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Frey Family, continued

Third Generation, descendants of Johann Valentin Frey and Anna Barbara Binckele

Children of Johann Valentin Frey and Anna Barbara Binckele
Anna Barbara Frey (1743-1816) m. Frederick Boeckel (1742-1802)
Johann Michael Frey (1745-1815) m. Dorothea Schmidt (?-1815)
Johann Peter Frey (1746-?) m. Eleanor Kern
Johann Valentin Frey (1748-1814) m. 1) Barbara, surname unknown, 2) Maria Catharina Petree
Anna Maria Frey (1749-1784) m. Peter Feiser (1743-?)
Heinrich Frey (ca. 1751-1802) m. 1) Sarah Klein (d. 1776), 2) Elizabeth Morris (d/o Hammond Morris, widow Moser) (1761-aft. 1840, TN)
Johannes Frey (1752-?) m. Christina Waller
Maria Margaretha Frey (1755-?) m. Rudolf Nied
Anna Rosina Frey (1757-?) m. 1) Adam Petree (1748-1793), 2) Adam Boyer
Christina Frey (1759-?) m. John Wolfesparger (name later becomes Sparger)
stillborn infant (1762)
Tobias Frey (1764-1776)

Fourth Generation

Children of Johann Michael Frey and Dorothea Schmidt
Anna Barbara Frey (1766-1851) m. John Tuttle (1761-1840)
Anna Maria (Mary) Frey (1768-?) m. 1) unknown Tuttle, 2) John Laird (1770-1868), moved to Giles Co. TN
Maria Elisabeth Frey (1770-1863) m. 1) Abraham Liedy (d. 1799), 2) Adam Butner (1765-1843)
Sarah Frey (1773-1833) m. Jacob Binkley (1766-1846), moved to Robertson Co. TN
Catharina Frey (1775-aft. 1850) m. Anthony Hinkle, moved to Robertson Co. TN
Johann Heinrich (Henry) Frey ((1777-?) m. Catharina Binkley (1784-1863), moved to Robertson Co. TN
Maria Margaretha Frey (1779-1781)
Johann Michael Frey (1782-?) m. Tabitha Vest. This Johann Michael has been confused in some records with his cousin of the same name, son of Heinrich and Elizabeth (Morris) Frey.


Children of Johann Valentin Frey and his first wife, Barbara
Johannes Frey (1772-?) m. Anna Barbara, surname unknown
Jacob Frey (1774-1848) m. Mary Johnson, d/o Henry Johnson and Rachel Holman; moved to Robertson Co. TN

Possible children of Johann Valentin Frey and Maria Catharina Petree
Maria Barbara Frey (1777-?) (not listed in all records of this family, may have died in childhood)
Johann Petrus Frey (1778-1854) m. Sarah Binkley (1786-aft. 1870)
Johann Adam Frey (1780-?)
Michael Frey (1782-?) m. Dorothea, surname unknown
Mary Frey (b. ca. 1784, died before 1814)
Christian Frey (ca. 1784-?) m. Sally Barr
Catherine Frey (ca. 1785-?) m. Lewis Martin
Johann Valentine Frey (1786-?) m. Frances Guyman, moved to Missouri
Amy Frey
(not listed in all records of this family, and an unusual name for this culture in this time - could it be a misreading of Anna?)
Abraham Frey (ca. 1791-?) m. Polly Jourdan
Sarah Frey (ca. 1793-1875), d. Cherokee Co. TX
Joseph Frey (1800-1858), m. Mary Amis, d. Marshall Co. TN
Fleming Frey
(not listed in all records of this family, and again, a name that doesn't match the prevailing German pattern)


Children of Heinrich Frey and Sarah Klein
Petrus Frey (1774/1775-?)
Maria Sarah Frey (1776-?)

Children of Heinrich Frey and Elizabeth Morris
Johannes Frey (1780-1854) m. Margaret Evans; moved to Giles Co. TN
Anna Maria Frey (1783-?)
Lewis Frey (1785-?) m. Elisabeth Blum
Jesse Frey (1787-abt. 1850) m. 1) Milly Crews (d. 1821); 2) Massey Crews, her sister (?-aft. 1850)
Michael Frey
Henry H. Frey (1792-1850) m. 1) Margaret Petree (1782-1844), 2) Mary A. Binuna
Betsy Frey
Patsy Frey

Fifth Generation

Children of Johann Michael Frey and Tabitha Vest
Jonathan Leidy Frey
John Michael Frey (1811-?)
Isham W. Frey


Children of Jacob Frey and Mary Johnson
John N. Frey m. Lucinda Dean
Henry V. Frey m. Belinda Quine, moved to Logan Co. KY
Adam H. Frey m. 1) Dorothea Quinn, 2) Martha Deal
Elizabeth Frey
Louisa T. Frey
Susan K. Frey m. Henry Stone
Mary Ann Frey m. William R. Seal
Sally Ann Frey
Joseph Frey
William J. Frey

(Thanks to Rebecca Miller for this family)


