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700/712 Thomas Myers and Sarah Miller
701/713 Elizabeth Holt
702/714 Mary (Wesner) Rominger, widow of Jacob Rominger
703/715 Jonathon Bodenhamer and Nancy Wilson
704/716 Peter Transu and Rebecca Leinbach
705/717 John Butner, Jr. and Charlotte Friederica Burkhardt
706/718 Meredith Norman and Belinda Miller
707/719 James Norman and Mary C. (Polly) McKnight
708/720 Joshua Norman and Nancy Catherine Vogler
709/721 Thomas Ketner and Jensey Paulina (Climey) Vogler
710/722 Nathaniel Ketner and Sarah Conrad
711/723 Isaac Conrad and Sarah Shamel
712/724 George Flynt and Fiza Conrad
713/725 Elizabeth (Scott) Phillips, widow of Silas Phillips
714/726 Abram S. Teague and Charity Beckerdite
715/727 Nancy (Taylor) Reynolds, widow of David Nash Reynolds
716/728 William Harper and Elizabeth Cooper
717/729 David Ridings and Nancy
718/730 Alexander Ridings and Lucetta G. Holder
719/731 Jacob Vogler and Phebe Shelton
720/732 Samuel Vogler
721/733 A HREF="hartman.html">Lewis Hartman and Lucetta Conrad
722/734 Milton Hartman and Delphia Conrad
723/736 John Harper
724/737 Thomas A. Mock and Elizabeth
725/739 William Blackburn
726/739 William Brandon
727/740 Mary (Boyer) Ketner, widow of William Ketner
728/741 Michael Holder and Catherine Dunway
729/742 Philip Whiteman (Whitman) and Mary Johnson
730/743 John H. Brandon and Martha
731/744 Joseph Boyer and Amanda Albarty/Alberty
732/745 Samuel Holder and Julian Whiteman
733/746 Charles(?) B. Cook and Margaret
734/747 Daniel Binkley and Camala Rhodes
735/748 George Vogler and Elizabeth Blackburn
736/749 Peter Vogler and Leah Croft
737/750 Jonas Varner and Leah Leinbach
739/751 William A. Harper and Judith Binkley
740/753 Harper Blackburn and Acksah
741/754 Thomas Holder and Sally Doss
742/755 Nicholas Hauser and Mary Hicks
743/756 Jacob Hauser and Susanna McDaniel
744/757 Andrew Long and Cassa Ann
745/758 Eli Holder and Agnes Binkley
746/759 William Binkley and Mary Miller
747/760 Wisley Houser and Mary
748/761 John Binkley and Elizabeth
749/762 Henry Harte and Cynthia L Oliver
750/763 Lewis Tacket and Margaret Hicks
751/764 Rebecca Hicks
751/764 Moses Cummins
752/765 Nancy Wagoner
753/766 Jonas Stanley and Christina
754/767 Elias Phillips and Maria C.
755/768 Jacob Binkley and Elizabeth
756/769 Thomas Spear and Irena "Reaney" Burke
757/770 Martin Holder and Elizabeth Shelton
758/771 William B. Stipe and Martha J. Bodenhamer
759/772 William Shelton
760/773 Gasper Stoltz and Rachel
761/774 William Dull
762/775 Thomas L. Warner and Nancy Binkley
763/776 Jacob Whiteman and Milla Binkley
764/777 Erwin Warner and Martha S. Binkley
765/778 Vachel Craft and Mary S. Payne
766/779 Ruth Baker, maybe Ruth Payne, widow of Lorenzo Baker
767/780 Edger Harper and Ester
768/781 Henry Holder and Mary (Maria Margaretha) Leinbach
769/782 George W. Norman and Lavina R. Crater
770/783 Polly Myers - probably Polly William, widow of Adam Holston who d. 1819; when/where did she remarry?
771/784 Eliza Hols(t)on, Polly's daughter
771/785 Nathaniel Pfaff and Lavinia Krieger
773/786 Michael Houser and Mary Stoltz
774/787 George Miller and Mildred Yates
775/788 Joseph Conrad and Katharine Mickey
776/789 Samuel Colley and Elizabeth Stoltz
776/789 Tempy (Ray) Stoltz, widow of John Stoltz
777/790 Henry W. Henley and Sarah J. Marshall
778/791 Nathan Taylor and Hulda
779/792 William Marshall and Nancy
780/793 Sandy Flynt
781/794 Hezekiah Bodenhamer and Sarah Robertson
782/795 Daniel Powers and Mary Crews
783/796 William Masten (m. 1) Lucy Richards; m. 2) Parthenia Teague
784/797 George Leinbach and Nancy M. Waterson
785/798 Reed Cissel and Margaret
786/799 George W. Barnes and Clarinda
787/800 Alfred Walker and Mary Vanhoy
788/801 David Shouse and Henrietta Pfaff
789/802 Benjamin Houser and Maria Catharina Loesch
790/803 Simon Peter Hauser and Mary B. (Maria Barbara) Schor
791/804 Henry Spach and Anna Catharina Holder
792/805 Joseph Crews and Elizabeth Robinson
793/806 William Randleman and Martha Shore
794/807 Joshua Hedgecock and Elizabeth Bodenhamer
795/808 Michael Reed and Elizabeth Samuel
796/809 William A. Bolijack and Susan Banner
797/810 (Johann Christian William) William Fries and Johanna E. Nissen
798/811 Austin H. Thomason and 792/805 Nancy Crews
799/812 Mathias Mastin and Katharine Mastin

