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1000/1015 Samuel G. Fogle widower of Elizabeth Beroth
1001/1016 Laurence F. Orter and Maria Lichtenthaler
1002/1017 Anna Samuel
1003/1018 Samuel B. Hine and (Catharina) Lucinda Blum
1004/1019 Martin Briggs and Sarah C.Davis
1005/1020 Abraham Shamel and Elizabeth Fidler
1006/1021 Joseph Shamel and Sarah Hage
1007/1022 Samuel Butner and Martha Hauser
1008/1023 Joseph Krause and Anna (Rosina) Vogler
1009/1024 Samuel J. Styers and Martha Wall
1010/1025 John H. Barrow and Lutitia
1011/1026 William T. Barber and Sela A.
1012/1027 William Flynt and Antoinette L. Butner
1013/1028 Eugene C. Lehman and Amanda S. Butner
1014/1029 Samuel E. Butner and Mary A. Wolff
1015/1030 Daniel Butner and Elizabeth Hege
1016/1031 Harmon H. Butner and Johanna Strub
1017/1032 William E. Lehman and Anna Catharina Miller
1018/1033 Christian Grabs and Susanna Transou
1019/1034 Harmon G. Ruede and Caroline B. Burkhardt
1020/1035 Maria H. Stroup
1021/1036 Elias Schaub and Lydia Greter
1022/1037 Naman B. Reich and Martha A.E. Harris
1023/1038 (Christina) Gertrude (Leinbach) Stoltz, widow of Johannes Stolz
1024/1039 Thomas C. Johnson and Susan Jane Holder
1025/1040 John S. Reich and Amelia Stoltz
1026/1041 Thomas Schaub and Elizabeth Shamel
1027/1042 Israel G. Lash
1028/1043 Edwin Wesley Kearney
1029/1044 Ferdinand R. Oehmann and Louisa S. Werner
1030/1045 George F. Wilson and (Sophia) Henrietta Hauser
1031/1046 Joseph Transou and Elizabeth Mickey
1032/1047 Francis F. Hagen and Clara C. Reichel
1033/1048 Martha (Thomason?) Snipes, probably widow of James Snipes
1034/1049 Levin Grabs and Evalina Flynt
1035/1050 Gabriel Henning and Celia Barber
1036/1051 William Waldraven and Maria S. Holder
1037/1052 John Kiser, Jr. and Elizabeth Ripple
1038/1053 Solomon Ledford and Martha
1039/1054 Josiah Leinbach and Lydia Conrad
1040/1055 John (Joshua) Spach and Christina Petree
1041/1056 Jacob Myers and Elizabeth
1042/1057 Jesse Conrad and Nancy Leinbach
1043/1058 Daniel Petree and Margaret Fulk
1044/1059 George Krause and Louisa Holder
1045/1060 Edwin Shultz
1046/1061 C. (Christian) Thomas Shultz and Christina Mickey
1047/1062 John (Henry) Shultz and Catherine A. (Anna Catharina) Schaub
1048/1063 Francis Holder and Sophia Stultz
1049/1064 William Sailer and Paulina Pfaff
1050/1065 Peter Pfaff and Anna Magdalena Conrad
1051/1066 Solomon Pfaff and Susanna R. Conrad
1052/1067 Christian Pfaff and Elizabeth Dull
1053/1068 Emanuel Pfaff and Susanna Ledford
1054/1069 Philip Transu [Transou] and Mary E. Stolts
1055/1070 Christian T. Conrad and Louisa E. Shultz
1056/1071 John Foltz and Anna
1057/1072 Alexander Transu [Transou] and Martha Church
1058/1073 Ephraim Transou and Adelaide P. Cooper
1059/1074 James S. Pledger and Mary W. Stipe
1060/1075 Martin Holder and Mary E. Stoltz
1061/1076 John C. (Johann Christian) Schaub
1062/1077 Jacob Warner (Werner) and (Johanna) Gertrude Hege
1063/1078 Joseph Stockburger and Elizabeth A. (Anna Elisabeth) Schultz
1063/1079 Solomon Tise
1064/1080 Daniel Henley and Mary
1065/1081 Ezra Hauser and Mary Collins
1066/1082 Thomas B. Lash and Wilhelmina Stoltz
1067/1083 Israel Spainhour and Elizabeth Fulk
1068/1084 Isaac Speace [Speas] and Elizabeth Waller
1069/1085 William Spainhour and Mary K. (Catherine) Petree
1070/1086 Charles M. Anderson and Margaret Petree
1071/1087 William Beck and Mary E. (Elizabeth) Null
1072/1088 James B. Ziglar and Susanna Pinegar
1073/1089 David Walker and Martha C.
