhour (1873-aft.1900), d/o James Michael Spainhour and Millie Jackson

Note: this list of children was modified on October 20, 2000 and again on August 5, 2003.


Children of George W. Newsom and Martha Elizabeth Taylor
James Wilson Newsom (1850-1927) m. Martha Ann/Maria Bodenheimer (1851-1908)
George Madison T. Newsom (1853-1924) m. Loucetta E. Chamberlain (1858-1915), d/o Henry and Rebecca Chamberlain
[name corrected 3/24/04]
Sarah Ellen Newsom (abt. 1855-bef. 1889) m. Jacob Edgar Spainhour (ca. 1854-maybe 1937)
Seanzy Newsom (abt. 1857) m. Buck Wright
John William Newsom (1858-?) m. Sarah Jane Moser (1861-1930)
Elias/Ellis J. B. Newsom (1862-1917) m. 1) Elizabeth Newsom; 2) Permilla Kiger
Charles Newsom (abt. 1864) m. Lula Aldridge
Margarette Newsom (1866-?) m. Thomas L. Harris
Andrew Thomas Newsom (1868-1902) m. Victoria Ann Shore (1867-1942)
Nancy (Nannie) C. Newsom (1869-1912) m. Reuben Kirby (1863-1950)

Note: this list of children was added on March 8, 2001


Children of Robert R. Newsom and Susan Newsome
Katherine Newsom (abt. 1850-aft. 1870) m. Jonathan S. (Sam) Newsom, s/o Gilliam Newsom and Amanda Speas
Jacob Newsom (abt. 1852-aft. 1880) m. Mary Emma Moser
Robert Newsom (abt. 1858-aft. 1880) m. Tabitha Wall (abt. 1858-aft. 1880)

Note: this list of children was added March 8, 2001; spouses were added August 5, 2003


Children of Emeline Kingsley Newsome and Anderson Goodman Wall
Robert Wall (1856-?)
Malinda Wall (1859-?)


Children of Henry Barham Newsom and Martha Sprinkle
Bettie Jane Newsom (1848-1932) m. Isaac Barner Stone (1847-1915)
Thomas Francis Newsom (1849-1929) m. Harriet (Martha) Pulliam (1858-1926), d/o Benjamin Pulliam and Elizabeth Goff
*Melia (Permelia) Ann Newsom (1851-1915) m. Robert Lee Hendrix (1851-1930), s/o David and Barbara Hendrix
Susan S. Newsom (1854-?) m. Robert Francis Barr, s/o George Barr and Charlotte Scott
Ceanzie Newsom (1855-1891) m. Silas Hendrix (1859-1930), s/o David and Barbara Hendrix
Hardy Newsom (1858-abt. 1869)
Martha Newsom (1860-abt. 1863)

*Melia Ann appears in two census records as Mary Ann. Her marriage license and tombstone give her name as Melia Ann, death certificate as Permelia.


Children of William Newsom and Lydia Styers
Susan Ann Newsom (1849-1926)
Mary Newsom (1853-1931) m. Riley Robertson Boyles (1846-1926), s/o John W. Boyles and Charity Ferguson

Child of William Newsom and Phoebe Moser
Martha Newsom (b. abt. 1859)

Note: this list of children was included on April 8, 2002; dates and spouses were added August 5, 2003

Child of William Newsom and Susan Moser
Nelia Newsom (?-1960) m. William Evan Butner (1877-1941)

Nelia was added March 24, 2004; Forsyth Co. death index identifies her parents as William Newsom and Susan Moser


Children of John Wilson Newsom and Mary Jane Boyles
Jasper Newton Newsom (1870-1946) m. Ida George
Frances Elizabeth Newsom
James Franklin Newsom
Martha Jane Newsom
Albert Turner Newsom. Did he marry Margaret Ann Flynn?
Lenora Tancy Newsom
Amy Salena Alice Newsom

This family was added August 5, 2003.


Children of Henry Newsom and Rosanna (Rosa) Grubbs
Carrie Leota Newsom (1869-1927) m. Joseph Tise (1867-1914), s/o John A. Tise and Elizabeth Kennedy
Ada Cordelia Newsom (1877-1947) m. John Wesley Boyer (1876-1939)
Walter Jean Newsom (1874-1956) m. M. Sarah Holder (1875-1954)
Nina Gertrude Newsom (1879-1906) m. Olin L. Wrights (1871-1950)
George Newsom (1883-1899)
William Newsom (abt. 1884-bef. 1956) William lived in LaGrange, Troupe Co., GA

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Children of James Lindsey Newsome and Katherine Fulk
Jacob Henry Newsom (abt. 1855) m. 1) Laura Rutledge, 2) Callie Hooker
Susan Newsom (abt. 1859)

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Children of Gilliam Newsum and Amanda Elizabeth Speas
Rebecca Manerva Newsum (1847-1853)
Margaret Sophre Newsum (1849-1918), d. Webster Co. IA
Jonathan Samuel Newsum (1850-1890) m. Catherine E. Newsome, d/o Robert and Susan Newsome, Forsyth Co. NC 1875
William Henry Newsum (1853-1933), died in Iowa
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Newsum (1855-1939), died in Iowa
Gilliam Edwin Newsum (1858-1859)
Benson Ciscero Newsum (1860-1957), died in Iowa
Lewis Winburn Newsum (1862-1957)
Gilliam Oliver Newsum (1864-1936), d. St. Louis MO
Nancy Amelia Catherine Newsum (1866-1887)
Amanda Lucy Mary Jane Newsum (1868-1934) (died in Leavenworth KS)
Hemon Snyder Newsom (1873-1959)

Birthplaces of the children (1880 census) indicate that Gilliam and Amanda moved to Iowa between the births of Nancy and Amanda. Note however that Jonathan married in NC in 1875.

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Ninth Generation

Children of George M. T. Newsom and Loucetta E. Starr
Marshall Melton Matthew Newsom (1893-1959) m. Lillie Mae Houchins (1902-1943)


Children of George Wilson Newsome and Ellen Petree
Mary Alice Melinda Newsome (1879-1952) m. Charles Wall
James Arthur Frost Newsome (1881-aft. 1900) m. Polly Ann Jones
Joseph Edgar Newsome (1884-bef. 1900)
Cora Ellen Victoria Newsome (1887-1973)

Children of George Wilson Newsome and Ella Spainhour
James B. Newsome (1891)
George H. Newsome (1896)
Martha P. Newsome (1898)
Alma E. Newsome (1899)
Walter D. Newsome (?-1961)
Fred M. Newsome (1912-1984)

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Children of Henry Newsome and Ella Spainhour
Wiley B. Newsome (1891-1978)


Children of Thomas Francis Newsom and Harriet (Martha) Pulliam
Elmer P. Newsom (1878-1960)
Oscar F. Newsom (1881-abt. 1883)
Martha A. Newsom (1884-abt. 1885)
Claudia A. Newsom (1886-?)
Charles Ross Newsom (abt. 1890-aft. 1920) m. Elsie Bernice Grabs (1893-aft. 1920)
Cladie S. Newsom (1893-1961) m. Rena Love
Windson Theodore Newsom (1895-aft. 1920)
Annie L. Newsom (1898-1990) m. Edward Walker
Paul Herman Newsom (1901-1983) m. Sallie Kiger


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Personal communications with Ann Holladay
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Personal communications with J. Tracy Walker III. e-mail address:
Research by Mrs. Dalores Corbet
Personal communications with Dianne Coleman, Winston Salem, NC
Research by B. C. Holtzclaw, Ph.D, University of Richmond, VA

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