800/813 Enos Sell and Martha
801/814 Edward Spach and Eunice Rebecca Marshall
802/815 Samuel S. Blackburn and Elizabeth Hill
803/816 William F. Atwood and Polly Steelman
804/817 William J. Cornelius and Nancy J. Doub
805/818 Robert Church and Lovina (Lavinia) Pfaff
806/819 Henry R. Lehman and Pamela Elizabeth Wolff
807/820 William Long and Elizabeth Speas
808/821 William R. Griffith and Susanna B. Moore
809/822 Thomas C. Deen and Lucretia E. Vance
810/823 Timothy Holder and Alvira Doub
811/824 Ephriam Wortman and Lucinda Whicker
812/825 Augustus Fogle and Lucinda Elisabeth Schneider
813/826 Thomas C. Miller and Lavina Vanhoy
814/827 James Crews and Polly (Mary) Fessler
815/828 Leonard Conrad
816/829 James Brinkley and Polly Martha Daniel
817/830 Robert W. Davis and Katharine
818/831 David Robinson and Celia
819/832 William Parnell and Mary Adkins
820/833 Andrew Pitts Jr and Polina Tuttle
821/834 Joseph M. Crews and Elizabeth Linville
822/835 Henry A. Holder and Sarah Faircloth
823/836 Nelson Cook and Louisa C. Stoltz
824/837 Peter A. Wilson and Lucretia Sullivan
825/838 Henry Marshall and Maria
826/839 Peter Tise and Temperance White
827/840 Jacob Tise and Margaret P. Kiger

Started Liberty

828/841 Van N. Zevely and Susan Elisabeth Peters
829/842 Joshua Rights and Margaret Waterson
830/843 Joseph Wiesner and Sarah Gooch Crews
831/844 Robert Baxter and Sarah A.
832/845 James F. Styers and Clarissa M. Werner
833/846 Charles Tise and Maria E.
834/847 Permelia Smith
835/848 William S. Shore and Susan E. Kennedy
836/849 Levi Whicker and Agnes Morrow
837/850 William A. Warner and Nelly
838/851 Katharine Warner
839/852 Jacob Fetter and Benigna E. Christmann
840/853 John H. White and Elizabeth Hartman
841/854 Mathew Fitzgerald and Tobithy
842/855 Sarah Mecomb
843/856 Alexander Nading and Sarah Miller
844/857 Alfred M. Underwood and Henrietta Fetter
845/858 Francis R. Blum and Mary Farrar
846/859 William Whicker and Louisa M. Stoddard
847/860 Allen Ivey
847/860 Docie Treatman
847/860 Anna Ivey
848/861 Thomas Joiner and Prissilla
849/862 Thomas K. Cissel
850/863 John Noles and Charlotte Smith
851/864 Daniel Noles and Martha
852/865 Nathaniel Sanders and Lavina Boeckel
853/866 Nathaniel Byhan and Angeline Blum
854/867 Sally Farres or Farrer
855/868 Anderson Taylor and Mary Straughan