1074/1088 William Hasten Sen. and Elizabeth McElroy
1075/1089 Jesse Styers and Mary (Maria Catharina) Pfaff
1076/1090 Pleasant Kearly and Patience Shores
1077/1091 James Cofer and Elizabeth Robbins
1078/1092 Isaac Church and Sarah Buisy
1079/1093 John Blackburn and Nancy Harper
1080/1094 John Lawrence and Leisy
1081/1095 Samuel Stoltz and Rebecca Kapp
1082/1096 Joel Vest and Nancy Miller
1083/1097 Brantly Hendrix and Martha Riddick
1084/1098 Jeremiah Hunter and Lavina Moser
1085/1099 Harmon Crews and Sarah Cook
1086/1100 John Waterson
1087/1101 Thomas J. Kapp and Mary Polina Miller
1088/1102 Charles Banner and Rebecca Evans
1089/1103 John F. Leder (? very difficult to read) and Christina
1090/1104 Caleb Jones and Delana (Delaney) Medearis
1091/1105 George Fulp 2nd and Elizabeth Hester
1092/1106 William Goslin and Martha M. (Malinda) Wolff
1093/1107 Solomon Transou and Sarah Loesch
1094/1108 William H. Crews and Sarah J. Mustin
1095/1109 Abraham M. Roberson and Emily Crews
1096/1110 William S. Marshall and Milly (Amelia) Crews
1097/1111 Willis Marshall and Catharine Linville
1099/1112 Thomas Marshall and Sarah E. Voss
1098/1113 John Hammock and Emily
1100/1114 Matthew Mecom and Eliza J.
1101/1115 William Whicker
1102/1116 Oliphant Whicker and Jane Wilson
1103/1117 James Walker and Mary Hester
1104/1118 William Hester and Jane Martin
1105/1119 William Swaim and Martha Hester
1106/1120 Little B. Whicker and Mary Phillips
1107/1121 Archelus Deen and Elizabeth Crews
1109/1122 William Marshall and Milly
1109/1123 Samuel Kennada
1110/1124 John Alspaugh and Elizabeth Lashmit
1111/1125 Robert Whicker and Matilda Martin
1112/1126 Elijah Doub and Lucy Newsome
1113/1137 James E. Ogburn and Sarah M. H. Tatum
1114/1138 Willis Laurence and Chancy Stolz [possibly a name from a previous marriage]
1115/1139 Henry Brindle and Susan Swaim
1116/1130 George W. Newsome and Martha Elizabeth Taylor
1117/1131 Nancy Sanders
1118/1132 Aquila Shields Watkins and Keziah Lucinda Raper
1119/1133 Charles Vest and Catharine Vogler
1120/1134 Alexander Hauser and Susan Vest; is she d/o Charles Vest?
1121/1135 John M. Croom
1121/1135 Vina (Harper) Croom
1122/1136 Joseph G. Conrad and Nancy Stoltz
1123/1137 Thomas Craft and Summerville Hudson
1124/1138 Solomon Schuler and Mary
1125/1139 Thomas Hicks and Sally Tull
1126/1140 Henry Inscore and Catharine
1127/1141 Elizabeth (Flynn) Spears, widow of Drury Spears
1128/1142 Nicholas Binkley and Juliet N.
1129/1143 Samuel Black and Margaret Binkley
1130/1144 Alexander Tacket and Caroline
1131/1145 Martha Stipe
1132/1146 Sally Phillips
1133/1147 Jinsey Sizemore
1134/1148 George (Jacob) Holder
1135/1149 James Luper and Martha "Patsy" Carlton
1136/1150 John Conrad and Margaret, maybe Margaret Harris, widow of Benjamin Grimes
1137/1151 John Grimes and Perecdia Ingram
1138/1152 Stephen Shelton and Milly
1139/1153 John R. Johnson and Mary A.E.
1140/1154 Salome S. McBride
1141/1155 William Doss and Matilda
1142/1156 Mary (Fulp) Fidler, widow of Henry Fidler
1143/1157 Pegga (Stults?) Cooper, widow of Greenbury Cooper?