Probable children of Abraham Frey and Polly Jourdan
Ashley Ward Fry (ca. 1815-?) m. Cintha Cook
Joseph W. Fry (ca. 1818-) m. Elizabeth Jared (ca. 1820-?)
George W. Fry (ca. 1820-?) m. Ann S. Mitchell
James Fry (ca. 1822-?) m. Jane. Was her maiden name Jordan?
John A. Fry (ca. 1825-?) m. Ailsy. Could this be Celia Pike, m. 1840 Stokes Co. NC?
Sarah C. Fry (1826-1870) m. John Fletcher Ellis
Jane Fry (ca. 1830-?) m. Wilson Burnham
Milla Fry (ca. 1835-?); possibly Permelia Fry who m. 1) Martin Van Buren Ratliff, 2) Joshua Buzbee

Ashley, Joseph and James are named by James Jurney in his book on the Frey family. We believe that there were several additional children, as listed here.
Our reconstruction is based primarily on census records, and we would be very grateful for correction of errors, or additional details.

An Abraham and Mary Fry are living in Tippah Co. MS in 1850, both age 58, with Jane age 20 and Milla age 15. Next to them on one side is John A. Fry with wife Ailsy, and on the other side are John and Sarah Ellis. An Ellis descendant has identified the latter couple as John Fletcher Ellis and Sarah C. Fry who married in St. Clair, Alabama on Nov. 8, 1849. Also in Tippah County, but on a different page of the census, is G.W. Fry with wife Ann S. We think John, Sarah and G.W. (George W.) Fry are probably all children of Abraham and Mary also.

Our Ellis correspondent tells us that John and Sarah eventually settled in Calhoun Co., Arkansas. We haven't been able to find any of these families in the 1860 census yet, and don't know if Abraham and Mary moved to Arkansas also, or when they died.

A manuscript on the Buzbee family of Arkansas identifies Sarah Fry Ellis as the daughter of Jacob Frey (1796-1847) and his second wife Anna Elizabeth Butner, and Permelia Fry Ratliff Buzbee (1841-1912) as Sarah's younger half-sister. The author doesn't mention the 1850 census record showing Sarah living next to Abraham and Mary, and doesn't explain why he thinks Sarah is Jacob's daughter. We have found no evidence to support this, but are open to more data.

There does seem to be substantial evidence that Sarah and Permelia are related, but note the discrepancy in Permelia's stated age, assuming she's Milla age 15 in 1850, vs. 1841 based on her own later statement of her birth. By 1835 Mary Jourdan Frey would already have been in her early 40s, and 1841 would be very late indeed for her last child. Milla also fits nicely into the family structure of the 1840 census for Abraham Fry in Stokes Co. NC. Did Permelia take some years off her real age as she got older?


Children of Lewis Frey and Elizabeth Blum
Margaret Ann Frey m. Michael Frey Tuttle (1819-?)


Children of Jesse Frey and Milly Crews
Lewis M. Frey (ca. 1813-?) m. Rebecca Westmoreland (1814-?); moved to TN, then TX; both died Denton Co. TX
Martha Frey (ca. 1818-?) m. 1) Irvin Crumpler (d. bef. 1845), 2) Lewis Morris (ca. 1824-?)
Lucinda J. Frey (ca. 1825-?) m. William W. Petree (ca. 1818-?) Who were his parents?

William Petree's middle initial and Martha's marriages updated 24 Mar 2002

Sixth Generation

Children of Ashley Ward Fry and Cintha Cook
Benjamin F. Fry (ca. 1843-?)
William H. Fry (ca. 1846-?)
Mary L. Fry (ca. 1847-?)
Eliza A. Fry (ca. 1849-?)


Children of Joseph W. Fry and Elizabeth Jared
Phebe C. Fry (ca. 1841-?)
Rebecca J. Fry (ca. 1843-?)
Edward G. Fry (ca. 1846-?)
Marinda M. Fry (ca. 1848-?)


Children of James and Jane Fry
Martha J. Fry (ca. 1843-?)
Mary A. Fry (ca. 1845-?)
John T. Fry (ca. 1846-?)
Solomon Fry (ca. 1849-?)


Children of Lewis M. Frey and Rebecca Westmoreland
Thomas T. Frey (1833-?)
Rufus Dewitt Frey (ca. 1837-?)
Joseph (Jeptha?) L. Frey (ca. 1839-?) [Jephtha in 1850 census, age 11]
Jesse F. Frey (1839-1924) [age 8 in 1850 census - is 1839 bday really correct?]
David Holloway Frey (ca. 1843-1921), lived Denton TX
Milly Ann Frey (ca. 1844-?)
Evander Frey (1849-1915), lived Bloomington IL
Alexander Frey (1849-?)
William S. Frey (1851-1930)
Martha M. Frey (ca. 1854-?)
Lewis Westmoreland Frey (ca. 1857-1928)

They moved to Tennessee in the early 1850s, where the last two children were born.

Thanks to Jerry Terry for information on this family.


Jurney, James, Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Peter Frey, privately printed, Bellevue WA 1991

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Forsyth Co. census records

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