Ends Village of Liberty

856/869 Archibald Hodges and Susan [Harriet S. Taylor?]
857/870 Charles Nott and Sabra
858/871 Obid Howlet and Martha
859/872 Washington Kenneda and Isabel
860/873 John Boykin and Louisa Fier?
861/874 John Byerley and Susan Foltz
862/875 William Holland, widower of Anna Elizabeth Shoemaker
863/876 Elizabeth Foltz
863/876 Rebecca (Foltz) Spach
864/877 John N. Blum and Katharine Nading
864/877 Dorothy (Warner) Blum, widow of John Jacob Blum (she is the step-mother of John N. Blum)
865/878 Henry Pitts and Susanna Pain (Payne)
866/879 Elizah Whicker and Eliza Vermillian
867/880 Smith Charles and Mary Idol
868/881 Anderson J. Magee and Susan Samuel
869/882 John Beeson and Elizabeth Hitchcock
870/883 Martha Walker
871/884 Elizabeth (Ziglar) Crews, widow of Augustin Crews
872/885 William Beeson and Jane Pattison?
873/886 Lucy (Hester) Linville, widow of John Linville
874/887 Martha (Hicks) Huff, widow of John Huff
875/888 Elizabeth Martin
876/889 Wyatt Beeson and Rebecca
877/890 Allen Crews and Sally Beeson
878/891 Hugh Patterson and Rebecca
879/892 Branson Beeson and Mary Fulp
880/893 Aley (Lowery) Crews, widow of Fuel Crews
881/894 James G. Whicker
...../895 Mary (Crews) Beeson, widow of Josiah Beeson
882/896 Eli Whicker and Elizabeth Phillips
883/897 Ruth (Evans) Crews, widow of Jehu Crews
883/897 Hannah Evans, presumably Ruth's mother
884/898 Joseph P. Crews and Phebe Hester
885/899 Sarah Hester
886/900 James Whicker and Elizabeth Ogburn
887/901 Joseph Gray and Mary
888/902 John E. Whicker and Nancy Janette Gray
889/903 Jobis Guyer and Adalaide
890/904 Nathan Geering and Emily
891/905 William Vance and Sarah M. Samuel
892/906 Isabel Fulp
893/907 Andrew Standifer and Sally Reddings
894/908 Silas Riggs and Martha
895/909 Rial Riggs, Jr and Ann H. Beauchamp
896/910 Henry H. Pitts and Delana
897/911 Larkin Kenneday and Elizabeth
898/912 Albert A. Butner and Nancy Kenneday
899/913 Kenneth Jackson and Elizabeth
900/914 Andrew White and Fanny
901/915 Alvin Lumly and Susan Cooper
902/916 Jesse Lumly and Sally
903/917 John Brown and Matilda Knott
904/918 Rial Riggs and Susan Croom?
905/919 Michael Kroom (Croom?) and Martha
906/920 Christian Butner and Mary Leinbach
907/921 James Ingraham and Abigail
908/922 Edmund Blum and (Sarah) Katharine Hartman
909/923 Daniel Hege and Martha Taylor
910/924 Willis Farrar amd Caroline
911/925 Isaac Tise and Katharine Kiser
912/926 James C. Crews and Anna Evans
913/927 Iverson Crews and Cynthia Evans
914/928 Moses Evans and Barbara
915/929 Phillip Stultz and Elizabeth Crews
916/930 Lorenzo D. Haines and Matilda
917/931 Jacob Bumgarner and Sally Hauser
918/932 John E. Bumgarner and Elizabeth Grubb
919/933 William Crews and Sarah Frazier
920/934 Wesley W. Petree and Parmelia A. Starr
921/935 Nancy Thomas
......./936 William Runiger and Rhoda
922/938 Tandy J. White and Melvinia T. Rights
924/939 Richard A. White and Adelaide
925/940 Robert Fisher and Rachel Collins
926/941 John Brumer [Brunner?] and Lucy
927/942 Daniel Hauser and Susanna Holder
928/943 William Myers and Nancy Myers
929/944 Permanio Rank and Salome M. Miller
930/945 George Desh and Elizabeth
931/946 John Brewer and Sophia Fletcher
932/947 William Fulk and Julia S. Miller