1144/1158 Adam McKnight and Nancy West
1145/1159 Shadrich McKnight and Delina
1145/1160 William McKnight and Mary M.
1146/1161 Jacob Stoltz and Mary A. (Anna Maria) Vogler. Error corrected May 4, 2002: this is not the Jacob Stoltz who married Mary A. Geiger/Kiger; he and his wife were both deceased before 1840.
1147/1162 George Rickard and Lucinda
1148/1163 Lewis Inscore and Dice
1149/1164 James Taylor and Susanna
1150/1165 Richard Church and Salena K. Flynt
1151/1166 James H. Flynt and Sally Church
1152/1166 Catherine Wall
1152/1167 Nancy (Wall) Teague, widow of Harmon Teague
1153/1168 Philip Miller and Sarah Philips
1154/1169 John M. Cornelius and Sarah Thomas
1155/1170 John J. Poindexter and Martha Jane Ogburn
1156/1171 Abigail Woodard
1156/1172 Hannah (Hall?) Pitts, widow of John Pitts?
1157/1173 Andrew Mock and Mildred
1158/1174 John W. Cornelius and Charlotte Hunter
1159/1175 Elizabeth Cornelius
1160/1176 James C. Hinshaw and Martha
1161/1177 Thomas Yeates and Christina
1162/1178 Samuel Cornelius and Polly
1163/1179 John R. Hauser and Julia A. Davis
1164/1180 Richard Ransom and Sarah Yates, widow of Matthew Belliter
1165/1181 Thomas W. Yates and Mary H. Miller
1166/1182 Granville Yates and Tracy (Maria Teresa) Henning
1167/1183 John Snipes
1167/1184 James Yates and Levina
1168/1185 Thomas Yates and Barbara M.
1169/1186 David Rankin and Sarah Cornelius
1170/1187 Willsun [Wilson] Hauser and Susan Hauser
1171/1188 James Winters and Delila Stevens
1172/1189 Daniel Doub and Elizabeth Petree
1173/1190 Elijah Church and Louisa Waldraven
1174/1191 Augstin Smith and Mary L. Cooper
1175/1192 Frederick Holder and Esther Leinbach
1176/1193 Timothy Conrad and Mary Holder, d/o Frederick and Esther
1177/1194 John Fansler and Elizabeth
1178/1195 Jonathan Beroth and Rebecca Conrad
1179/1196 Elizabeth (Conrad) Linebach, widow of Martin Leinbach
1180/1197 William F. Leinbach and Lucinda Beroth
1181/1198 Jacob S. Leinbach and Nancy (Anna Maria) Beroth
1182/1199 Emanuel Beck and (Mary) Eliza Krause
1183/1200 Philip H. Pfaff and Malinda E. Stockburger
1184/1201 Jonathan Conrad
1185/1202 William Conrad and Nancy Cline
1186/1203 Edmond Wood and Rachel
1187/1203 Rebecca (Pfaff) Sailor, widow of Michael Sailor
1188/1204 Joseph Leinbach and Susanna Long
1189/1205 Anna Maria (Leinbach) Conrad, widow of Solomon Conrad
1190/1206 Eli Cline and Nancy
1191/1207 Philip Mock and Mary Newsom
1192/1208 John E. Mock
1193/1209 Emanuel Binkley and Rachel
1194/1210 Charles Philips and Martha Goslen
1195/1211 Mary K. Philips
1196/1212 John B. Doub and Minerva S. Dull
1197/1213 Samuel J.C. Doub and Susanna R. Helsabeck
1198/1214 Levi Peacock and Susan
1199/1215 William H. Speace [Speas] and Sarah M. Hauser
1200/1216 Moses Hauser and Nancy Randleman
1201/1217 Jesse Long and Lucinda Moser
1202/1218 Solomon Long and Catherine Wall
1203/1219 Adam J. Mosher (Moser?) and Catherine Dietz
1204/1220 Elizabeth Cornelius
1205/1221 Solomon Hunter and Nancy Franklin
1206/1222 Thomas Poindexter and Jenny (Jane Elizabeth) James
1207/1223 Thomas Sprinkle and Elizabeth Apperson
1208/1224 Henry Doub and Elizabeth Ward
1209/1225 John Dull and Martha Bates
1210/1226 Michael C. Doub and Gracette Reynolds
1211/1226 John W. Doub and Elizabeth Dull
1212/1227 William Doub
1213/1228 Melikiah (Malachi) Franklin and Rachel Hunter
1214/1229 John H. Wallraven and Maria Salome Schaub
1215/1230 Samuel Stroop (Strupe) and (Catherine) Elizabeth Transou
1216/1231 George Wallraven and Sarah A. Sizemore
1216/1231 Susannah Wallraven - Error corrected May 4, 2002. This is NOT Maria Susannah Holder. She is the wife of William Waldraven, who was still living in 1850. They appear in household 1036..
