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Styers Family

First Generation

Samuel Styers appears in the 1790 Stokes Co. NC census with one male under 16 and three females, and in 1800 with one male 16-26, one male 10-16, one female 16-26 and three females under 10. His wife was Rhoda Benet or Bennett. A query on the Davidson County GenConnect Board by Lynn G. Ester states that Samuel and Rhoda are buried at Abbotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church, and that Samuel's tombstone indicates that he was born in New Jersey. Can anyone help us identify his children?

Second Generation

Possible Children of Samuel Styers and Rhoda Bennett

John Styers (1786-1856) married 1) Catherine McKenna (?-1818), 2 Maria Salome Sides (1798-1857).

Jesse Styers (1788-1857) m. Maria Catharina Pfaff (1792-1866)

Note: birthdates for John and Jesse are from cemetery records. If these are correct, then neither matches the son 16-26 in 1800. Is one of these the son or someone else, or is there an error in one of these birthdates?

Philippina Elizabeth Styers (1793-after 1850) m. Michael Miller (1797-?), moved to Hope IN in 1850

Rhoda Styers (1799-1869) m. Jacob Schneider (1800-1878), moved to Hope Co. IN

Third Generation

Children of John Styers and Catherine McKenna
Rhoamy Styers (abt. 1806) m. William Hitchcok
Amelia Styers (abt. 1808)
Jesse Styers (1810-1889) m. 1) Phoebe Ferguson (1812-1845); 2) Julia Ann Northern (1828-1904), moved near Greensburg, IN in 1859
Rhoda Styers (abt. 1813) m. William Reniger
James Francis Styers (abt. 1815-aft. 1870) m. Clarissa Melvina Wesner (1819-?)

Children of John Styers and Maria Salome Sides
John George Styers (1820-1843)
Anna Catharina Styers (1821-?) probably died in childhood
Christian Harrison Styers (1825-1843)
Lewis Styers (1827-aft. 1860) m. Luvenia (abt. 1827-aft. 1860)
Mariah Caroline Styers (1828-?) m. Parmenio Martin Hauser (1823-?)
Sarah (Salome) Styers (1830-?) m. Calvin Alexander Transou (1826-?)
Anna Henrietta Styers (1832-1845)
Permelia Styers (abt. 1836-?) m. Solomon Jones
Belinda Styers (1837-1844)
John Styers (abt. 1841-?)


Children of Jesse Styers and Maria Catharina Pfaff
Samuel J. Styers (1811-1869) m. Martha Wall (1816-1877)
unnamed infant, twin of Samuel, b. & d. 1811
Elizabeth Styers (abt. 1813-?) m. Allen P. Smith (abt. 1812-?)
John A. Styers (1816-1892) m. 1) Eliza Reich (1820-1866), 2) Charity Kapp (1809-1868), 3) Susan A. Coley (1826-1898), widow of William Emanuel Rothrock
Mary Styers (1819-?) m. Isaac Wall (1814-1882)
Abraham P. Styers (1823-1898) m. Paulina Kiger (1824-1875); 2) Martha (Mattie) A. Huffman
Mahala J. Styers (1827-1913) m. 1) John Ledford, 2) Henry Kiger (1836-1908)
Antenetta Styers (1829-1906) m. Edwin N. Speas (1824-1890)
Lydia Styers (d. between 1853 and 1860) m. William Newsom

This family group was revised on February 19, 2003, to add two daughters, Mary and Lydia, who are documented in estate records for their father (thanks to Don Beck for this information!). Previously we listed Christian Styers (abt. 1819-?) as another son in this family, but he is not supported by census records. Whose son was he?

Fourth Generation

Children of Jesse Styers and Phoebe Ferguson
Eliza Jane Styers (1832-?) m. William Crowder
Charity E. Styers (1835-1922) m. Alvin Christman
William E. Styers (1838-1857)

Children of Jesse Styers and Julia Ann Northern
Phoebe Roamy Styers (abt. 1846-1864)
Barbara Catherine Styers (abt. 1848-1880)
Jesse Samuel Styers (1857-1857)
Mary Styers (1858-1878)
other unknown children


Children of James Francis Styers and Clarissa Melvina Wesner
Elizabeth K. Styers (abt. 1842-?)
Atlas Adolphus Styers (1844-1847)
Margaret Rosina Styers (1846-1846)
Henry A. Styers (abt. 1850-aft. 1870)
William Styers (abt. 1852-aft. 1870)
possibly other children
This family moved to Hope, Bartholomew County, IN. James F. Styers was a wagon maker.