934/948 (William) Emanuel Rothrock
935/949 Elizabeth (Shamel) Ketner, widow of Frederick Ketner
937/950 Peter Shamel and Susannah Elizabeth Pfaff
938/951 Joseph F. Carmichael and Elizabeth
939/952 Permenio Stoltz and Sarah Rothrock
939/953 Jacob F. Shutt and Salina H. Carmichael
940/954 Simon Henning
941/955 William Linville and Angeline Mock
942/956 Thomas Spach and Melvina Louisa Lash
943/957 Thomas Green and Mahulda
944/958 Austin Slater and Louisa Crouse
945/959 Daniel Regan and Nancy
946/960 Emanuel Leinbach and Elizabeth
947/961 James Billitter and Nancy
948/962 Jackson White and Sarah Griggin?
949/963 Abraham J. Faircloth and Mary A. Holder
950/964 William J. Ring and Mary
951/965 Thomas A. Faircloth and Louisa C. Rothhaas
952/966 Thomas E. Hines and Margaret E. Bodenhamer
953/967 John Livengood and Catharine
954/968 Jonas Leinbach and Mary
955/969 George McKnight and Sarah Williams
956/970 Jacob Livengood, Sen. and Elizabeth - error corrected May 3, 2002: this is NOT the Jacob Livengood who married Philippina Elizabeth Sides. That couple appears in household 192.
957/971 Solomon Livingood and Elizabeth Livengood
958/972 Josephus Veech and Rebecca Cline
959/973 Jacob Petree and Henrietta S. Krause
960/974 Daniel Stoltz and Sarah E.
961/975 William Coltrane and Martha
962/976 Sanford Ketner and Paulina Elvina Crouse
963/977 George McKnight and Lydia Elrod
964/978 (Christian) Benjamin Pfaff and Minerva Flynt
965/979 Abraham Petree and Lucy Spach
966/980 Isaac Petree and Sophia Shamel
967/981 George Livengood and Magdelene "Mary" Fulp
968/982 Henry Fidler and Mary Powers
969/983 Thomas L. Spaugh and Maria Louisa Butner
970/984 John Spach and Elisabeth Butner
971/985 Michael Brown and Caroline
972/986 Salome (Rank) Stoltz, widow of John Casper Stoltz
973/987 Joshua Livengood and Mary
974/988 I. Henry Livengood and Elizabeth Koontz
975/989 Charles Ronk [Rank; previously mis-transcribed as Rourk] and Caroline Belo
976/990 William Jonson and Maria Vest?
977/991 Andrew Bower and Adaline
978/992 Christian T. Hauser and Anna Johanna Spach
979/993 William Pratt and Hannah Butner
980/994 David B. Butner and Mary A. Ziglar
981/995 Jesse Butner
982/996 John Hine and Catherine Feiser
983/997 Robert B. Walker and Amia Hester
984/998 Thomas Magee and Nancy
985/999 William Walker and Mariah Crews
986/1000 Thomas Walker and Martha Frazier
986/1001 Henry Fogle and Maria Magdalena Spainhour
987/1002 John Hege and Mary M. Grubb
988/1003 Thimothy Holland , widower of Anna Wright Holland
989/1004 Joseph Butner and Louisa Catherine Walk
990/1005 (Susanna) Elizabeth (Loesch) Crouse, widow of Thomas Krause/Crouse
991/1006 Benjamin Krouse [Krause/Crouse], widower of Susanna Rebecca Butner
992/1007 Mary (Anna Maria Leinbach) Krouse, widow of Samuel Krause
993/1008 John W. Walker and Mary A. Stults
994/1009 Joseph Hine and Henrietta Dorothea Spach
995/1010 John Butner and Elizabeth Spach
996/1011 John A. Styers and Eliza Reich
997/1012 John Mickey and Paulina Shore
998/1013 Louisa (Hauser) Butner, widow of Joshua Butner
999/1014 Henry Miller and Anna Rank

1998, 1999, 2000 Faye Jarvis Moran, Alexandria, Virginia
Site Established on February 1, 1998

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