1217/1232 (Johanna) Salome (Transou) Strupe, widow of Ephraim Strupe
1218/1233 Levi George and Elizabeth Franklin
1219/1234 Thomas George and Catherine
1220/1235 Jane Summers
1221/1236 Jacob George and Nancy Boner
1222/1237 Catherine (Strupe) George, widow of William George
1223/1238 Omego Chaffin and Anna E. Schaub
1224/1239 William Henning and Catherine
1225/1240 Joseph Leinbach and Sara Brewer(?)
1226/1241 Timothy Leinbach and Eliza A. Wall
1227/1242 Peter Leinbach, widower of Catherine Elizabeth Vogler
1228/1243 Lewis Leinbach and Anna R. Byhan
1229/1244 John Leinbach and Lydia
1230/1245 Joseph Doub and Susanna Reynolds
1231/1246 William B. Doub and Mary Newsom
1232/1247 John Sprinkle and Martha Newsom
1233/1248 Thomas Ransom and Polly A. Shouse
1234/1249 (Henry) Thomas Long and Elizabeth Doub
1235/1250 Michael Spainhour and Sarah Stallings
1236/1251 Hugh Philips and Nancy
1237/1252 Anna B. (Sprinkle) Hunter, widow of William Hunter
1238/1253 Joseph Vogler and Sarah Hunter
1239/1254 Squire J. Waller [previously mistranscribed as Walker] and Isabel (Wall)
1240/1255 (John) Jacob Long and Rachel Hunter
1241/1256 Jonathan Speece (Speas) and Nancy Waller
1242/1257 Gilliam Newsom and Amanda E. Speas
1243/1258 Mary (Cornelius?) Short, widow of William Short?
1244/1259 John Schott and Mary
1245/1260 Pleasant Griffin and Elizabeth Wall
1246/1261 Washington Payne and Nancy E.S. Scales
1247/1262 Hezekiah Flynn and Caroline Davis
1248/1263 William Lawson and Catherine
1249/1252 John H. Randleman and Elizabeth J. Epperson
1250/1265 Theophilus C. Spainhour and Elvira A. Helsabeck
1251/1266 Thomas Johnson and Mary Jane Woosley
1252/1267 William W. Spainhour and Permelia Grabs
1253/1268 Isaac Houser (Hauser) and Druzilla Kerby
1254/1269 Nathaniel Scales and Jane Scales (cousins)
1254/1269 Joseph A. Scales and Louisa Ann (Swann)
1255/1270 Charles Scott
1256/1271 Solomon Spainhour and Mary W. Conrad
1257/1272 Jacob Kreeger and Martha J. Daken
1258/1273 Mary (Fulp) Kreeger, widow of Jacob Kreeger - Error corrected, May 4, 2002: we previously had her identified as Mary (Pfaff) Krieger, widow of Friedrich Kreeger. That Mary is living in Stokes County in 1850.
1259/1274 Jacob Butner and (Catherine) Elizabeth Hauser
1260/1275 Lucy L. Evans
1261/1276 Thomas T. Newsom and Lettice Drake
1262/1277 Robert R. Newsom and Susan A. Newsom
1263/1277 David Snider and Rebecca Schauss
1264/1278 James G. Newsom and Malinda R. Shamel
1265/1279 Samuel Kinnamon and Grizzilla Ledford
1266/1280 Henry B. Newsom and Martha M. Sprinkle
1267/1281 George M. Shamel and Sarah Elizabeth Hauser
1268/1282 Jacob W. Shamel and Mary A. Kreeger
1269/1283 Alexander Poindexter and Sarah P.
1270/1284 John W. Kreeger and Catherine P. Speas
1271/1285 Jacob Shamel and Anna D Snider
1272/1285 Ezekiel Ives and Margaret
1273/1286 Francis Tate and Sally
1274/1288 Thomas Hunter and Jinette S.
