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Volz / Foltz / Fultz Family

First Generation

Hans Jacob Volz of Gundershoffen, Woerth, Alsace, married Eva Elizabetha Gass in 1712. Their son Johann Peter Volz (1726-1806) married Eva Elisabetha Jack, (1724-1784), daughter of Kilian and Anna Margaretha Jack, in 1745, and immigrated to America in 1750. Johann Georg Volz, who married Eva Elisabetha's sister Catharina Barbara Jack (1731-?), was Johann Peter's brother.

Johann Peter and Eva Elisabetha settled initially at Heidelberg PA, and arrived with their family in NC on June 6, 1767 [Records of the Moravians in NC 1:359]. They were among the founding members of Friedberg Moravian Church. The surname later becomes Foltz. Other spellings, e.g. Folts and Fults, are also seen.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Peter Volz and Eva Elisabeth Jack
Johann Stephan Volz (1747-?), probably died young
Johann Peter Volz (1749-1825) m. Anna Barbara Wesner (1760-1819), d/o Matthias Wesner and Anna Barbara Giesy
*Andreas Volz (1751-aft. 1806)
Johann Jacob Volz (1754-?) m. Johanna Volck (1763-1814)
Johannes Volz (1755-1821) m. Anna Barbara Fischer (1754-1844)
Eva Elisabeth Volz (1757-1823) m. Valentine Rothrock (1751-?)
Friedrich Volz (1759-1821?) m. Anna Maria Fischer (1764-?)
Eva Catharina Volz (1762-1845) m. 1) Mattheaus Nading (1756-1807), 2) Joseph Knauss (1750-1826)
Rosina Volz (1764-1796) m. Jacob Wesner (1762-1832), s/o Matthias Wesner and Anna Barbara Giesy
Johann Heinrich Volz (1766-aft. 1806); probably the Henry Folts who married Elizabeth Smith, Rowan Co. 1790

*Records of the Moravians in NC 1:361, November 9, 1767, "Yesterday Andreas Volz, Joseph Holder, Stauber and their families arrived from PA." This is probably an incorrect transcription of the original German, and must refer to Andreas VOLCK (1722-1790), who is known from other records to have moved to NC with his nephew Joseph Holder in 1767. Andreas VOLZ presumably had arrived in NC with his parents and siblings in June of the same year.

Johann Peter's will suggests that Eva Elisabeth was called Elisabeth, and that Eva Catharina was called Eva. Matthew Nading's will names his wife as Eva Catharina.

Third Generation

Probable children of Johann Peter Volz and Anna Barbara Wesner
Jacob Foltz (1785-1845) m. Elizabeth Zimmerman (1792-1856)
Anna Susanna Foltz (1798-1849) m. Gaspar Todd (1797-1871)

In 1800 they have one male under 10, two males 10-16, two females under 10, and three females 10-16. Who are the other children?


Children of Johann Jacob Volz and Johanna Volck
Christina Margaret Volz (1799-?)

We believe that she is the single Margaret Folts living in Forsyth Co. through the 1870 census.

Were there other children in this family?


Children of Johannes Volz and Anna Barbara Fischer
son, baptized March 1780
Anna Maria Foltz (ca. 1786-1872?) m. Christian Wagemann (1787-1828)
Anna Catharina Foltz (1788-1862) did not marry
George E. Foltz (1798-1871) m. Verona Reich (1802-1879)

In 1790 John Folts has 4 females in his household, but no males except himself. This suggests that the baby baptized in 1780 may have died young. In 1800 there are one male under 10 (George) and two females 10-16 (Anna Maria and Anna Catharina). Anna Catharina's will names her brother George Foltz and sister Anna Maria Waggeman, also two cousins Anna and Elizabeth Foltz.


Moravian records and census records suggest that the following women were sisters. Anna (Rosina) and Elisabeth are probably the cousins mentioned in the will of Anna Catharina Foltz, cited above, so their father is probably another son of Johann Peter Foltz and Eva Elisabeth Jack. Can anyone tell us which one he was? We suspect Friedrich, but need more evidence.