Children of Samuel J. Styers and Martha Wall
Richard Nathaniel Styers (abt. 1836-?) m. Delila Louisa Henning (1833-1904)
Felicia Jane Styers (1837-1927) m. Calvin H. Beck (1825-1873)
John S. Styers (abt. 1840-?)
Edward Jesse Styers (1841-1918) m. 1) Barbara Ellen Beck (1846-1879), d/o Fredrick Beck and Eleanor Ziglar; 2) Sallie J. Cumbie (1849-1921)
Martha A. Styers (1846-1923) m. Junius L. Craft (1842-1918)
Isaac Jasper Styers (1852-1899) m. Harriet Blum (1854-1899)


Children of John A. Styers and Eliza Reich
John Jesse Styers (1841-1862)
Mary Catherine Styers (1842-?) m. William Edgar Bolejack (1845-1914)
Almira Rebecca Styers (1848-1928) m. John Jackson Kiger (1849-1924)
Alvira Mahala Styers (1848-?) m. George William Tesh (1840-1913)
Samuel Augustus Styers (1852-1922) m. Sarah Catherine Hine (1852-1913)
Abraham Allen Styers (1852-1924) m. Millie Ann Crews (1853-1953)
*Thomas Jefferson Styers (1856-1922) m. Mary Ellen Crews (1861-1939)
Henry A. Styers (1858-1914) m. Laura A. Schultz (ca. 1856-1930)

*Death record names his mother as Miss Marshall.


Children of Abraham P. Styers and Paulina Kiger
Jesse H. Styers (1849-1871)
Solomon Styers (1851-1880) m. Mary Speas
Samuel Edward Styers (1855-1924) m. Salome Elmira Kapp (1861-1926)
Regina Elizabeth Styers (1857-1918)
Edwin Decatur Styers (1859-1926) m. Avarila Clementine Stultz (1856-1946)
Annie P. Styers (abt. 1863-aft. 1885) m. John H. Stultz in 1885)

Children of Abraham P. Styers and Martha A. Huffman
John M. Styers (abt. 1879)
*Joseph Lafayette Styers (1878-1953) m. Martha (listed as grandson of Abraham P. Styers in 1880)
Pauline Styers m. Covington - is this a second marriage for Annie P.?

*Joseph's death record names his parents as Thomas S. and Elizabeth Styers.

Fifth Generation

Children of Jesse Edward Styers and Barbara Ellen Beck
Ellen Styers (abt. 1871)
Minnie Lee Styers (1872-1898) m. James Alfred Simmons
Samuel F. Styers (abt. 1876)
James Newton Styers (1878-1928) m. Josephine Sitterson (1875-1951)


Children of Richard Nathaniel Styers and Delilah Louisa Henning
Ophelia Styers (1861-1940) m. Jonathan Wesley Bullard
Mary Lutency Styers (1862-1920) m. J. R. Smith


Children of Edward Jesse Styers and Sallie J. Cumbie
George Nathaniel Styers (1885-1946) Did not marry.
Sarah Styers (1887-1965) m. E. A. Long (1884)
John J. Styers (1893-1925) m. Nina Harger error corrected 9/8/11

Bastardy Bond posted in Forsyth County, NC, June 1, 1868 by E. J. Styers for $500. M. J. Stoltz, mother. E. J. Styers, reputed father. Siged E. J. Styers, M. L. Ogburn and John Gorrrell.


Son of Almira Rebecca Styers and an unknown father
Matthew O. Styers (1868-1898) m. Ida Hine (1871-1956)

Almira's son is named as Matthew O. Styers in his grandfather's will, and appears with the family in the 1870 census as "Madison", age 2. Sometime prior to 1875 Almira married John Jackson Kiger, with whom she had eleven children.


Children of Henry A. Styers and Laura Schulz
John Thomas Styers (1883-1955)
Jesse James Styers (1887-1935) m. Dollie (Dolly) Ogburn (1881-1970)
Alice Catherine Styers (1891-1959) m. J. C. Russell
Emory G. Styers (1893-1973)


Children of Samuel Augustus Styers and Sarah Catherine Hine
Charles Henry Styers (1873-1916) m. Malissa Ann Hester (1873-1946), d/o Jeremiah Hamilton (Ham) Hester and Louisa Southern
William Arthur Styers (abt. 1876-1941) m. Sarah Ellen Ogburn (1876-1956)
John Robert Styers (1878-1955) m. Sallie Estelle Culler (1877-1937)
Stella Mae Styers (1890-1935) m. James T. Kiger (?-1947), s/o G. W. Kiger and Lucinda E. Moser
*Thomas Russell (Dink) Styers (1899-1985) m. Trola Tally (?-1991)