1275/1289 William Anderson and Salome Hunter
1276/1290 William Moser and Maria Susanna Schaub
1277/1291 Henry Long and Charity
1278/1292 Squire W. Speace and Leania D. (Delila) Holder
1279/1293 John H. Ledbetter and Susanna Riggan
1280/1294 Ephraim Ledbetter
1281/1295 Catharine James
1282/1296 Henry Walker and Charlotte
1283/1297 Jacob Moser and Elizabeth Dietz?
1284/1298 Israel Seides (Sides) and Elizabeth Wall
1285/1299 Jane Stanley
1286/1300 Sowel Frazer and Sarah Davis
1287/1301 John Walker
1288/1302 Andrew J. Folger and Samira Perry
1289/1303 John Watson and Elina M. Folger
1290/1304 Genley R. Stanley and Mary
1291/1305 Emanuel Harrah (Harrold) and Chloe Clampitt
1292/1306 Edward R. Voss and Martha Hester
1293/1307 James Odel
1294/1308 Aaron Barrow and Temperance Barham
1295/1309 Richard Clampet and Priscilla (Diamond) Biggs, widow of Zaccariah Biggs
1296/1310 Moses B. Hester and Matilda Barham
1297/1311 Solomon F. Deen and Maria Jane Vance
1298/1312 Thomas Crews and Sarah Baxter
1299/1313 Solomon Garner and Nithiel
1300/1314 Thomas Voss and Mary Workman
1300/1314 Robert E. Beeson and Hannah Walker
1301/1315 George H. Young
1302/1316 Daniel Cain and Elizabeth A. Lovell
1303/1317 George Jordan and Elizabeth Cook
1304/1318 Hannah (Vance?) Sullivan, widow of Matthew Sullivan
1305/1319 John Lowry and Louisa Barr
1306/1320 John Vance and Mary Marshall
1307/1321 Isham Turner and Nancy
1308/1322 Daniel Turner and Elizabeth Robertson
1309/1323 Joel W. Peoples and Mary
1310/1324 William M. Vance and Hepsey J. Smith
1311/1325 Thomas Sullivan and Alsey C. Vance
1312/1326 Albert V. Sullivan and Louisa M.
1313/1327 John L. Barham and Elizabeth J.Frazier
1314/1328 Ambrose Branson and Harriet Holt
1315/1329 Elizabeth Lewis
1316/1330 Preston Watson and Jane
1317/1331 George W. Parrish and Mary J.
1318/1332 Moses L. Whicker and Diana Linville
1319/1333 John H. Love and Elizabeth B.
1320/1334 Moses Lewis and Anna Henning
1321/1335 Michael Fulp Jr. and Sally
1322/1336 Thomas H. Parrish and Frances Preston
1323/1337 Daniel Branson and Elizabeth Hutchins
1324/1338 John Hester
1325/1339 Elijah Veach and Elizabeth Vance
1326/1340 John F. Vance and Sarah E. Barham
1327/1341 George Nelson and Mahala Fulp
1327/1342 Johnson Vest and Delila Cook
1328/1343 John Bratton and Nancy
1329/1344 Elijah Linville and Nancy Marshall
1330/1345 John H. Fair and Julian F. Linville
1331/1346 John Hargrave and Martha Linville
1332/1347 James Crim (widower of Eleanor Cook Crim)
1333/1348 John F. Linville and Elizabeth D.
1334/1349 Moses Barrow and Martha
1335/1350 William Voss and Rachel Macey
1336/1351 Thomas E. Voss and Sarah P. Angel
1337/1352 Matthew Rice and Mildred (Johnston)
1338/1353 Jane Crews
1339/1354 Abraham Marshall and Elmina E.
1340/1355 John Whicker and Mary Frazer?
1341/1356 George Linville and Elizabeth Barrow
1342/1357 Robert Hutchens and Hannah E.
1343/1358 Elizabeth Holbrook
1344/1359 William J. Pegram and Elmira J.
1345/1360 Robert W. Hutchens and Martha A.S.
1346/1361 Grinder Hutchens and Polly Knott
1347/1362 Fewel Linville and Polly (Mary) Halbrook
1348/1363 William Linville and Jerusha
1349/1364 Nancy McClarney
1350/1365 David Linville and Nancy Linville
1351/1366 John Linville and Rebecca
1352/1367 Aaron Linville and Martha Preston
1353/1368 Cornelius B. Neal and Charity Linville

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