Catharina Foltz (1783-1850) did not marry
Elisabeth Foltz (1788-1870) did not marry
Rebecca Foltz (1796-1887) m. Johann Friedrich Spach (d. 1823)
Anna Susanna Foltz (1801-1872) m. John Byerly (1801-1877)
Anna Rosina Foltz (1805-1888) did not marry

Fourth Generation

Probable children of Jacob Foltz and Elizabeth Zimmerman
Eli Thomas Foltz (1814-1890) m. 1) Rebecca Elizabeth Hartel (1819-1855), 2) Eliza ? (1830-1866), 3) Louisa Spach (ca. 1835-?)
Salome Foltz (1816-1852) m. Solomon Schott (1816-1880)
*Edward Foltz (1818-1884) m. 1) Lucinda Seitz (1820-1864), 2) Sarah Hauser, widow Hunter (1823-1917)
John Foltz (1820-1906) m. Susan Crouch (1821-1907)
Andrew Madison Foltz (1824-1849) m. Nancy Caroline Crouch (1825-1889), Susan's sister.
Elizabeth Foltz (ca. 1827-?)
Lucetta Foltz (ca. 1832-1856?) probably m. Hamilton Swaim in 1852

*Evidence that Edward is their son is circumstantial. Can anyone confirm?

Moravian records state that Jacob and Elizabeth had 10 children. Who were the others?

Madison and Nancy were married in 1846. In 1853, the widow Nancy Crouch Foltz married (2) Solomon Schott, Salome's widower.


Children of George E. Foltz and Verona Reich
Lucia Josephine Foltz (1824-1883) m. William Ferdinand Schultz (1824-1892)
Edmund Eugene Foltz (ca. 1829-aft. 1858)
Sophia Constantina Foltz (1829-1860) m. Robert Parmenio Leinbach (1831-1892)
Hermina Lucinda Foltz (1833-1904)
Junius Alexander Foltz (1839-1862)

Fifth Generation

Children of Eli Foltz and Elizabeth Hartel
Mary Josephine Foltz (1838-1851)
William F. Foltz (ca. 1840-?)
Amos A. Foltz (ca. 1843-?)
Cornelius Foltz (ca. 1845-?)
Sanford Joseph Foltz (1849-1930) m. Eliza Elizabeth Spach (1844-1922)

Children of Eli Foltz and Eliza
Melchior Permanio Foltz (b. & d. 1860)
Jane Missouri Foltz (b. & d. 1866)

Children of Eli Foltz and Louisa Spach
Eli Foltz m. Addie Sink


Children of Edward Foltz and Lucinda Seitz
Anna Legatta Foltz (1842-1905) m. Alexander Nifong
Maria Foltz (ca. 1845-?) m. Henry Harrison Craver
Mary Jeanette Foltz (1847-1932) m. James Madison Fishel (1845-1928)
Henry Wesley Foltz (1853-1933) m. Carrie Johnson (1849-1927)

Child of Edward Foltz and Sarah Hauser
John Foltz (ca. 1873-?)


Children of John Foltz and Susan Crouch
Louisa J. Foltz (ca. 1846-bef. 1860?)
Catherine B. Foltz (1846-1936)
Jacob M. Foltz (1850-1888) m. Adelia Jane Fishel (1855-1939)
John Allen Foltz (1852-1926) m. Amanda M. Knouse (abt. 1858-aft. 1920), d/o Jesse Anderson Knouse and Susanna Matilda Tesh
James Anderson Foltz (1854-1931)
Charles Lewis Foltz (1857-1905) m. Lucinda Magdalena Fishel (1858-1939)
Matilda Lucy Ann Foltz (1860-?) m. William L. Morgan


Children of Andrew Madison Foltz and Nancy Caroline Crouch
Tempy Foltz (ca. 1846-?)
Charles Martin Foltz (1847-1857)
Elizabeth Foltz (1849-?)
Sara Foltz (ca. 1850-?) m. John W. Myers

Sixth Generation

Children of Sanford Joseph Foltz and Eliza Elizabeth Spach
Rufus Foltz (1870-?) probably died young
Alexander Foltz (ca. 1872-?) m. Ida Josephine Sink (1886-1948)
Amanda Foltz (1873-1962) m. Cicero M. Livengood (1877-1959)
Josephine Foltz (1875-1962) m. John Henry Motsinger (1877-1957), s/o Albert Motsinger and Maria Lucretia Smith
Julia Annie Foltz (1879-1898)
Dora Foltz (1882-1964) m. Benjamin Sapp (1881-1943)
William Foltz (prob. 1885-1919) m. Hattie Reich


Children of Eli Foltz and Addie Sink
Julia Annie Foltz (1879-1898)
Pearl Foltz m. William Tesh
Raymond Foltz
Naman Foltz m. Ruth Spaugh
Lee Foltz
Clifford Foltz

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran


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