*His birth date is recorded as November, 1899. He is not in Samuel's household in 1900 but does appear in the 1910 census records as "adopted." Doug Styers, who is a great-nephew of Dink Styers recently e-mailed me the following information: By Dink's own words, he was a Styers. He was left on my great-great grandmother's door step in a brown wicker basket, wrapped up in a small blanket. Samual and Sarah Styers raised him as their own and every time Dink was asked was he a Styers he would say yes. He would also say - you know why? "If a Styers was good enough to raise me then it is good enough for me and yes, I am a Styers." It remained that way all through his life and to his death. Samuel and Sarah Styers left him with such a conviction of who he was. Yes, I was and still am very proud to call him my Great Uncle Dink. -- Doug Styers


Children of Samuel Edward Styers and Salome Elmira Kapp
Luther Samuel Styers (1889-1975) m. Maggie Yarbrough
Walter Styers (abt. 1892-aft. 1910) m. Lena Griffin
Dora Styers (abt. 1895-aft. 1910) m. W. E. Gravitt
Ola Styers (abt. 1898-aft. 1910) m. Jesse L. Griffin


Children of Edwin Decatur Styers and Avarila Clementine Stultz
Addie Styers (1888-1974) m. Charles W. Anderson
Daisy Styers (1891-1972) m. Edgar R. Bodenhamer


Children of Abraham Allen Styers and Millie Ann Crews
Maggie Styers (1879-1962) m. Z. B. Conrad, Sr.
Robert C. Styers (?-1939)
Joseph Cephas Styers (1883-1967) m. Ida Shore
Thomas Walter Styers (1874-1946) m. Sallie Shore, was he married 2nd to Ethel Williams?
Clevia Ann Styers (1885-1970) m. William W. Moser
William Abram Styers (1885-1949) m. Esther Susan Marklin (1881-1967) Eliza Sue (Susie) Styers (1876-1944) m. Thomas Albert Craft (1869-1940)
Buxton A. Styers (abt. 1890-1958) m. Annie Sullivan (abt. 1891-1967), d/o Nathaniel Sullivan and Martha Edwards
Fred S. Styers (1896-1931) m. Viola Hauser

Sixth Generation:

Children of Matthew O. Styers and Ida Hine
Pearl E. Styers (abt. 1894-aft. 1900)
Bessie M. Styers (abt. 1896-aft. 1900) m. J. W. James
Robah G. Styers (abt. 1898-1959) m. Rheumel Frances Smith


Children of Charles Henry Styers and Melissa Hester
Kerner Ciscero Styers (1892-1978) m. Lillian Martha Walker (1895-1967), d/o Thomas Walker and Christine Davis
Clyde Burton Styers (1894) m. Ila Griffin
Wallace Irvin Styers (1895) m. Hattie E. Bolejack
Inez Styers (1897)
Amos Lawrence Styers (1899-1966)
Grace Catherine Styers (1901-aft. 1930) m. Harvey Griffin (abt. 1899-aft. 1920)
Minnie Jacqueline Styers (1903-aft. 1930) m. Gaston Young
Maggie Styers (1905)
Dolly Mae Styers (1908)
Arnold Buxton Styers (1911-1984) m. Edna Stanley
Clara Louella Styers (1914-1998) m. Overton
Edith Mozelle Styers (1916-aft. 1930) m. Sam Tudor

Kerner Ciscero's primary occupation was farmer. He also opened the Styers Meat Market in Ogburn Station 1912.


Children of William A. Styers and Sarah Ellen Ogburn
Raymond Styers (1897-aft. 1900)
Thomas H. Styers (1898-aft. 1900)
Alice Styers (?-1984) m. Asher
Ola Styers (?-1972) m. Crumpler
Lucille Styers (?-2002) m. Melvin Short
Marguerite Styers (1908-1975) m. Simmons

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North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975

Thanks to Conrad James Hunter for the information he provided for the Samuel A. Styers line. Conrad's e-mail is:

Thanks to Donald Beck for information on this family. His sources: Stokes/Forsyth: Census data, cemetery records, marriage bonds, & death certificates; STOKES COUNTY FAMILY HERITAGE, DEATH NOTICES FROM THE PEOPLE'S PRESS--Topkins, STAR IN WACHOVIA--Ware, The Cranford Collection, The McCubbins File and Moravian Records.

Thanks to Merrill Reich, Linda Newsom, and Belinda Rogers for information on this family.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

Stokes, Davidson, and Forsyth County census records

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